Friday, November 6, 2009

Two Baltimoreans accused of sexual assault at the Maryland School for the Deaf.
Baltimore PoliceDept BPD establishes 24/7 custom tip line for rape suspect. Public leads have assisted detectives. Anyone with information pls call 888-223-0033

Paying the Bills

Who's going to pay for Dixon's seven lawyers?
ps. trial starts Monday.

Should perps serve an extra 10 - 30 years in jail for being members of a gang?

Police are ISO a man who opened fire on a couple in a Ford pickup

Strange but true dept.:
Mark Hughes: the UK injects addicts with heroin twice a day

Md's got a new body scanner, and they call it the BOSS. (How I wish I could un-read: "he excreted a small cell phone and stomped on it")

In Calvert Co.: alleged daughter exhumes dad to prove paternity

Media Blabber: "The changing picture of local TV newscasts"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rapist sketch

have you seen this guy?

More on Clay

A congressional "inquiry" has been made into the death of Robert Clay.

Pip pip old bean

Fenton blogs from London
"Victims, Relatives To View Sniper Execution"
Accused sniper: "all you police and prosecutors can stand-down-’rushing’ to murder this innocent black man"

Policarpio Espinoza Perez and Adan Espinoza Canela seek a third murder trial from the Court of Special Appeals

Helen Holton gets a stay

Robberies in Guilford and Charles Village, a stolen leaf blower, yet another robbery in the 300 block of E. University Parkway.

$4500 for police escort to Miami?

I hope they stood by her beach chair, oiled and flexing

Why so murderous?

The New Yorker asks, "Why is American History so Murderous?"

An off-duty Baltimore police officer shot a man who stabbed him at a strip club in Dundalk

City settles suit over 17 'rogue' officers on the East Side SET team; Daily Record now charging $165.36 for online access

County police officer Parker, shot during a deadly encounter in Overlea is doing “fine”, suspect is still dead

Trial postponed for man accused of beating 66-year-old Franklin Schissler to death in the bathroom of Morsberger’s Tavern in Catonsville

In AAC, Baltimore man convicted of double murder throws candy bar wrapper on floor

Sentencing commission: terms for fraud getting longer

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

188, 189

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Joseph Leegreen Taylor, 28, and Allen Mark Johnson, 32, both shot to death in cars.

More on the five shootings last night

Another sexual assault

.. near a bus stop early this morning.

Five shootings yesterday

Pretty busy for a Tuesday

Last week's three murders in the Ink

Prison guard accused of smuggling cell phone gets real bail. Go Prevas!

Hellz yes, you should be able to get wine in the mail.

Media Blabber: The Sun's parent company is going to try to go AP-free next week. Will that mean no international news, and national news only from LA or Chicago? That'll be one thin paper!

The people on the mayor

A few days before Dixon's trial, city residents weigh in on the Mayor's legal woes. "We'd already be locked up"
"Last year the police charged nearly 55,000 people. Of these nearly 10,000 were declined by the prosecutor. A further 15,000 needed substantive changes. That means that in a signifcant number of cases the police were not doing their job properly when it came to charging suspects"

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

25 years for man who stabbed pregnant babymom

Today the Honorable Judge Gale Rasin sentenced Morris J. Pettigrew, 20, of the 2600 block of Frederick Avenue to 25 years in prison for the April 19, 2008 non-fatal stabbing of his girlfriend, under indictment number 208179002. A Baltimore City jury convicted Pettigrew of false imprisonment, first and second -degree assault and reckless endangerment on September 15, 2009. Judge Gale Rasin sentenced Pettigrew to 15 years in prison for false imprisonment, 20 years suspend all but 10 years, with five years of supervised probation for first degree assault. This sentence is to be served consecutive to the 15 year sentence, for a total of 25 years incarceration. The state requested a 20 year sentence for each crime to be served consecutively. Upon release, Pettigrew is to be on probation for five years during which time he is to have no contact with the victim or her son and he must successfully complete a batterer’s program at the House of Ruth or similar program.

At today’s hearing, the victim provided an impact statement in court. Judge Rasin recognized her courage in coming forward to save herself and her child from Pettigrew’s control. Based on the new conviction, Pettigrew also faces a violation of probation hearing on November 17, 2009 before Judge Shirley Watts for a second-degree sex offense which he pled guilty to in 2003.

The victim testified to the following facts of the case. The woman and her 8-year old son went to visit Pettigrew at his residence in the 2600 block of Frederick Avenue on April 19, 2008. During the visit Pettigrew became agitated with the woman because she did not want to move back in with him. The victim testified that initially she did not call the police because she was in fear for the safety of her 8-year old son. Pettigrew then took a knife and stabbed her in the right upper back. The victim testified that even though she began to bleed profusely, Pettigrew refused to allow her seek medical assistance, instead he continued to make repeated threats to her, forcing her and their young son to accompany him various places, holding them hostage. Finally, on April 22, 2008 in the early morning hours while Pettigrew slept, the victim was able to call 911. Medic #1 responded and transported the woman to University of Maryland, Shock Trauma. As result of the attack, the victim who was 24 weeks pregnant sustained a bruised lip, broken rib (right side) and a stab wound on the rear right shoulder.

Work that, lemme see you drip sweat


Baltimore PoliceDept's Photos you'd rather not see - Ray Lewis Works out with Baltimore Police. None my business, but this free Israeli rifle training sounds slightly less humiliating.
Joseph Bonds entered an Alford plea from alleged murderer of former police commissioner Hamm's stepdaughter Nicole Sesker.

Rough housing.

Oh how I hate these stories: in Essex, mom's 21-year-old boyfriend arrested for murdering toddler, boyfriend says he was just "rough housing"

Rapist(s) Afoot

Five rapes in four days and eight over two weeks, mostly near bus stops in the early-morning hours.

Trial expected to get underway today for teen twins accused of setting dog on fire

188 months in prison for man who brought 80 kgs of cocaine and 100 gallons of PCP to MD

69 months in jail for David Cooley, who stole govmint checks out of the mail

Two charged in HoCo Halloween party shootings

Buz on the problems with drunk driving laws

"Neighbourhood"! "Churlish!" Oh, that's adorable. It's like a crime walk with Kipper!

Monday, November 2, 2009


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Eric Cromwell, shot in July, has been added to the toll

More on the case of Elda Vasquez Adorno, the lady down the manhole

A shooting and an officer pushed down the stairs in the blotter

Today's courthouse happenings from the SAO's office (links added):

Jabiera Handy is scheduled to appear at 11 am in Judge Nance, room 404 Courthouse East for 2nd degree murder in the death of her grandmother, Eunice Taylor, 69.

Lamont Davis is scheduled to appear in Judge Nance at 2 pm for the attempted murder of the 5 year old victim [Raven Wyatt] in a Southwest Baltimore neighborhood.

Thomas Meighan is scheduled to appear for a bail hearing at 2 pm in Judge Fletcher-Hill, room 464 Courthouse West.

Dajuan Marshall and Kedar Anderson are scheduled to appear at 2 pm in room 600 Courthouse West for gang related charges.
"Filings up; judges down in Baltimore County"

"Only a Scrooge would wonder why Whiting-Turner's donation for citywide recreation programs, was used, instead, on a mayor's inauguration party."

It was the best of times...

Link to the reporter-exchange blog, "A Tale of Two Cities"

Background checks

Should the city's homeless be banned from housing assisstance if they have a criminal record? Some adovcates say no, but the housing authority disagrees.