Saturday, August 11, 2012


Tweets Fenton, "Chase St homicide victim identified as Joseph Alexander Ulrich, known as Alex. From Smithsburg, was living in 900 block of N Calvert St." Ulrich was 41*. The owner of the Empire House Inn, Lawrence Peterson, was also shot in the chest in the incident.

A 68-year-old woman on Hickory Ave in Hampden was injured by a shard of metal after someone shot into her house at 3 in the afternoon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Think of the invisible children!

Damn, domestic assailants! A Baltimorean who held a gun to his babymom's head and kidnapped their child was shot to death in Columbia.

Fifteen federal years for a cocaine dealer who helped bring product to MD from CA in a shipment of strawberries.

A teacher who taught at Towson's Carver Center for Arts and Technology was indicted for assault; he allegedly pointed a gun at workers removing trees near his Carney home.

Think of the (invisible) children! Five new speed cameras are up and running in the county, supposedly to protect schoolchildren. Never mind that the one "near" Stoneleigh school is actually five blocks away, or that the school is currently closed for renovations. According to the Patch, the county got an even worse deal than the city's 48%-of-revenue kickback, in 2010 paying the camera co. 81 cents of every dollar collected in camera revenue. Fun bonus fact: in D.C. in 2008 ACS, now a subsidiary of Xerox and operator of city and county cameras, was accused of vandalizing speed cameras by cutting wires after losing the contract to a competitor.

The MD political process has hit a new low with the "Special Session"-- an *emergency* meeting of the legislature in the middle of summer. And what's the emergency, you out-of-state readers might wonder? The state's poor preparedness for a natural disaster, terrorist attack or outbreak of infectious disease? The closing of fire stations or post offices? Schools that are falling apart? Ho, ho, ho. No, dear reader, the gambling industry is apparently having a money emergency and needs some tax breaks this minute*. One sliver of good's come out of it though, a senate panel has advanced nixing that goofy pit-bull law in favor of a bill that makes dog owners responsible for their own pets.

Thought-provoking Google ad of the day (from this page*): "Do you need to be on House Arrest? Inexpensive & No Ankle Bracelets" Can I take this ad to imply that if you're on house arrest you have to buy your own ankle bracelet? Notes the ad, "ShadowTrack has been helping individuals with their house arrest needs for over 10 years."

Thursday, August 9, 2012

City Surveillance Being... Useful

Believe it or not, city surveillance cameras do occasionally come in handy. Two men, Tyrell Brogden, 26, and James Pitts, 23 (Pictured Right and Far Right Respectively), were arrested and charged in the wrench beating death of 50-year-old Charles Johnson thanks in large part to city surveillance video that caught the entire crime unfolding.*

The honorable judge Barry G. Williams handed down a life plus 20 sentence to Anayah B. Miles, 33, for non-fatally shooting one of his baby-mama's pals. 

Homicide detectives are probing the "suspicious death" of a 3-month-old child, the family of whom are giving very conflicting reports as to what exactly happened to the baby boy.

Two seperate incidents have put two city criminals prematurely on the streets. 26-year-old Robert Aaron was accidentally released from a city courthouse Tuesday, while Deandre Scott, 28, is wanted after removing his ankle bracelet and absconding from home detention.

An alarming number of car larcenies continue to plague North Baltimore. 

A drug deal goes south (Shocking!), and ends with balding Dundalkian Thomas Schnople, 24 (Pictured Right), firing almost a half dozen shots at his drug dealers, missing the man but striking his car. 

A 2008 County murder case has finally been resolved, with 33-year-old Antoine Reed, Jr. being being convicted for the shooting death of Hunter's Crossing Apartments manager Milton Barnes.

The family of 17-year-old Christopher Brown feel the manslaughter charges against Officer James Laboard are not severe enough.

Finally, the latest Baltimore Guide Crime Blotter, this one recounting crimes in South Baltimore, includes a line cutter cutting someone, a stolen shitzu, and a “Boh Knows Football” paraphernalia caper.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is Baltimore. This is what's happening.

After a rash of killings, several recent homicide victims have been identified by The Sun.*

Fells Point's residents are on edge thanks to a string of armed robberies, including one that included the classic line "This is Baltimore. This is what's happening" followed by a pistol whipping.

A 25-year-old serial traffic infractor is in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm. Tavon Williams attempted to run down an officer while fleeing the Borgerding District Court Building. The officer has not been identified and Williams is recovering in the hospital.

Police have arrested face-tat-rocking Maurice Lonan, 26, (Pictured Right) for a triple shooting/home invasion in the 5500 block of Lothian Road that left 35-year-old Quinton Winder dead.

Afro has an interesting article regarding the still-unsolved February murder of 22-year-old Jerry Isaac, believed to have been killed after breaking up a fight.

Get caught with a .22, get 15 years in the federal pen. So was the fate of 36-year-old Joseph Bassett, a Baltimore resident with six prior drug convictions to his name.

Have you seen the man sketched to the right? Whomever he is, City popo say he's the man responsible for killing Lance "Tracey" Johnson (#105) on July 5. The BPD says Johnson was 40 years old and "a transgender."

City Paper has a more detailed account of the now federally convicted former wiener-lady Shanel Stallings, convicted of offering up mustard, relish and heroin to go along with her frankfurters.

A peaceful demonstration inside City Hall Monday night lead to the arrest of two protestors.

Drug trafficker Howard Drummond Jr., 26, was exiled for the next 12-plus years by federal authorities. Drummond has a long criminal past including a separate 10-year state sentence for similar charges, as well as having been previously charged alongside now 26-year-old Joel Ugah for the 2008 murder of Sandy Howard. Both men were eventually acquitted, and Ugah is now facing an August trial related to his own drug distribution charges. It is unknown whether the state and federal charges will run concurrently or consecutively.

A human head was found in Pasadena.

Finally, racist spree killer Wade Michael Page, the perpetrator of the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting had apparently been signed to local white supremacist record label "Label 56." Page at one point played a local racist music festival during his time with the label.