Friday, September 27, 2013

Brawl in the hall

A man was shot and killed yesterday in the 3900 block of Penhurst Avenue

A stabbing in the 3300 block of Piedmont Avenue
Via Fox

At least two brawls at Patterson High on Monday (filmed by students, of course) led to students getting pepper-sprayed, arrested.

In Odenton a 19-month-old girl was hit with bullet fragments, her parents say it's because they called police on drug dealers, and some neighbors are saying the family is racist.

Wait, what? Ed Ericson Jr., City Paper reporter, testified yesterday in the Jose Morales case.*

Life +15 for Phillip Herrell, who killed a guy for wearing a red shirt in the blue shirt part of town.

"My heart is broken." Batts held an impromptu press conference about the Northern Parkway crash and some other stuff while some guy in a black shirt makes monkey faces.

Batts reaffirmed police use of stop-and-frisks* the practice of interloping and groping. Notable:
"The department's record-keeping has been questioned in the past. Police reported only 11 such stops in 12 months in 2005, as internal figures showed the number was in the thousands. One estimate indicated there had been as many as 130,000 over the course of nine months. In 2010, city police statistics show officers conducted 234 stop-and-frisk stops, 207 in 2011, and 249 in 2012 through August 2012."
For Liz: Cecil County teenage suspects. Their mothers must be ever so proud.

Gun rights advocates file federal lawsuit zzzzzz*

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fact deficient

OoOo BURN! "The facts could not be clearer that more arrests do not lead to less crime. Everyone seems to be clear on that except the governor ... Honest minds can differ, but this honest mind is also fact-dependent.*" ~ SRB. And candidate/lieutenant gov Anthony Brown is distancing himself from his boss, in a vague and nosistic way. "We don't judge our safety record on the number of arrests but rather on the reduction in crime."

Speaking of facts, a Department of Justice survey of multiple studies has concluded that license plate readers have no appreciable impact on crime rates. Not only that, "the routes with the [license plate readers] had a slightly higher number of vehicle thefts compared to the routes with the manual plate checks or control group routes."

Two men were shot on Chinquapin Parkway last night.

Two women were robbed at gunpoint at the West Baltimore MARC station.

The woman in the Jeep killed in that crash early Tuesday morning was identified as Angel Chiwengo, 45.  Chiwengo immigrated from The Congo last year (formerly Zaire); her daughter gave birth to her first grandchild hours after the accident.

The Court of Appeals has restored the right of defendants to have representation at bail hearings.*

Norma Jean's Gentleman's Club back in the news: they're being sued by a dancer who claims managers cheated her out of tips.

Bank-robbery suspects creepy, awkward

A fatal home invasion in Cecil County, five skeevy suspects.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Floating solids

Ronn Williams, 52, was shot and killed last night* in the 1500 block of Upshire Road, near the intersection of Loch Raven Boulevard and The Alameda.

State police are unable to keep up with processing applications for 1,000 gun purchases a day, and so are now going to solve the problem by waiving the requirement for a handgun qualification license, people who applied before September 1 now won't have to show proficiency with the weapon.

The city has approved a $50,000 settlement for a girl molested by employee Charles Douglass Shelly* at Northeast Middle School.

Lakim Faust, who attempted murder here in Baltimore at age 14, was indicted in Greenville, North Carolina yesterday on 14 charges -- he allegedly went on shooting rampage with the intention of killing white people in a Walmart parking lot.

Renita Franklin-Thrower, former employee of the mayor's office who was hired in spite of having an open warrant, is now going to federal prison for 9 months on fraud charges.

Poop? Motor oil? Whatever it is, "reeking clumps of floating black solids" have bobbed up in the Inner Harbor next to the Marriott.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Too many Tavons

Three people are dead*-- a Jeep-driving unidentified woman and also Devell Cess Johns, 26, and Terrell Young, 28 (alias Tavon Brown) after a police pursuit that started near Harford Road and 25th Street and ended on York Road near Northern Parkway in a ball of fire at around 12:30 this morning. No word on why police were pursuing Johns and Young, but Johns-- if it is indeed the same 26-year-old-- has a prodigious criminal and civil record from the past eight years that includes charges for drugs, identity theft, illegal gun possession, driving without a license and failure to pay child support. Jayne Miller reports that Young's record was similarly impressive. Also impressive is the name "Tavon Brown"-- the JIS lists more than 30 offenders by that name, including seven who are 30.
Joey High

County police are ISO a guy named Joey High who shot someone in the thigh* in Randallstown in July. Call 911 if u see.

