Friday, October 6, 2006

october 6

Shanda Harris' bail rewiew was set for 11:00 a.m. today at Central Booking. She is in the 5th group. A court commissioner set her bail at $100,000 yesterday.

Away for the weekend: visit Galt's Baltimore b!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

October 5 evening

Closing arguments were heard in the Smoot case.

Prosecutors and police today announced that they have concluded a two-month child-welfare investigation that followed the death of 11-year old Irvin Harris on July 28. As a result of a joint investigation with detectives of the Child Abuse Unit of the Baltimore Police Department, and other child welfare agencies, prosecutors in the Felony Family Violence Division and detectives today filed charges against Shanda Harris, 41, of Lawnview Road, Belair-Edison, mother of Irvin Harris, alleging that Harris failed to take appropriate action to keep convicted child sex offender Melvin Jones away from her children. Shanda Harris was arrested today and charged with the following crimes:
  • 1 count of Reckless Endangerment, maximum penalty, five years;
  • Four Counts of Contribute to CINA status, Maryland's version of a criminal neglect charge maximum penalty, three years.
The maximum penalty that Harris could receive is 14 years of incarceration.

towsonpeeperWhy not to live on the first floor: a Peeping Tom is afoot in the Riderwood area of the county.

Students protested against Towson U, which fired an orthodox Jewish guy supposedly because wanted off for jewish holidays.

October 5

Remember that fight at the Inner Harbor on July 4? Turns out it was a show of force by the Blood set called the L-Gang, and an officer was struck on the back of the head: a VERY different story than the Police and Mayor's office has been telling the public for four months.

Murders 212 and 213 are unidentified men, one died on the 1200 N. Luzerne Avenue, the other on the 1000 block of Bristol Place.

Danielle Riley, the former Villa Julie student accused of killing her newborn, admitted to second-degree murder in the county yesterday.

fergusonThe widow of Marvin Ferguson (208) talked to Richard Sher. Ferguson was killed by his crazed neighbor Bill Horne on the 3800 block of Lyndale Avenue.

More on the dismissal of Nathan Colbert's murder charges. He was the third officer charged in the Smoot stomping. Kane: officers don't believe in justice, "just us." (groan)

Another officer has been arrested for burning a car for the insurance money. Terre N. Shields, 28, and her special friend Rashad J. Brooks, 29, were arrested on charges that they set her 2002 Acura SUV on fire.

TG no one was killed on 83 by this recidivist drunk-driving football player. Dick.

What's up with Howard County? Domestic violence incidents for one thing.
But it's all relative-- Howard County's population is about 270,000. Baltimore City, pop. 650k, got 26,000 domestic violence calls and arrested 5,300 people for incidents in 2005).

Dept. of Entertainment and Politics:
House Speaker Dennis Hastert: "The people who want to see [the Mark Foley scandal] blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros."
Gingrich: Democrats have "stench of hypocrisy."

Tamara Dobson, aka Cleopatra Jones, ten miles of bad road for every town, has died of MS.

JZ will air the Debate for Governor debate Monday October 16 at 7 p.m., the same night demonstators will be protesting arrest practices at City Hall.

drowsyI just discovered the Baltimore Chronicle. Shouldn't sources this politically biased have some kind of a warning label? Do I need to start putting little flags next to links? Remember kids, you never can tell who's who on the Internets!

spankingmonkeySpekaing of labels, this Examiner self-reportage deserves a little tooting bugle, or maybe a spanked monkey.
Is newspapers reporting on newspapers reporting or blogs reporting about newspapers news? I smell a poll question...

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

October 4

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Zachary James, 15, of the 4200 block of Towanda Avenue, for first-degree murder. Court documents allege on July 16 a black male known as "ZACK" was responsible for the murder of Richard Smith. Mr. Smith was found with a gunshot wound to the head in the 3600 block of Cottage Avenue and was pronounced deceased at Sinai Hospital the same day. Mr. James was also indicted September 20 for the first-degree murder of Michael Freeman. An arraignment for both cases is scheduled for October 18, 2006 before Judge Gale Rasin, Room 509 Courthouse East. Fifteen juveniles have been charged with murder so far this year, all but one has been charged as an adult.

