Saturday, September 8, 2012


Four shootings last night aka early this morning, including a fatal shooting in the 300 block of Gold Street.*

Correction: Rodney Pridget's alleged killers were members of the Black Guerilla Family,* not the Black Gorilla Family, Tyler Waldmann. (There is no Black Gorilla Family that I have heard of, though there is a Young Gorilla Family. Please make a note of it.)

Friday, September 7, 2012


A 36-year-old man was shot to death on the 1400 block of E. Holbrook *

Found stuff from the Internetwebs: Charm City Vacancy, Slumlord Watch's artsier cousin

In Severn, portly Paul Brooks was arrested after his 5-year-old son ingested his illegal methadone. (At least he called for help when his son stopped breathing?)

A Loch Raven High speed camera was creatively altered again

In Cockeysville it's neighbors v tubers in a zoning throwdown

A drug-suspect pursuit led cops from the Turf Motel in Laurel to a traffic jam on 95.
Also in Laurel, a skating coach is facing extradition and perv charges after allegedly groping an underage skater and sending her 500+ creepy texts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Daily Dismal

One dead, another wounded in shootings Tuesday, bringing the toll up to 147.

A first-degree murder conviction for Timothy L. Kittrel for the death of Isaiah Roane, shot at a red light last year

Ugh, what a kick in the boobs: Justin Fenton Tweets that Larella Amos's* "one-year old son 'keeps asking for his mother. No one has figured out a way to tell him what happened.'" Amos was class president, an honor roll student and worked at the Essex branch of SunTrust.
Final toll for Labor Day weekend = six.

Other towns have the ding-dong-ditch, a woman in the 3400 block of Carlyle Ave got the ding-dong-shoot-you-in-the-face.*

"Baltimore police on Wednesday identified the two officers who fired their service weapons* at a man who'd allegedly threatened them with a gun Saturday as Detectives Christopher Icenroad and Donta Williams. ... Police also identified the man shot by the officers as Leontey Kiah, 36, whose last known address is the 4000 block of W. Rogers Avenue. Kiah sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the altercation with police."

Majestic Auto shop owners, brothers Hernan Alexis Moreno and Edwin Javier Mejia, got 33 months and two years, respectively, for their roles in that towing extortion scheme

In the Southeast, a man stabbed in the stomach for no discernible reason, a guy hit in the head with a shovel over spilled paint, a shop clerk attacked with a baseball bat by a customer whose credit card was declined.

A drunken party fight and a stolen bicycle in the JHU blotter

Abell Foundation report: only 27 percent of city cops live in the city. In related news, I'm dumber than 73% of city cops.

In happier news, the BPD Tweeted that Abdul Abdullah was located safe and unharmed.

Patch: "Three Charged in Attempted Stun Gun Puppy Robbery"

University Parkway burglar claimed he was fixing the plumbing

Greasy greedy geezer Rodney Getland pleaded guilty to swindling seniors in a sleazy mortgage scheme.

After 15 hours, a county jury found William Ward III and Frank Theodore Williams to be guilty as fyyyack of everything related to Rodney Pridget's untimely demise. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Strolling, cooking, deliberating

In the City Paper Bayard Woods writes about sex workers on the stroll in lower Charles Village (plus pictures by J.M. Giordano) while Ed Ericsson gets the neighbors' side of the story (screaming whores! used condoms on car hoods! napkins as toilet paper!)

After residents of the SW rallied with "We Are the 10,000" signs, Pistol Pete Welsh has a rather good idea for drug treatment centers: mandatory busing to reduce patient foot traffic.

A woman's Hyundai stolen at gunpoint in Homeland (or carjacked on York Road, depending on how you put it) plus the True Vine record store was burgled, and other assorted typical thefts in the Messenger blotter*

Dept. of supergeniuses: Jamel Robinson, 40, was arrested for an open warrant and got four years and eight months in the pen after he violated the terms of his car-rental agreement.

Not crime but do note that Charles Street from 25th to University Parkway is going to be under construction from today until infinity, so avoid it if you're driving...

Justin Trionfo
Teenagers Kahrl Retti, left, and Justin Trionfo were arrested trying to cook up some kind of stanky huffable substance were arrested in Loch Raven Heights. Trionfo also posted musings on Facebook about wanting to blow up Loch Raven and Parkville high schools. Trionfo's mom says jail is "where he needs to be right now." His mom adds that he idolizes the Columbine shooters. Superduper.

The jury deliberating the Towson Town Center murder case is still deliberating

A man in the SW was beaten and robbed of cigarettes and his prescription meds (English Consul = Landsdowne aka Baltimore Highlands*)

Police in Edgewood are ISO some tall old white man who set fire to the Denny's bathroom twice

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Indicted, amped, divorced

A 29-count indictment against Perry Hall High shooter Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Remember kid-hatin' Judge Bruce Lamdin and his bon mots for domestic violence victims and other dumbasses? Well get off the watermelon truck, get your head out of where it was previously and put down your cocktail, because his pie hole's gotten him in trouble again.

County takes care a bidniz, though, already an arrest in the fatal stabbing of Darryl Wilson Lovellette Jr., who was shanked near the Sinix bar in Essex early Saturday morning-- one Christopher Michael Wolfe (right), age 21

Michael K. Williams told the New Jersey Star-Ledger about all the coke he did while playing Omar, which he kinda sorta alluded to but didn't quite admit during his talk at Morgan State a couple of years ago.

