Friday, June 24, 2011

Indentities and so much more...

Several Recent Homicide Victims Identified:

94. 6 person shooting death Id'd as Charles Lassane, age 55.

95. Still unidentified at the moment.

96. Edge-tomb Circle victim Id'd as 52-year-old Anthony Carr.

97. Id'd as 23-year-old Andre Womack.

27-year-old Thomas Green has been arrested for the hit and run of two Hopkins students from early May.

Police release new details, actually, 8 pages worth of new details to be exact, regarding the February 2010 shooting of unarmed informant Dennis Gregory.

Newly convicted cabbie-killer Robert Lee Murphy was sentenced to Life plus 20 for the killing of a Frederick cab driver.

An inmate facing Capital murder charges for the 2006 killing of a now defunct "House of Correction" prison guard loses his pretrial appeal.

Youth is fleeting, especially when you spend it in prison... is what 14-year-old Shemarr Gilbert will realize, after being arrested on first-degree rape charges.

PG County congressman Jack Johnson's wife will plead guilty next week to charges relating to her husbands political corruption.

In keeping with a recent disturbing trend in Maryland courts, the 1994 Manslaughter conviction of Ricky Savoy has been overturned.

A Baltimore priest has been banned from Catholic ministry in light of a recent child sexual abuse case.

In the first of what will soon become a flurry of guilty pleas, two Baltimore cops plead guilty to extortion relating to their involvement in the Baltimore Police towing scandal. 28-year-old Jermaine Rice and 41-year-old David Reeping are scheduled to be sentenced later this year.

Watch out Maryland bath salt enthusiasts! Bath salts have now been officially banned in PA, adding to the growing number of states to have officially banned the sale of the drug.

Gilmor Homes drug dealer "Mud" is sentenced to 13 years in the Federal pen.


Study: lighter-skinned women get shorter prison sentences (in North Carolina anyway)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gitit gurl!

... the local news is full of corpses today, but they can stay dead because I am giddy with happiness that finally a Baltimore musician has achieved International-level celebrity (the first since Mario, right?) ... if you haven't checked out Rye Rye yet you oughter, she's an M.I.A.-protege now with a soon-to-heavily rotate 104.3-ful single with Robyn. Here she is performing somewhere in Baltimore (& awesome official video for "Hardcore Girls", is that her grandma?) ... & a Britney Spears cover with a video that looks like it was filmed in juvie. You must love her!

Ok, back to corpses...