The defense and prosecution have rested in the Smoot case, closing arguements are due tomorrow.
This afternoon Judge John M. Glynn granted a defense motion to dismiss all charges against Nathan D. Colbert.
Jury instruction and closing arguments in the matter of State vs. Dameon Woods and James L. Hatcher are scheduled for 9:30 a.m. tomorrow in room 203 Mitchell.
Courthouse speculation is the guards will get off, as the witnesses changed their statements multiple times.

Finally, three days after the fact, the S "covers" the shooting of 16-year-old Bernard Davis of the 1600 block of Castle Street in an exceptionally detailed 200-word feature.
Davis is the 19th juvenile killed this year.
Another boy was also shot during the incident but survived.

Ink: Last week was exceptionally violent, with 10 murders .
Andrew Jackson, 26; Davon Sampson, 18; Janice Letmate, 67; Lateef Chase, 25; Sultan Z. Matthews, 19; Gary Nelson, 47; Lamont Brown, 20; and Jamelle (sp?) Carter, 18, have left the building.
Also excpetional: the Sun wrote something about all 10 murders.
Is someone in editorial attempting to change the error of the paper's status-quo-loving ways?
What's next, humanizing these people with a hint of a detail of their lives?
Two hundred and fifty words, maybe?

Students were shot with a BB gun outside of Pikesville High.

Twenty-five pounds of pot was seized in Laurel.

Media coverage helped in the arrest of David Fernando Garcia for rape in Elkridge.

Five months after the death of Rey Rivera, the blog still gets multiple hits a day from all over the country for keywords related; evidently a lot of people don't believe his death was suicide.

The Gazette newspapers have endorsed Ehrlich.

O'Malley's people, via the Baltimore Chronicle, say Ehrlich refuses to debate.

Smug Sexism Dept.

Nothing like stepping to the 'puter to find out your worst suspicions about the media have come true.
If, like me, you ever wondered idly, "what's more printable to the Sun, beauty gossip or, say, a powerful Democratic Delegate making serious accusations of abuse of power by a Democratic candidate for governor in an election month?" all of our nightmares have come true.
So Jill just exaggerated when she said the Sun erased her for criticizing the powers-that-be... she's not totally erased yet, they'll still put her in .... to be condescended to!
Where'd the rest of the post go?

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

October 3 Evening

From the US Attorney's office, more details on the Tamil Tiger indictments, plus Daniel Trader, 57, and a prison guard at the Eastern Correctional Institute was indicted for having lewd chats with someone who he thought was a 15-year-old girl (but was really an Illlinois officer).

Alphonso Scott, 18, under house arrest, drove drunk in Severn, wrecked car.

Pollice arrested DeJuan Laron Hunter for leaving his semi-automatic at BWI.

A man of Iranian heritage was arrested for taking picture of the MD state house. Turns out he was working for a magazine.

History corner: how Glendening became governor.

October 3

Luther Bryant, 28, was shot to death near the 1300 block of Havenwood road. And a one man was shot and an unid'd man was killed at Gossip's nightclub on Calvert Street (@210-211), half a block from the State's Attorneys office and the Mitchell Courthouse.

kia edwardsMissing babysitter Tiara Chapman, her son and her 8-year-old charge Kia Edwards (left) returned home.

Two men, James L. Owens, 41, and James Thompson, 47, convicted of the rape and murder of Colleen Willar in 1988, may get new trails after DNA test results pointed to a third party. If so, it will be the first time in MD a DNA test clears a defendant after a muder conviction. (The Sun also has the story.)

Devon Richardson, 14, was charged with the murder of Janice Letmate, the 67-year-old woman (202) who neighbors first though had suffered a heart attack.

Two men were arrested for the home invasion robbery and murder of 45-year-old Eric Fountain in the county.

The man who killed his neighbor, Billy Horne (208) yeserday in the NE was ID'd as Marvin Fergueson, 40.

Suspended officer Jemini Jones was arrested Monday morning for an illegal handgun after leading police on a car chase. And PGC officer Sheldon Vessels has been indicted for pepper-spraying four young men who were not charged with a crime, and kicking one in the groin. Vessels was not on duty at the time.

Robbery, theft, larceny etc in the blotter.

Nate Chapman is in trouble again, this time for making false statements on a loan application. He was convicted two years ago of defrauding the State pension system.

Did you know? The Baltimore Police Department phone numbers on the City's site have been taken off the web, and the new BPD site has been non-fuctional for about nine months!

Is that normal? O'Malley is getting City Council members to donate to his campaign.