In other media news, homicide victim #138, Lindale Carrington, appeared on an episode of Divorce Court in 2010.

141, 142, 143 ... 146

A man was found dead in his car this morning at around 7:30 a.m. in the 2900 block of West Cold Spring Lane.

Police are asking for help finding missing and suicidal Abdul Abdulla, 19, left, who was last seen Sunday on Elgin Ave.

Victim #141 was 22-year-old Larelle Amos of Leabars Court in Baltimore County, shot to death by a stray bullet on the Alameda during a yard party on Sunday.

Two men were shot this morning on Streeper Street, a man was shot to death on Beryl Avenue yesterday, and six more were shot but survived*: two on Boone St., one on Rutland Ave., two on South Eaton, one on Frankford.Whoops, hold up, Fenton Tweeted that victims on Boone St., South Eaton and one on Boone in Harwood have died, bringing the toll to 146 and a total of 11 people shot in 24 hours.

Fourteen years for 24-year-old crack dealer Edward Robinson

Well, that doesn't bode well: on the FB reader JM points out that in the year before our new chief Anthony Batts left his post in Oakland, homicides, other violent crimes and property crimes all went up. Batts attributed the spike to scant resources (natch). (Though note Oakland's homicide rate is still lower than ours: Oakland had 110 homicides in 2011 w a population of 396k, Baltimore had 196 with 619,000 people.)

Jury deliberations start today in the murder trial of Black Gorilla Gang members Frank "Chiclet Teeth" Williams (left) and William Ward III for the murder of Rodney Pridget outside the Nordstrom Rack in Towson Town Center.

The Patch has conveniently put links to all of the Baltimore metro crime blotters on one page. Stolen silverware! Purloined boots! Literally everything but the kitchen sink in Perry Hall! Oh, you crackheads are just the living end. And from the Southeast, another generous serving of a-hole boyfriends (what is it about the SE?): a guy left his kids in the car to go spray his girlfriend in the face with Mace®, a guy held a knife to his ex-ladyfriend's neck, a drunkard hit his gf in the face with a case of beer. And a female fiancee also brandished a knife at a guy.

Branden Barnes, 27, was arrested for robbing a cab driver in Hampden on Friday

A screaming fight involving a disrobing old man and thrown dentures led to a pot and PCP bust in Dundalk. Hey, a picture! Patch now has a rogue's gallery of select mug shots-- mixed feelings on this, as these people haven't been convicted, but hey, mug shots of the denture-flinging quinquagenarians, y'all (right)!

Police are ISO a white guy with a neck tattoo (and cheekbones to die for!) who's been robbing Fell's Point businesses. (Chris Rock: "Every neck tattoo should read 'I'm not getting the job, am I?'") He really looks like the guy who held his cougar girlfriend hostage... gotta dig up that picture.

Dirty, dirty, dirty: at the recent special 'emergency' legislative session, Red Maryland noted Patch's Bryan Sears spotted a member of the lobbying firm KO Public Affairs posing as a journalist. KO Public Affairs is a firm founded by a former O'Malley strategist and known for its shamelessly ethics-free astroturf campaigns to further the interests of clients like Owings Mills mall developers and speed camera profiteers. I am now so, like, no on 7, because if KO Public Affairs is involved you can bet your britches it means taxpayers are in for an assboning. Gotta go take a hot shower now!

Monday, September 3, 2012


A man was shot to death in the 1300 block of Lakewood Avenue at 1:46 Saturday morning, the victim was homicide #140ish

Another police-involved shooting, this one on Lorraine Ave Saturday night

A man delivering food was shot in the back on Clifton Park Terrace.

Cherry Hill's Cleoda Walker had "DEAD BITCH" spray-painted on the hood of her Saturn,* probably due to her involvement with the lawsuit against the Tenable Protection Agency. You'll recall Billy Murphy and Walker joined to sue the city re. the extralegal activities of the "security" firm. An employee due to testify against the firm also got a threatening note and had her tires slashed. Er, not really helping your cause there, Tenable Protection Agency.

After the recent dog-mauling, the Waverly Farmer's market is cracking down* on people tying up their animals on the periphery, and the Sun notes that the owner of the Rottwieler is one Omar McBee, not Omar McDee. If said Omar was born in 1971 and his middle name is Tremayne, he's also a sex offender who's been charged with failing to register (but has since complied) (left).


In the County on Saturday, Tavares Jones, the bouncer of TeeBee's Bar & Grill on Darlington Drive, was stabbed to death trying to break up a fight. And in Essex, Darryl Wilson Lovellette Jr., 25, was stabbed at or near Sinix Bar and died soonafter.

A clerk at the Speedy Mart on Hollins Ferry Road was shot during a robbery.

Jeff Hager on the bust at Victoria Spa on York Road: "Long before a website appeared advertising Chinese massage parlors in Timonium with happy endings, neighboring businesses already suspected the sad reality behind the services they had to offer." But don't worry, lonely mens, there are still plenty of other places offering sad reality ... and wait, does this mean a County cop got paid to get a squeezer? Eww

"Managing Partner Of Law Firm Gardens Behind Office"

And finally, if Ice Cube a/o Skinny Suge didn't convince you, this New Yorker piece on the use of confidential informants makes a powerful case for not turning state's evidence.