Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogs on Crack

A local crack smoker has taken to blogging: The Relapse Diary. I had no idea smoking crack made people want to take off their clothes.. well, now I know. And true story about Charles Village: "these poor students are getting the fur tore off them! ... funding a adjacent Open Air Drug Market and its not being talked about." Indeed, a JHU student is probably robbed or burgled at least once a day-- and that's conservative. JHU students are Greenmount crackheads' ATMs!

Not literal crack, but also a good read: Not All Baltimore Chicks are Stupid

Friday, April 6, 2012

Salon owners' hairdo saved her life!

Life plus five for Malcolm Pulliam, convicted of shooting the owner of the Blessed Productions Hair Salon four times in the head. But, amazingly, the victim survived to testify against him.

Also, Bernstein and Joshua Felsen scored a first-degree murder conviction against William Carr, who was found to have robbed and killed 55-year-old deliveryman Chong Wan Yim.

Preston and Jason: Standing their Ground

Brandon Washington, 26, #18, was removed from the toll after his killing was ruled justifiable self-defense. Reported Justin Fenton, "Court records describe Preston Feaster and Jason Ingram barricading themselves inside a home as a group of men armed with handguns shot into the house. Fearing for their lives in a neighborhood where calling the authorities is a last resort for some residents, they shot back from an upstairs window, killing 26-year-old Brandon Washington and injuring Darries Sommerville, who was 17 at the time, police say."

Recanting witnesses and gas can photos in the dog-burning trial, which is scheduled to continue on Monday.

The Court of Appeals today will hear the case of women married in California who hoped to divorce in Maryland and were turned down. Wacky fact from CBS: "Maryland law bars an uncle and a niece from marrying, but the state will recognize that marriage if it legally occurred in another state." Some news sources are reporting this story as unprecedented, but that's not exactly true. .. I swear I remember reading about a lesbian child-custody case in The Daily Record in Baltimore County in the late '90s, too, anyone else remember that one?

Down in the marshier part of the county, rough-looking duo John Joseph Leschefsky Jr., 27, and Carollyn Robin Duschl, 29, were charged with the murder of Jeffrey Jennings, 57, motive unknown.

In Cockeysville, two guys were arrested after trying to rob the Alpha Gold Exchange, and a copper thief was arrested in Pikesville.

A Parkton man is in hot water after pretending to be a teenager in an attempt to seduce a 14-year-old on Facebook.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gun waving

An off-duty city cop pulled his gun and threatened a woman after a near accident.

44, 45

Two earlier shooting victims have been added to the homicide toll. 19-year-old Javell Heath*; "was found shot in the head March 27, on the grounds of the Yorkwood Apartment complex in the 1100 block of E. Belvedere Ave." Dion Brandon, 30, who was injured in a triple shooting back in 2005, died April 2nd of this year from complications related to his wounds.

Murders 40-43 in this week's Ink

The city will pay $95,000 to a 90-year-old retired schoolteacher who had her shoulder torn in a scuffle with police. “Jack” Young voted against the settlement.

A Baltimore beatdown video of, not the same video as the guy stripped and beaten in front of the courthouse*

Trial starts today for Nelson Clifford, accused of three rapes.

A man was arrested for robbing the Edgewood Burger King drive-thru

Married dad Brian Funk has to register as a sex offender for sexting a student.

And speaking of students, anti-Semetic slurs and a noose found at the University of Maryland, echoes of the firehouse noose...? What are the odds of this not being fake?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Internet Does Have a Soul...

Yet another video of a Baltimore assault has made it into the realms of the inter-web, but even the internet has standards. The video, which shows a man being assaulted and stripped has caused an uproar, and several cases of internet vigilantism. *

This weeks Murder Ink recaps another violent week, including two fatal officer involved shootings.

In another case of robbery stripping. Terrell Scott, 21, was convicted of kidnapping, beating, and shooting a man before setting his car on fire. Scott faces up to 261 years when sentenced.

It's all in the family. A mother-daughter identity theft team were sent to prison. Mother Gloria Canada, 55, got six years for stealing Johns Hopkins Hospital patient information while daughter Ayanna Devon Johnson, 39, got five years.

As expected the Maryland attorney general has filed an appeal to the recent gun permit ruling.

Police are ISO the scuzz-bucket who sexually assaulted a woman in the 1600 block of Johnson Street last week.

A Baltimore County man is dead after a truck fell and pinned him to death.

A unidentified body was found in a wooded area in Middle River.

50-year-old convicted sex offender Michael Nicholas Villa, who couldn't look more the part if he tried, was arrested and charged with various peeping tom incidents, specifically one in a Panera bathroom.