Monday, October 2, 2006

October 2: 'Happy' Yom Kippur

There was a double shooting on Castle street on the east side.

A fatal shooting at 6 a.m. on the 3800 block of Lyndale Ave. in the Northeast (<208). Update: a suspect was taken into custody after a standoff.

Two murders Saturday (<206-207). Jemel Carter, 18 was killed on Oswego Ave., (first reported by galt)
and Victor Council, 43, was shot on the 1400 block of Baltimore Street.
The man killed Friday (205) was ID'd as Lamont Brown.

A Baltimore County judge is due to sentence Matthew Horner today for trying to fake the suicide of his wife Lorraine. She lived and is expected to give a victim-impact statement.

Eighteen-year-old Loneil A. Smith was murdered in PCG Sunday morning.

A 16-year old boy was shot in the shoulder, and former president of the police union Frederick Roussey was hit by a truck while directing traffic downtown.

Terrence Gunnels was fatally shot near the Great Frederick fairgrounds.

Rockville police are questioning a delivery-truck driver in the dragging death of grandmother Ketty Alvarado, 69.

The penalty for being a drunk-driving teen just went up.

Former circulation manager fpr the PGC and MoCo "Sentinels" was convicted of stealing $288k.

One would think the prison system would be happy to let inmates atone any day.

Wow, Jill Carter has never been a shrinking violet! She rages against the Mayor's arrest practices in this undated feature. "The person that's the mayor of Baltimore shouldn't be the mayor or the governor. He has no interest in furthering the agenda of the people he represents or empowering anyone."

Washington Post: "the murder count ... remains a political liability" for O'Malley, reports the town went to hell after Norris left.
Mayor: "the downside [of setting the goal of 175 homicides] is far outweighed by the number of lives we saved."
Meanwhile, Team O'M says state and federal police and drug-treatment money dropped after 2002, team Ehrlich says it went up.

Five victims plus the gunman Charles Carl Roberts IV are dead after a hostage situation in a school in a small town in Lancaster County, Pa.

TX supreme court refused to legalize "obscene devices.".

Sunday, October 1, 2006

You're so Cheap!

The most trusted news souce of news a la BCrime readers is ...
the City Paper!!
Yes, the journal that features "Smut" on the cover this week, illustrated by a biblio-glory hole and an typographed male part.

Second-most relied on: WBAL, tied with the Examiner. In fourth, the Sun. In dead last, WMAR.
Okay, I'll bite, why do you hate the Sun so much? (no copping answers from

October 1

♥ the law? Check out the Supreme Court preview for this month.

This week, MedImmune battles Genentech [<-subscription required] for the rights to palivizumab, a bioengineered antibody, at The Supreme Court.

William C. Bond, author of "Self-portrait of a Patricide: How I Got Away with Murder," won a case against the Bank of America for improperly releasing financial records to his wife's ex in a custody case [<-subscription required].

Godson M. NnakaGodson M. Nnaka (right), a Baltimore lawyer who happens to be running for President of Nigeria, had sex-offense charges dropped against him[<- subscription required] by the Baltimore City state's attorney's office.
Say charging documents, a 16-year-old girl came to Nnaka's office with two friends, wanting to hire him to represent her boyfriend in a criminal case. The girl said she let Nnaka grope her in exchange for his promise to reduce his fee. One of the friends picked up a pair of scissors to defend herself(?) ; Nnaka then escorted them from his office, the girls then flagged down a police car and made a report.

A man shot in the 1400 block of W. Baltimore St. is in critical condition at shock trauma.

Best PIO o'Balto Sviatko: Smoot guards attended a "party where apparently everybody got their stories straight."

There's only one time sports will be mentioned here, and that's when the over-esteemed, overpaid jockstaps break the law! Yes, sounds like three O's shot steroids like Mexican dairy cows. Tsk, tsk.

hookerHoCo cops party with hookers, display porn, taxpayers fork out $75g.

Greedy, consorting cops pulled burning-car scheme to buy an Asscalade in Frederick.

Would be nice but isn't exactly true: Ehrlich sent out mailer alleging FBI probe of O'Malley's management of the BPD. Other election news:Yawn.

Media notes: the Sun's line appears to be to not cover too much crime because it's hard to sell ads next to depressing stories.
OR ... is the crime writing just boring?
The NYPost gets the tone right and embraces the drama and still manages to sell ads (next) to death. Or maybe it's that the NYP has more interesting stories to cover.