Sooo the governor has an Op-Ed in the Sun today entitled "less enforcement means more homicides."*
   For you teenagers, transplants and the Googletarded, Martin Joseph O'Malley was mayor of Baltimore from 1999-2007. The murder number never dipped below 250 during his tenure, and in 2005, 2006 and 2007 the city had 269, 274 and 291 murders, respectively. In 2005, police made 108,447 arrests* -- a rate of one arrest for every in 6 residents -- pretty much as mass-arresty as any arrests could massively amass.
    But things got better! O'Malley moved to Annapolis, team Dixon/Bealefeld took over, and in 2008 we had 234 homicides -- an unprecedented 20-something percent drop-- and only 83,439 arrests. In 2009 police made 77,595 arrests and there were 238 murders. Less O'Malley, less homicides. Hurray!
   So why is he stirring this turd? He could be goosing Rick Perry, or taking crab cakes to the latest mass shooting survivors, massaging bay oysters, posing in Under Armour on the pages of Men's Fitness.. why is he on this peculiar disinformation campaign, and who is giving him such crap political advice?

This is more pleasant to contemplate: $50,000 worth of men's shoes. Who the fuck would buy them? Some drug trafficker named Jerome Castle,* apparently, and some federal auction goer's husband is going to be a lucky lucky man.

Linger and finger

After O'Malley dropped by the CJCC to throw shade* on the city's current crime fighting strategies, Deputy Commissioner Jerry Rodridguez made the rather extraordinary choice to tell Justin Fenton that the BPD is still stopping and frisking but just not calling it that* (the new term is "investigative stop"). A stop-and-frisk (aka the "Terry stop") is constitutional if the police have reason to believe they are dealing with someone has been engaged in criminal activity or criminal activity is afoot; if the stop is based on racial profiling, "furtive movements" or bulges, not so much. So is Rodriguez trying to get the department sued, New York City style?


Monday, September 23, 2013

Open minded

Jose Morales, via the CP
Trial is scheduled to begin tomorrow for Jose Morales for the murder of Robert Long.* Morales is accused of hiring a Dead Man Inc. hit man to kill Long after allegedly finding out from his and Long's lawyer, Stanley Needleman, that Long planned to testify against him in a stolen-scaffolding case. Morales is currently serving a 262-month sentence in federal prison on charges that he tried to bring cocaine to Baltimore on a chartered jet. Demetrius Smith was previously charged for Long's murder, charges were dropped, but Smith is still in jail serving time for a different murder. Needleman is disbarred, serving a year for tax evasion and may testify against his former client.

The death of a five-month-old baby girl, Ilzaryah Morrison, in the 1600 block of N. Broadway September 2, was determined on Friday to have been a homicide.* No suspects, no details yet.

Willie Mayes, 59, charged with beating 52-year-old Donald Robinson,* said he pulverized Robinson after his daughter accused Robinson of rape. The daughter, Latiqwa Mayes, 19, is also charged, as are two of her teenaged friends. Mayes' story checks out: Robinson had been charged with a sex offense in 2003.

So apparently David's on Falls Road, formerly a crappy luncheon, is now a crappy sports bar, one where a gun was allegedly drawn on one employee by another.* One David Morgan, Jr., on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Get used to armed a-holes-- Marylanders have reportedly been "flocking" to buy guns at the rate of 1,000 a day over the past two weeks.*

Ida Mae Snipe, bathroom pickpocket, identity thief and bank fraudster whose accomplice begged stall neighbors* to spare a square while she pinched their purses was sentenced to more than 21 years in prison.*

Professional football player Jacoby Jones was reportedly hit in the head with a $600 magnum bottle of Ace of Spades champagne by a professional escort named Sweet Pea, who has a "38 waste" and is "open minded," which apparently means pay up or I will open your mind and waste it with a 38-pound bottle. No charges were filed.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tender moments

Robert Jackson, 34, was shot and killed last night* on Crismer Avenue in the NW.

A 44-year-old man is dead from multiple gunshot wounds in Rosedale.*

Fenton interviews Batts for he occasion of his one-year work anniversary, and here's a detail that doesn't bode well: "Department statistics show that the number of officers leaving the force since Batts took over is 33 percent higher than in the same period before his arrival....In 2013, an average of 22 officers have left per month.*"

Feud alert: the governor says SRB's crime strategy is "falling back into the pathology that led to Baltimore being the most violent and addicted city in America" because arrests have fallen. Under SRB the city arrests about half as many people as it did under O'Malley-- and the homicide rate is about 1/3 lower, too. So way to remind everyone what an epic fail your strategies were, guvnah!

Former city firefighter Jamar "Mar" Williams pleaded guilty to sex trafficking a minor, as did his partner in pimping Roosevelt "Nitty" Coit. You'll recall Williams was a firefighter based in the Roland Park station who moonlighted as a "madam" at a brothel on Madison Avenue, where hookering tips were written up on a chalkboard. The city had hired Williams as a firefighter even though he was on probation for similar sex-trafficking charges in the county.

In other pimping news, 36 years for Jeremy "Jerms Black" Naughton of Brooklyn, NY, who kidnapped women and forced them to engage in prostitution in New York, Maryland and other states. He also strangled a dog.

West African colon heroin is a thing.

LOL, Van Smith on wiretaps of Tavon White's BGF harem: "But tender moments were also captured, like when [Jennifer] Owens told White: 'You know what makes me stay with [you]? SEX! ... no one's going to give me sex like that.'"Say what you will about the guy, there's no doubt he must have had some crazy mad lady sexing skills.