Friday, July 30, 2010

O'Malley endorses Jessamy

Just ran into the gov at Belvedere Square ... (doing my best to recall the convo)
Me: So I have to ask you, you're endorsing Jessamy, really? I thought you were old enemies!
O'Malley: Early on I made some oversweeping remarks about her that I regret, but crime is at its lowest in 15 years, and she's been a big part of that.
Me: Really? But isn't there a possibility someone could do a better job? Is something wrong with Gregg Bernstein?
O'M: I could do a better job, we could all do better at our jobs.
Me: Yeah, okay, sure but.. what about the judges you've appointed and this Charles Village murder, didn't you appoint Braverman, who let one of the killers out?
Him: Actually that was Judge Howard, appointed by Ehrlich. And what happened in Charles Village is a tragedy. But the great thing is my vote counts just as much as your vote, and we have a choice.
Me:: .. but do we really have a choice? Jessamy was appointed to that position, and very few people pay attention to that race. If you endorsed a different candidate that really might make a difference.
Judge Katie O'Malley (hustling me away): It's not that there's anything wrong with Gregg Bernstein. He's a great lawyer. It's just that our administration and Jessamy have worked so well together.

.. so there you have it.

.. it looks like IV editor Regina Holmes also talked to O'M at the same event.. and while the governor is "supporting" Jessamy, he may or may not be "endorsing" her. Or something.

Long, violent week.

It wouldn't be an awful, violent week in Baltimore, without the tragic death of yet another upstanding elderly citizen.

A judge declared a mistrial in the Stephen Mauk murder case, after the jury took equally as long deliberating as the trial itself.

Two more names were added to the homicide tally with the shooting death of 36 year old Shawn Crawford, and the apparent beating death of 38 year old Steven Harris.

A witness was turned victim Thursday. As a second person is killed in Station North in a week.

Finally the police want to know, have you seen these men? They're wanted for crimes ranging from burglary to Attempted Murder.
Page Croyder: Shame on who for Pitcairn murder?

Census worker's death, the city (employee) that drives

Police search for clues in death of census worker.

Meanwhile city employee gets a free ride, courtesy of city taxpayers.

Thankfully, crime is down

the governor and the mayor took the time to remind us yesterday that crime is down...way down

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend crime

Motorcycle rider is killed after a high-speed chase. Apparently the officer involved ignored orders to end the pursuit. He's been suspended from duty.

Quadruple stabbing in the County early on Saturday morning.

Double shooting in Owings Mills on Friday night.

Michael Phelps got robbed

just learned that his Mt. Washington aquatic club got jacked.