Saturday, August 4, 2012


A man was shot to death in the 3000 block of Garrison Blvd.

The protagonist of "The Corner," DeAndre McCullough, has died of an apparent drug overdose at age 35.

I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my chicken restaurants flaming.

The officer involved in the Medfield shooting was named as John Hanyok, the man who threatened an officer with a knife and was shot was named as Jonathan Blankenship, 40. According to the JIS, Blankenship (or another guy of the same name and age) is a WHITE, CAUCASIAN, ASIATIC INDIAN, ARAB with an extensive 'rap sheet' that includes charges for second-degree assault, first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, endangering a vulnerable adult (one Michael J. Morris, who was also granted "peace orders" against him), reckless endangerment and nonpayment of child support.

Friday, August 3, 2012

121, 15, 41

A man was shot to death and a woman wounded on the 3000 block of Rosedale Court in the SW at about 1:30 am.

Cal Ripken Jr. confirms that his mother's kidnapping was "bizarre"

A string of robberies in Fell's Point (what else is new?)

This terrifying man terrified moviegoers in Annapolis by pretending he had a gun, ranting and swearing.

135 months for serial sex offender Brian Netzer of Hagtown.

Lots of cars need towing in the city, and tow truck drivers charge crazy amounts, knowing drivers will be in no position to comparison shop. Shouldn't some of that money go to the hardworking men of the BPD? That's what the owners of Majestic Auto Repair thought, but the story came to an ignoble end today as the 15th and final officer, Kelvin Manrich, sentenced to 41 months for "committing extortion under color of official right."

Speaking of color of official right, Shomrim's posting of a suspected bike thief on their FB page led to some "is that racist?" talk on another local blog. ("If I wasn't busy controlling the media and making money I would comment on your racist stereotyping and the damage it does.")

Thursday, August 2, 2012

4th Circuit Grants Stay

... until a Federal Appeals Court can rule on the legality of overturning MD's current concealed-carry law.
An FBI sting caught a hit man*
who calls himself "Tony Montana."

Gun-toting pot dealer Zegory Chambers got 10 years

A 26-year-old Jade Jackson got 57 months in the pen for the PCP-fueled driving moves that led to him crashing and killing a motorist on the BW Parkway

A city officer was indicted on wiretap and misconduct charges after secretly taping a judge. Wonder what the judge was saying that was so interesting?  Something filthy, I hope.

A Glen Burnie family was awarded $21 million in a lawsuit against Harbor Hospital, alleging that the hospital failed to perform a timely c-section, leading to their son's cerebral palsy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Leave the vacuum, take the chicken box

It's officially Fred Bealefeld's last day (!) I think we can all agree he's the best commissioner we've had in the last 40+ years, no? No domestic-violence scandals or taxpayer-funded mistress panties, and ps crime went wayway down under his tenure. Well, murders did, anyway. Acting commissioner Anthony Barksdale is the replacement for now (and is his last name just a coincidence? Cursory Googling would have it seem so.)

Police shot and killed a man yesterday evening at 1402 Weldon Place in Medfield. Police say that the man attacked an officer with a knife, the officer called for backup, backup arrived.

Fourteen federal years for 24-year-old RoFo robber Gregory Graham, who threatened an Essex store clerk with a vacuum cleaner tube. And the Evergreen RoFo was robbed (again), for cash and cigarillos.

Ever get carjacked and wonner where your car done got at? Maybe Africa!

Patch: drug dealer strikes man with brick.

Three residents were robbed at gunpoint in Remington.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


120 - An as of yet unidentified man was beaten to death, possibly with a wrench found nearby, Monday in the 1800 block of West North Ave.*

119 - 30-year-old Jermaine Devon Blue died from after being shot multiple times in the 1400 block of Poplar Grove Street. Online court records show he had prior arrests for Rape, and Distribution of Narcotics, as well as a conviction for Assault.

118 - Derian Hampton, a 21-year-old was shot to death in the 1200 block of North Caroline Street, located in the small but very deadly Oliver area. Online court records have show that Hampton had prior arrests for Arson, Robbery, Distribution of Narcotics, Att. Murder, and Burglary. Hampton was facing Drug Possession and Assault charges at the time of his death. 

117 - This weeks Murder Ink has more information on the death of Herman Regis, 67. Regis was found decomposing in the inside of a home in the 5900 block of Eurith Ave, located in the Northeast portion of Baltimore. Regis had a minor criminal history.

116 - Hamin Bridges, a 34-year-old Coppin State alum and Philly native was shot and killed in the 1000 block of Evesham Avenue. You can read more about him in previous posts.

115 - Franklin Edward Morris Jr., a 34-year-old man* was shot dead by men waiting for him in his own home in the 1600 block of Smallwood Street. Court records indicate that Morris had a lengthy criminal record dating back to the mid 90's that included arrests for Distribution of Narcotics, Carjacking, and Att. Murder, as well as several convictions for Gun Possession and Assault, as well as a conviction for Armed Robbery.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Two more murders, a strange corpse,
a kidnapped senior citizen

A man shot to death in the 300 block of Charles St, either inside or near the Holiday Inn Inner Harbor, and one Derian Hampton was shot to death in the 1200 block of N. Caroline Street.

Fenton reports conditions facing youth in the city jail include lack of medical care or air conditioning, violent fights and sleeping in poo*.

