Friday, November 6, 2009

Paying the Bills

Who's going to pay for Dixon's seven lawyers?
ps. trial starts Monday.

Should perps serve an extra 10 - 30 years in jail for being members of a gang?

Police are ISO a man who opened fire on a couple in a Ford pickup

Strange but true dept.:
Mark Hughes: the UK injects addicts with heroin twice a day

Md's got a new body scanner, and they call it the BOSS. (How I wish I could un-read: "he excreted a small cell phone and stomped on it")

In Calvert Co.: alleged daughter exhumes dad to prove paternity

Media Blabber: "The changing picture of local TV newscasts"


Anonymous said...

How is that strange? Treating addiction as a medical problem and maintaining addicts keeps them from committing petty crimes to feed their habit.

Cham said...

I'm still waiting on that definition of a "gang". I'm pretty sure the first amendment guarantees US citizens the freedom of speech and the freedom to peaceably assemble.

ppatin said...

The Swiss have a similar program for heroin addicts (I think they actually pioneered the idea after the spectacular failure of "Needle Park"). From what I understand it does a pretty job of harm reduction.

ppatin said...

We should simply execute all gang members. That would solve the problem rather quickly.

On a more realistic note, cracking down on illegals would devastate MS-13's membership.

Anonymous said...

Cham - the gang statute is directed at people who are in a criminal gang and do crimes.

Cham said...

Lots of people do crimes. If one person who is a convicted felon talks to another who is a convicted felon are they a gang?

Anonymous said...

Cham - no they aren't. Read the statute it is very tough to prove people are members of a gang and that the gang commits crimes to benefit the gang. It's not just two people where similar clothes hanging out.

Anonymous said...

Cham loves the BBD. She will always defend the gangs in B-more.