Saturday, July 18, 2009

While you were out...

While Dixon was off in NY, officers were shot responding to a domestic incident.
(When the mayor's out of town, who's in charge?)

Prosecutors and/or plaintiff Elizabeth Smith have decided not to pursue assault charges against the mayor's aide Demaune Millard.

Police are ISO pointy-headed arson suspect John Barker, 36

WTFityF... 15-year-old Robert Mitchell Ervin charged in Cecil Co with stabbing pregnant 26-year-old Jennifer Thompson to death.. & neighbor claims he was the daddy

Two officers shot

this morning near Edmonson and Whitmore, both stable

"a high-tech gimmick"

Well, sounds like the taxpayers of Baltimore city have been boned again, this time by a Nebraska company that took advantage of impulse shoppers at the DJS. I think Cham's editorial sums it up nicely (edited with some links thrown in, you can see the full comment here):

"Ah, we are starting to piece together what happened with young Lamont Davis. He's been guilty of several crimes and has been active within the juvenile justice system for years. Once he received his GPS monitoring device from the fine state of Maryland he was inconvenienced by having to wear an ankle device attached to his leg, but other than that his life continued on unencumbered. He was a criminal punk beforehand and he simply continued to be a criminal punk after he got his device terrorizing his neighborhood. Nothing changed.

From the Sun article today one glaring sentence stands out. last line second page:

•Once the devices are separated by more than 150 feet, the transmitter becomes useless. Offenders don't even need to cut off the anklet to avoid being tracked ...
We can write the rest of this story. Little Raven has 2 bullets in her head, LaMont is getting 30 years, we, the taxpayers, are probably getting to pay for LaMonts long hotel stay and Raven's expensive Shock Trauma experience. iSECUREtrac Inc. will eventually make some lame excuse as to why they are sucking money out of our state and not providing any service, and nobody's head will roll over at the Department of Juvenile justice over this ...

Little Raven is black and poor. It's a shame that she wasn't white and middleclass, that way Nancy Grace would offer to crawl up Lamont's ass and monitor his position from there.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This picture


More BPD drama

Fired BPD officer Francis Hamtilom claims a fellow cop is out to get her.


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A decomposing body found slumped in a car in the 3400 block of Lake Montebello drive deemed "suspicious" a homicide. Police first reported that the body had been shot, then Tweeted "Med Examiner working to confirm cause of death. initially reported as shooting, further exam needed" More from a local message board (thanks Sean!) Isn't that near the old O'Malley place?

Police are ISO a woman for the shooting at the 7400 Club in Rosedale (is that what passes for "medium build" these days?)

Oh dear God no! Anything but that! GPS monitoring company "called in for meetings" following teen shooting preschooler mit anklet

Jeffrey Anderson reports on the case of Jonathan Luna: six years later, suicide theories more plausible (via CP)

Ew. Reisterstown man pleads guilty to pimping teens at a truck stop

No-show cop gets Reefers off the hook with the liquor board

Hagtown goth teen Danielle Black found guilty of soliciting dad's murder

What the?! "Soapy, severed bird's head seized at BWI" for the second time! What's that about?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Today in Crapulence

The victim at 500 S. Regester St. was ID'd as Josephine Lewatowski, 48, and a suspect, Dante McCray, was caught after CitiWatch spotted him putting a shotgun into the trunk of his Cadillac.

The Ink with this week's murders

CP: "Investors, mortgage fraud may complicate city's suit against Wells Fargo"

A reliable source says that Troy Harris has been removed from his position and reassigned to the Northern District patrol shift. WTF? Was his girlfriend 12? Was the picture beyond freaky? What am I missing?
UPDATE: the midnight shift, no less!

CSA: "a trial judge may tell prospective jurors that a criminal trial is unlike an episode of 'CSI'"

Crime prevention tip: paste baby photos on your car, GPS, laptop and cellphone

Calvert Hall student on the hot seat

SA has set a hearing date for the Calvert Hall student who allegedly tussled with a cop

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DC Councilman's aide found dead in the harbor

Fire department divers located the body, according to police he was last seen on a boat Monday night

Police probe, take-home cars

The Baltimore City Council wants to know why internal adminstrative charges were dropped against dozens of officers. Meanwhile, if you wreck your city issued take-home car and you don't want anyone to know, don't worry the city legal department has your back.

124, 125

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Unidentified man, 38, 4000 block of Old York Road at Dumbarton Avenue (above); a woman shot in the head at 511 S. Regester St. (below) in Fells Point, via the Sun

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A total of five shootings since yesterday.

and another body in the Harbor.

Baby Shower of Bullets at Marlo's Kills Teen

What the?! In NY, a baby shower for the wife of Jamie Hector, the actor who played Marlo Stanfield in The Wire, ended in a gunfight that left a 17-year-old dead and two men injured.

Two more members of the cult accused of killing Javon Thompson are due to go on trial tomorrow, but will likely be postponed due to lack of lawyers.

Should cocaine use with "casual insouciance" keep an officer from his pension?

Idiotic cell-phone bill
goes to the US Senate

What goes around... Sinclair Broadcasting, Fox 45's parent company, may declare bankruptcy.

Monday, July 13, 2009


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A man shot at the Alameda & 30th and a barricade situation going on now in the 1500 block of E. 29th Street

Shocking Stats Dept.

Sunday night insomnia fun, courtesy of Olivia Bobrowsky: Comparing infant mortality and life expectancy in the SW to Roland Park or North Baltimore at
People in Roland Park live nineteen years longer than residents of the Southwest.
They're four miles apart!
(Also interesting: RP residents live a year longer than the residents of Homeland, and 10 years longer than denizens of the Hampden/Remington area)
(Average US life expectancy = 78 years)
It's also sobering to compare the SW to other countries, like, say, Libya.

More on from Hermann on the SW's crapulence

(bumping this post)
Does Baltimore need a dedicated prostitution court?


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A man found shot in a car in the usually very quiet area behind Mercy High School

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and a "suspicious" body found yesterday at 4009 Falls Road

A Hermann reader writes about the decades-long rivalry between the Old York Road and Cater Boys and the McCabe Avenue boys of Wilson Park, aka Pen Lucy.

an STSCI employee slapped by three female juveniles "for no apparent reason"

Policing the police

New allegations of unfair internal justice from a fired city officer may lead to a class action lawsut by female police officers