Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tough times in the third grade

The victim, I presume
(Via Fox News
A nine-year-old was shot in the stomach around midnight in the course of a home invasion in Cherry Hill near Round and Bethune Roads. Police have some kind of a cracked-out flaming asshole in custody.

Four men-- Raheem Taylor, Randy Ennis, Gary Stokes and Nathaniel Booker-- pleaded guilty to charges related to them kidnapping an eight-year-old and demanding cash and heroin as ransom.

Katera "King's Mommy" Stevendon, former guard at the city jail, pleaded guilty to racketeering.*

There's some good news BOE has approved $10 million for Vacants to Value.

Meat, liquor and groceries: that's what they're stealing in Dundalk.

A 90-year-old man was scammed and robbed by a fake BGE employee in Canton. Also in the SE, a stolen Yorkie.

More on that craycray crash into Grand Central on Monday night-- arrested was one Donnell Tyrone Ray, age 18-- he had his headlights off and was driving the wrong way down Park Avenue, an MTA officer pursued him, he ran the light, and there you go.

City Paper BOBs are out, and crime-related winners include Justin Fenton (natch), Joce Sterman, who's turned the Deuce's crime coverage around to some of the best in town, the prison scandal (Best Scandal), Tavon White (Best Thorn in O'Malley's Side), Anthony Batts (Best BGF Promoter - "since his arrival last summer from California, Batts has mentioned BGF more than any other gang brand"), Best Boyz Bail Bonds (Best Use of the Law to Subvert Justice) and one major robbery: a BOB for Scott Calvert's work on the Speed Camera series, but no mention of Luke Broadwater. Considering those poor guys spent 6 months poring over 2 million citations, give the guy his BOB already, sheeze.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

No romp, no stomp.

Two shootings last night in the Franklin Square and Cherry Hill neighborhoods, respectively.

Batts is planning to clean up Lexington Market so the normals and non-jaywalkers can enjoy it; also will no longer allow one to "romp and stomp" on the 4th of July. Instead, use that spare time on your hands to fill out the BPD's customer satisfaction survey.

Via Instagram
Whut. According to Tweeter @Elkephant, a joy-riding kid in a stolen BMW hit a truck full of paint, then rammed the car into the side of the Grand Central bar on Charles and Eager Streets. The driver of the truck was taken to the hospital, no word if there were any other injuries.

Brew: citizens skeptical of alleged changes* at the Liquor Board and the governor's "secret working group" to reform it. Even the Mayor griped that "the liquor board’s principal positions are patronage positions controlled by the state senators.*"

And speaking of mayorial gripes, SRB wrote an op-ed re. the Grand Prix, lamented "it is bittersweet to see this event come to an end,*" calls race skeptics a bunch of pessimists. Because you should be thanking her for mismanaging the event millions of dollars into debt! Quit being such a Debbie Downer! Gah!

Good news, gun nuts: the state has cleared the employees of other agencies to help clear the background-check backlog,* in spite of some paranoiacs' privacy concerns.* Actually watching you: the NRA, which has a database of all gun owners and people who have taken gun-safety classes in the U.S.

Monday, September 16, 2013

An argosy of mug shots

Kauron Gross
An arrest in the Saturday murder on Bonview Avenue, police say alleged killer Kauron Malik Gross was the housemate of the victim, Anthony Pryor.*

A shooting last night in the 100 block of Willard Street

After talking about it since at least last June,* the City Council is now "poised" to ban cash-for-phone machines... even though there are no cash-for-phone machines in the city.* More on ecoATMs from the City Paper. The company does collect serial numbers and compares them to a list of stolen phones; they claim that only 5 in 10,000 phones they collect is stolen. Meanwhile a Hopkins student reports his/her phone was stolen from her hand while waiting for the shuttle on Charles Street in the middle of the day.

Down in HoCo someone set a speed camera on fire.*

Reminder, tonight the Walk of Hope meets at 6:30 at East Eager and Valley Streets.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Get it together, people!

Three shot, one two dead this weekend, one fatality was in the 500 block of North Bradford, the other Friday night in the 3700 block of Bonview Avenue.

Nine indicted last Friday in a drug-conspiracy case centered around the Coppin Heights area.*

Inmate Jason T. Wallace, 29, was found dead in his cell in Cumberland on Friday, the ME determined it was a homicide by blunt-force trauma. And Duncan and Wells report on the four inmates mistakenly released this summer,* including Jeffrey Bryant, who used his freedom to stab someone in the lung.
Foster Dove III

Foster Dove III of Essex, wanted on child sex abuse/pornography charges, fled from police and is on the loose.*The suspect has a pierced right ear and a McNugget chin.

Tomorrow night's Walk of Hope will start at 6:30 at East Eager and Valley Streets.

Shocking to no one, after three years the wet beer fart of money-losing failure that was the Grand Prix is cancelled.* (Officially it's "on hold" for two years, but bitch, please.)