The most recent crime blotter has everything from eye pokes to bookshelf beatings.


So Dante Parrish got life for the rape, gagging and slaughter of fey 15-year-old Jason Mattison. His fine Christian mom and grandma kicked him out because they thought he was gay, leaving him to die like a pig while his junkie aunt and her friends nodded off nearby.

In other gay news, documents revealed the National Organization for Marriage's plans to divide gays, women, blacks and Latinos by un-defining marriage as a civil right (sound familiar?), calling women 'bigots,' embracing the traditional Mexican family and spinning a yarn about the marginalization and repression of Christianity. Mitt Romney, who won the primary here last night, gave NOM $10,000 in '08. NOM has pledged to spend at least $1 million to defeat same-sex marriage in Maryland, and are, of course, currently using those ducets to get gay citizens' civil rights put up for a vote in the fall.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wut whoa Scoob

Sounds like it's a dog's life for prosecutors down at the animal-cruelty trial. Luke Broadwater reports that a key witness in the case against is refusing to testify. Tiera Goodman, 25 -- who, before she went to jail on unrelated charges, reportedly lived in the the 800 block of Braddish Ave. and (presumably) collected $1,000 for testifying against the brothers in the first trial-- now says she'd rather serve six more months than testify again*, and the judge granted her wish. Another young witness, Michael Taylor, 22, "spent much of the afternoon yawning at prosecutors' questions, mumbling barely audible responses and smirking with the defendants."

Dante Parrish Sentenced, Victims ID'd, & Broken Metro Dreams

Life without parole for rapist/teenage killer Dante Parrish. Parrish was convicted of murdering 15-year-old Jason Mattison less than a year after the "Innocence Project" helped him secure his release from prison after a 1999 murder conviction.

Just a few days after the first police involved killing of the year, another man, 29-year-old George Wells, has been shot to death by police after "drawing a sharp weapon" on an officer.

A multitude of shootings, resulting in one death this weekend. This years 43rd victim has been id'd as Marcus Williams, 29. Williams was shot to death in a car in the 1000 block of E. 22nd St. The years 42nd victim has been id'd as 59-year-old Chauncey Hardy, killed in an apparent "retaliatory shooting."*

What ever did happen to the investigation into two mysterious trash chute deaths?Peter Hermann had little luck finding any new information.*

Police are still looking for the hit and run driver who killed Towson U. student Ryan Bailey this past weekend.

For the second time in a week, a Baltimore man has been stabbed to death in the small area of Pumphrey, Anne Arundel County. 46-year-old Bryant Donell Bagley was found shot to death Sunday. Bagley has a criminal record dating back to the 80's, including convictions for attempted murder and issuing false documents.

Cigarette smuggling seems to be the hot new crime, and comptroller Peter Franchot wants to up the penalties for those caught smuggling.

30-year-old convicted felon Antoine Phipps has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for nearly killing another man outside a West Baltimore carryout.

The search is on for the masked man who broke into a home and raped an 18-year-old woman in the 3900 block of Frisby Street.

A man was critically injured after being stabbed and shot in the 5300 block of Bosworth Ave.

A Facebook group has been set up to remember 19-year-old Tyree Cypress, (Pictured Right) who was the 41st victim of the year.

Baltimore felon Kevin J. Johnson, 33, was sentenced to spend the next 18 years in a far away federal prison.

61-year-old Andrew Hamilton Williams, Jr., the leader of the "Metro Dream Homes" fraud scheme has been dolled out a 150 year federal sentence, the same sentence famed fraudster Bernie Madoff received a few years earlier.

...Hope everyone remembered to vote today

"but at what risk?"

A long North Baltimore crime blotter from the Patch: lots of larcenies from autos, and the CVS at 25th and Charles was robbed of prescription drugs.

Uhm, whut? "a former Baltimore police officer accused of killing his neighbor is now charged with possession of child pornography."

The headline ruins the story dept: "Police allow bystanders to tape* arrest, but at what risk?" .. the police don't allow it, the Supreme Court allows it. Maybe a better headline would be like "Some police officers made uncomfortable by people with iPhones." Comfortable schmumfortable. I'm not comfortable with drones over Baltimore, "security" workers reading everybody's emails and monitoring everybody's phone calls, strip searches for running a red light, people being held indefinitely in a network of foreign prisons with no charges ... but fuck me, according to the Tribune Co. we're all supposed to be worried about the risk of officers being weirded out by a guy recording stuff on his phone. I think they can handle it.