Friday, February 8, 2013

Thar he blow'd

His name is Don Dwyer, and he's an alcoholic. Good gracious, .24. Kind of amazing he could stand. Related: drug treatment programs in MD are facing a $4.5 million budget cut; advocates went to A-town today to protest. And thar blows the pirate-cruise industry: drunken sailing has now been declared unlawful.*

(Alleged) Perry Hall High shooter Robert Gladden is to be tried as an adult. He also wants everyone to know that he was not bullied, rather, he was a bully.* Duly noted.

A guilty plea from a "financial advisor" who defrauded his clients

A stripper is suing Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club for unpaid wages (TDR login required). You may recall that Norma Jean's was Cherrie Gammon's workplace before she was murdered.

Ugh, another murdered toddler. FYI all two-year-olds are possessed by an evil spirit.

A guy threatened a bank teller at the SECU in Towson with a screwdriver,* lighter and scissors. Hrm.

And a pair of HoCo serial burglars were tracked down in FL.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Realtionship status: complicated

Police Tweeted a photo of Deontae Smith getting stabbed on Tuesday, and another of the suspect. And Cham found Smith's Facebook page.

One Jason Hamel was convicted of murder for killing Keyva Bluitt over a drug deal gone bad in Federal Hill; Bluitt sold Hamel a $5,000 t-shirt.

The State's Attorney's office has released some vivid pie charts re. its conviction rates.

Blaes & Jones
Margaret Ellen Jones of Parkville pleaded guilty to charges of producing child pornography, she and her BDSM partner, John Andrew Blaes, met a 15-year-old from North Carolina online, took explicit pictures, distributed them, and are now facing 15 to 30 years. Six in 10 of the DOJ's press releases so far this month have to do with sexually exploited minors.

A man caught trespassing at North County High School in Glen Burnie was arrested after he was found to have a shit ton of guns in his house, including an AK-47 and an Uzi. Won't someone think of his human rights?! Related: PolitiFact fact-checks gun-law arguments, NYMag has a piece on the history of the firearms in Adam Lanza's arsenal, a photo of Senator Jamie Raskin allegedly playing chess on his computer during testimony yesterday has gone viral-ish

Katie Ann Hadel
One Jeffrey Shiflett (DOB 5/1979) was arrested for the murder in Garrison of 33-year-old mom Katie Ann Hadel. Police spokesperson: "We don't believe there's any current romantic relationship between the victim and suspect at this time. However, we do know they are acquaintances from several years ago." Shiflett was charged in the past with robbery, assault and making harassing phone calls. UPDATE: Kevin Rector reports that Hadel committed the robbery with Shiflett, and then testified against him, Hadel had a protection order out against him and was told by police not to go home but did.* Oddly, Hadel also has at least three different Facebook profiles.

Duane "Shorty" Davis and his toilets have returned to Towson.

Also in the county, the police union is suing the chief for using police pension funds to improve the county recycling center. Speaking of pensions, why are certain media outlets just now starting to freak out about how the city can't afford the ones it's committed to? I thought this was old news and common knowledge? Oh well, better late than never.

A man was robbed of his wedding ring at gunpoint in Charles Village 

Van Smith: Inmate beating by 14 officers at Roxbury strong evidence that prisoner abuse is/was institutionalized

Tom Kiefaber barred from the Senator Theater again, ordered to take anger management classes

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boy Scouts Uphold Traditional Values

From the law firm in Portland that uncovered them, the Boy Scouts' "Perversion Files" from Maryland 1965-1985, including media clips and sordid reports, and also a collection of stories about more recent cases (some links are expired, but you can search the alleged perp's name to find out more). The firm estimates that 6,000- 24,000 boys have been sexually abused as Scouts. And apparently more recent Perversion Files are TK in the near future.

Michael Johnson Guilty

Jury finds Michael Johnson Guilty of second degree murder in the killing of Phylicia Barnes

His attorney is speaking to reporters now.
Johnson faces a maximum 30 years in prison
Sentencing will be March 21

10 for 10

The teenager stabbed to death during yesterday's Ravens parade was ID'd as Deontae Smith, 15.* And a block away (but 10 hours before the parade) 22-year-old Darius Parks was stabbed to death.* Fenton notes, 

Day 770 of the Phylicia Barnes case, and the jury is deliberating.* Deliberations began yesterday; Judge Nance reportedly asked the jury if they wanted off to watch the Ravens parade and they declined.*

The Ink covers last week's seven homicides

A woman was found dead in Pikesville, and two children were found unharmed.

Baltimore's Inspector General, David McClintock is departing for the less-ethically-compromised climes of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He will be replaced by a chimp with a stick.

A seemingly extreme number of robberies in the Southeast this past week.

Monday, February 4, 2013

'Where is Baltimore at?'

The city's 18th homicide victim was a woman shot in the face* in the 1600 block of McKean Avenue, allegedly by her "boyfriend" during the Superbowl last night. Victim #17 was a man named Christopher Samuels, shot to death on Wheeler Avenue.

Ian Duncan has more* on the murder of Lois Jean Vance Smyth-- apparently she and her killer, Kenneth Todd Brunetti, were romantically involved. And his Facebook page is still live; he enjoys Ultimate Fighting and the movie "Hitch."

Scott Dance Tweets/reports (Tweeports?) that the defense has rested in the Phylicia Barnes case, after calling just one witness, Michael Johnson's co-worker, who testified that he was a good worker who nevertheless called in sick the day Barnes went missing. Here's more from Fenton* on what Judge Nance had to say about the circumstantial evidence in the case; prosecutors have moved to add a second-degree murder charge.

Baltimorean goes to NOLA, steals Superbowl tickets from Georgians, gets arrested

Also during the game, a barricade situation in Edgewood

188 months in prison for Danilo Garcia, who the feds say was the leader of a large heroin distribution ring

... so did anyone else find themselves having to say more than once yesterday, "he's not a murderer! He just let the killers ride in his limo!"well, this piece would have come in handy. Also, the lead detective on the case now says Ray Lewis should never have been charged with murder. Well, duh.

A would-be cellphone robber stabbed a guy in the neck in Harwood

Have you seen an awkward-looking ponytail'd white guy with a truck named Franklin? (see right)

A spate of robberies on the East side, including cell phones stolen by a pack of 10 or 11 guys, and a burglary in which a size 11 Prada shoe was left behind (Cinderfella?)

I guess a protest at Gregg Bernstein's house did happen on Saturday, though when I drove by at around 2 p.m. I didn't see anyone.

Twitter: where there are people who don't know where Baltimore "is at" and aren't ashamed to admit it.