Saturday, September 20, 2008

WTF?!?! Kenneth N. Harris Sr. Killed!

... reportedly by three gunmen robbing the New Haven Lounge in the Northwood Plaza mall, who shot him as he was running away to his car!
And the killers are still on the loose.
JZ has video of the police press conference. Bealefeld reveals that police found a mask similar to the "Scream" mask and Harris' wallet nearby.
More on Harris from a vintage CP article and a Wikipedia bio.

Friday, September 19, 2008

More Fun With Rod and Pat

One Allen Gill got 40 years of three hots & a cot for drug dealing and three murders. Sounds like a pretty good deal, actually...

An MVA photo machine, stolen mail, a Washington Post article, medical scrubs and fake canes = one seriously elaborate identity-theft scam.

Tree Top Piru ran gang from prison, gets sentenced to more prison.

There's something you never see in the city... police busting car riflers.

Feisty Meisty: "Is it possible to start a Dixon prosecution fund?"

18 Shootings this Week

Eighteen people shot since last Friday, mapped by Spotcrime (note Boston St. was a double).


Thomas Moylan, an inmate at Central Booking, died after being found unconscious in a shower on Wednesday night. In previous conversations with his mother, he alleged inadequate mistreatment.

There were two more nonfatal shootings in Baltimore, one in the Northeast, and one in the west where a guy caught a bullet in the bum bum. Take that, Tom Green!

Shootings and stabbings in Baltimore City, and burgled homes in Baltimore County. Even the blotter can show the stark differences between the two jurisdictions.

Peter Hermann discusses helping those who won't help themselves, Baltimore judiciary style.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A bad time to be named Deandre...

In another "win" for the good guys, Deandre Brown, 20, pled guilty of shooting at four police officers and was sentenced to (life with all suspended but) 25 years. And we wonder why its difficult to hire more of Baltimore's finest...

Homes Burgled! Cars yanked! Vacuums... sucked away? All this and more in today's blotter.

Local Campuses:
At Johns Hopkins University, start watching your bikes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank You for Blogging!

Two shootings last night, including a guy who fired shots at an officer (and missed)

Says galt--
"In Meister's column, police indifference in Canton.
In the blotter today, a woman robbed at the ATM on St. Paul in Charles Village. Note: a similar event occurred a short distance away this week by 33rd & Greenmount. Related?"

Stolen underground water meters in the SW.

An arrest in the Dec. 2 2007 murder of Eugenio Harrison.

NYT: American legal influence is waning.

This Ain't Your Damn Baby

Where they was ... has ... got... at... oh just watch this damn video.

Quotes of the Day

"Like the calculation of Pi, Miller's criminal history has been endless"

"If the bishops don't have to courage to tell their flock that it is immoral to vote for a child-killer like Obama, then the faithful will."

This One's For the Children

El jizz reports that a nine-year-old girl was shot at South Caroline & Gough Streets!

A four-month-old baby was missing for two days, taken by someone named "Nay Nay," but this is the first we've heard of it! Shouldn't someone have issued an Amber Alert or something?! (ps. Hey WBAL, 4-month-olds can't toddle!) ... more detailed story from the Sun

Attorney General: 58 percent of juvie offenders completing youth programs were re-arrested within a year after release.

Dwayne Erving, 18, attempted to invoke the Bush Doctrine in defense of his murder of Taavon Mitchell. He got 10 years anyway.

"Man, 80, beaten by son with hammer, Arundel police say"

Also an AAC, the 6th murder, a man shot through his bedroom window

Baltimorean Jamar Gattis moved to Idaho, got beat to death anyway

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Media Blabber

TDR reports that the Sun's managing editor, Robert Blau, has quit, two months after the deputy managing editor did the same.

The CP has deemed Margaret Burns the "Best Flack"
Page Croyder's got the "Best Insider Perspective"
and Adam Meister's got the "Best Local Blog"
That's going to be one interesting party!

Rotten Teens on the Loose

Police are ISO a pair of dim-looking teens who allegedly robbed the Parkville High's.

Guilty Pleas in Nightclub Murder

From the Office of the Head Ho Slappa:
At a hearing today, Tony Hawks, 30, of the 3700 block of Ravenswood Ave. and Eugene Darnell Parker, 33, of the 3900 block of Cranston Ave. plead guilty to second-degree murder, handgun use in a crime of violence and conspiracy to murder. A third co-defendant, Dwayne Gwynn, 35, of the 5800 of Gist Avenue pled guilty to conspiracy to murder.

The co-defendants were scheduled for trial before Judge John C. Themelis when the plea agreement was negotiated. Parker received a total sentence of 40-years in prison, first 5-years without parole, for conspiracy to murder, handgun use in a crime of violence and second-degree murder. Hawks received a sentence of 40-years in prison suspend all but 20-years with 5-years probation for second–degree murder, handgun use in a crime of violence and conspiracy to murder. Hawks was previously convicted of second-degree murder and was released on parole. Dwayne Gwynn will serve 20-years in prison for conspiracy to murder.

Each of the defendants pled to the following facts: the co-defendants were attending a party at the Club International, 2301 W. Baltimore Street on February 11, 2007. Harold Robinson worked at the club as a bouncer. Several persons attending the club became angry at Mr. Robinson after he removed a partygoer for urinating on the dance floor. Later, Gwynn, Hawks and Parker conspired to retaliate. Hawks and Parker entered Club International and randomly fired several shots, fatally injuring Harold Robinson. Two employees of the club fired handguns and chased Hawks and Parker as they attempted to flee the scene. Both were struck and apprehended by police.

Assistant State’s Attorney Diana Smith of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.
(Why does the SAO hyphenate so oddly?!)

50 Years for Attempted Murder of Palsied Victim

From the office of the Head Ho Slappa:

Judge Thomas J.S. Waxter sentenced Aaron Speaks, 23, of the 2100 block of N. Guilford Ave today to 50 years in prison for attempted first-degree murder and a concurrent 20 years in prison for use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. A Baltimore jury convicted Speaks June 6, 2008. The State had asked for the maximum penalty allowable under law, life in prison plus a consecutive 20 years. Details:
On August 6, 2007 at approximately 4:18PM the victim, who suffered from cerebral palsy, was walking in the 300 block of East 21st St. when Speaks crept up behind him and shot him one time at close range in the back of the neck. A CitiWatch pole camera captured Speaks feeling the scene. Witnesses testified that only one person approached the victim, only one shot was heard and only one person fled the scene. Another witness testified that shortly after the shooting the defendant admitted to shooting the victim. This shooting left the victim paralyzed from the neck down; he remains on a ventilator and is unable to speak without medical intervention.
Assistant State’s Attorney Tonya LaPolla of the Firearms Investigation Violence Enforcement (F.I.V.E.) Division prosecuted this case.

Johnnie, This Heroin is SO Enjoyable!

New details from last week's hair-ron raids, including some high-larious wire-tap transcripts, helpfully translated by a DEA officer.

Blotter: an arrest in the murder of Jeffrey Brown; mugged Morgan students.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Barry Graham, 24, died following a quadruple shooting this morning in the 700 block of West Lexington. No suspects, no motive.

Also on West Lexingon, stolen property recovered.

Dan Rodricks does some hand-wringing over Roger Shifflett, the guy (allegedly) responsible for the Overlea hostage situation. Every fuckwad is some mother's baby!

Illegal immigrant slavery at the Chinese buffet? Wo bu shi!


Captn JTwo men shot, one fatally, in front of the Captain James (you know, the restaurant on Boston St. that looks like a big boat). WBAL reports that a fight started inside & got finished on the street. The deceased victim was named as one Lloyd Milton.