Friday, March 8, 2013


The death of Henry Mills in 2011 was to avenge the death of fellow Black Guerilla Family member Naim King in 2007, reports Justin George,* which led to an unusual conviction under the state's gang statute.
Brandon Mitchell

How did 18-year-old Brandon Kyle Mitchell get bail for a first-degree murder charge*? TWICE*? Shrug. He's now been convicted of the murder of 16-year-old Omar Johnson, a bystander who was watching a fight (presumably between Mitchell and someone else). Oh well, no harm no foul and all's well that ends well, right?

4:20 is coming 2 1/3 hours early today: HB 302, aka the Maryland Medical Marijuana Act, is set to be read today, along with two other medical marijuana bills. The bill would let the state's "Academic Medical Centers" distribute the pot in town. Curt Anderson's full frontal decriminalization bill is to be read March 19, And Bobby Zirkin's got a pot law too, making less than 10 grams a civil offense and fine of $100.

MD's gun clubs claim that they've sent a (literal) million emails to MD's legislators re. SB 281/HB 294 opposing the bill's new gun licensing and sales restrictions.

Three people shot Tuesday night.

What did the Hopkins Men's Lacrosse team do to deserve a benching?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That Baltimore white

Big sads! Anna Ditkoff, creator of the Murder Ink column, has been laid off from the City Paper. Posted she to Facebook:
Due to budget cuts, this week's Murder Ink column is the last I will write for City Paper (a staff member will cover homicides going forward). 
When I created Murder Ink in 2004, nearly 300 people were being murdered in Baltimore City every year, losing their lives to violence so commonplace that their deaths weren't consistently covered in the media. Over the last eight and a half years, Murder Ink chronicled 2,106 homicides and proved that Baltimoreans really do care about the people murdered on the streets of their city. I saw this concern in the researchers, community activists, journalists, victims' families, and readers who contacted me. I saw it in the music and art projects inspired by the column and in the people who sat for hours listening to Single Carrot Theatre's annual Murder Ink reading.
Writing Murder Ink has often been heartbreaking. There are victims I will never forget—some because of the horror of their deaths and some because of the tragically mundane events that sparked them. Still, I am saddened to leave it behind. Making sure every homicide in Baltimore is marked is a mission that I continue to believe in. It's been an honor to report on this difficult issue for City Paper's readers.

Big happy-- happy investiture to my former classmate who's now a real Baltimore city circuit court judge: Judge Julie R. Rubin.


Cham lists last weekend's six murder victims

Police are trying to identify the woman at right, found in the Inner Harbor.

Jermaine Miller, 29, got 134 months in federal prison for slinging that Baltimore white.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Baltimore Shake n Bake

WMAR says five, the Sun says six murders this past weekend,* which has got to be close to some kind of record.

So even though the vast majority of Marylanders support the basic provisions of the bill, last Friday protestors against the Firearm Safety bill way outnumbered people who showed up to support the bill, now passed by the senate and moving on to the house as HB 294. The bill doesn't take anyone's guns away, specifies the right to carry between a residences and places of business and gives gun buyers until October 2013 to buy all of the assault weapons they can. New provisions include fingerprinting for licenses, keeping the previously forcibly committed from buying, letting police officers examine gun-shop sales records-- I guess before only the ATF could do that. Anyway, if you have an opinion on this bill, especially if you are from Baltimore city, a demographic markedly missing from Friday's protests, it would behoove you to contact your elected officials to offer your opinion.

Friends, hundreds of bystanders and cameras everywhere, yet no one who was on the Ravens' parade route will step forward to ID 15-year-old De'ontae Smith's killer.*

Life + 35 for Anthony Cole, who shot at this wife but killed a bystander instead.

WTF? In the county one Charles V. Palmer is charged with stabbing his 14-year-old son in the neck.*

Family of LaRelle Amos are still ISO answers about who shot her.

A Dateline-worthy mystery in Kent County: what happened to Robin Pope?

Perhaps this?