Saturday, August 27, 2011

It's Saturday Night Crime... Live... Sort Of

The assistant to historian Barry Landau pleads not guilty. Jason Savedoff, 24, plead not guilty to his role in the theft of several historic documents.

The body of university professor Yulia Pogrebenko, 54, has been found in the Chesapeake Bay. No cause of death has been given yet.

New information comes to light in the Lemuel Wallace murder trial. Including the fact that Kevin Pushia, the pastor turned murder suspect had planned to murder his then boyfriend and his family.

An Ellicott City 17-year-old was secretly arrested by the FBI for allegedly being a co-conspirator of "Jihad Jane." The then 15-year-old identified only as Mohammed K was suspected of soliciting funds to help commit Jihad, and at one point had threatened to commit a school shooting.

He pissed off the wrong people... 37-year-old Braderick Green was sentenced to 11 life terms plus 185 years for shooting at city police officers. Of course life never really is life, so Mr.Green is actually eligible for parole in just 65 years, at the ripe age of 102.

It just keeps getting worse for Travis Vaughn, 19, who was not only shot in the shoulder by an off-duty security guard, but was also charged with attempted murder to boot.

When I see the words "Ravens Player, Inner Harbor" I tend to expect the worst. But this time I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ravens WR Tandon Doss was in the role of peacemaker.

An 18-year-old wanted by police for the May robbery of a local grocery store was shot at by police Wednesday. Lamont Thomas escaped injury but now faces a variety of serious charges.

I severely apologize for my long absence from posting, my computer broke recently and I have finally been able to replace it. Please note this is not a complete posting as i wanted to get something out before i possibly lose my power due to the storm.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baltimorean sprung!

from Tripoli pen! Not only is Quaquacky really out & hiding in some tunnel like a tacky Hitler, but Matthew VanDyke's 31- or 2-year-old rump could (possibly) be ensconced on AirBama manana for surf & turf with Dutch!
What a happy twist, eh?

ps. he 'described his ordeal' to the BBC today (8/25), but the story doesn't say where he was when doing the describing. Pull quote: "I have OCD and I have it pretty bad and being in a filthy Libyan prison was not good for it at all. It was torture."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baltimorean missing

... In Libya, in case you hadn't heard. Matthew VanDyke, 31, has been missing since March and has still not been found.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Art -> Life

Snoop's lawyer: she's innocent but pled guilty to get on with her life. Hmm, where have I heard that before? (.. & I love how if you google "republican bathroom" he pops up immediately)

Shootings & stabbings over the weekend, and a man died at Central Booking (coincidentally, it sounds like)

and don't miss the poetic stylings of Sen. Catherine Pugh. ("Some think politicians . . . / Are much like magicians . . . " Frank Conaway's rap is not all that bad, by comparison-- full of piquant disses! ("Frank Conaway, how you going to get a fair chance in the race when all you gonna worry about is where his daughter stay .... don't take advice from the gift-card bandit, dammit .... Catherine Pugh, that ain't the only thing I smell in the room ...")