A sexagenarian was kidnapped by two well-dressed men (one in a plaid suit, the other in a polka-dot tie) in Catonsville and forced to drive to ATMs.

A peculiar corpse was found near the harbor Saturday, Police don't know if the deceased jumped or fell off of a nearby building, or something else*.

In offensive-sex news, Baltimorean Andrew Sterling Dash traveled to Frostburg, where he then allegedly raped a woman then fired a gun at her friends; Ocean City police have warned residents about a would-be sex assailant targeting drunk female victims walking alone; loose peen on parade in Crofton.

Bottles, bats and rocks: stuff flying last week in South Baltimore.

Vandals Freedom-loving revolutionary cadres attacked a speed camera in Catonsville, pushing it off of its pedestal and, best of all, ripping its money-grubbing guts out. Nice work there comrades!
Ps. the WaPo claims that the photo-blocker sprays actually work (sometimes), but Amazon product reviewers say otherwise. This license-plate cover got good reviews,but is illegal under MD law, says el WaPo.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gansler asks 4th Circuit to Stay Concealed-Carry Ruling

115, 116?*

Hamin Bridges,
from Facebook
Two homicides yesterday*: Hamin Bridges, 34 and reportedly with no criminal record, was shot on his porch in the 1000, block of Evesham Avenue. He was a native of Philadelphia and Coppin State alum. Says Hamin's Facebook page, "don't stop shooting for non-violence."

Franklin Morris Jr., 34, was shot multiple times at his home in the 1600 block Smallwood Street. Morris had served time for attempted armed robbery.

Remember when Goucher college accidentally hired an accused Rwandan genocidaire to teach a French class? In this week's New York Magazine, college president Sanford J. Ungar gives backstory with a side of hand-wringing, and reveals that Leopold Muntayakzi is still living in an apartment in Towson.

Outgoing head of the Baltimore branch of the FBI Richard McFeely chatted with Fenton* about his big cases, says Baltimore BP isn't systematically corrupt.

Speaking of the offensively sexual, Reddit posted a very enlightening thread in which rapists explain themselves.

Gregg Bernstein has created a Special Victims Unit to deal with victims of sex offenders and domestic violence, headed by Lisa Phelps. Thought this was just made up for TV, but no, the NYPD really does have an "SVU," or rather a Special Victims Division, as does Bergen County NJ, San Francisco, Miami, Providence and a bunch of other places.

Police have released pictures of Vi Ripken's abductor and his car. The kidnapper requested no ransom and apparently had no idea that his victim was Cal Ripken's mom.

Neil Prescott, via BaltimoreOrLess

In PGC, police say they prevented a workplace massacre at Pitney Bowles by a disgruntled employee, Neil Prescott, left, who called himself "the Joker" and had a crazy huge arsenal.

An educational read: Reddit has a thread for rapists to explain their motives (also here) - via Jezebel 

*Fenton points out that our count is off and we are only up to 115 homicides so far... trying to get to the bottom of it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


In the county, Steven Podles, a 30-year-old man was charged with sex offenses against a 13-year-old... and Podles is HIV positive.

Another prisoner accidentally set free from Central Booking.

A cop against the drug war wants* to be commissioner; that would be interesting..

And have you seen any of these five missing sex offenders?

48 Percent?!?!

Luke Broadwater reports that the Dallas-based private company that operates the city's speed cameras, whose contract was due to expire, instead of getting rightfully run out of town with torches and pitchforks will instead get 48 percent of the city's revenue for at least the next five months*. $19.20 of every ticket. Hey all you firearms fans who claim you need your guns to fight some hypothetical corrupt regime-- said regime has arrived. Please put those hand cannons to good use and shoot those damn things down!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cal Ripken's mom?!

Cal Ripken's mom Violet was kidnapped from her home at gunpoint, duct-taped, driven around for hours and later found safe.

Van Smith has more on the Brown Organization, a pot-dealing concern that stretched from Jamaica to California and across the country to Baltimore and included its own trucking companies, including one headquartered in Catonsville. The group reportedly grossed $1-2 million a month by selling weed at $1,000 a pound (such a deal!) and killing and/or dismembering anyone who got in the way.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Brandon Spruill, 23-year-old basketball player, shot to death during a robbery Monday* in the 2300 block of McKean Ave.

Good news, firearms fans, a federal judge has lifted his stay on our state's concealed carry laws, and at long last you could be packing heat in your pants in two weeks. So says our friend Buz, if you happen to be packing in a dark crowded theater when some homicidal maniac opens fire, aim for the flash. Or just do like this dad and drop your baby, abandon your wife and toddler and drive off.  My plan is to just wear this every time I leave the house. 

A year after the execution-style murders of 58-year-old Billy Ray Lovitt, 36-year-old daughter Tanyika Gibbs and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Michael Jones, no leads.

So, future robbery victims, I'd always assumed iPhones were un-stealable because of the 'find my iPhone' feature, but not so, as I learned from a friend who had her iPhone snatched out of her hand as she was walking and talking upon the streets of our fair city. Apparently all it takes to subvert all that trackin' technology is a tiny screwdriver and a $3 SIM card, readily found on the Internet. A fix: a Tungsten etching pen, available for $6 including shipping on eBay. Which means it probably also fell off a truck, but, well, anyway, with that you can skritch your land-line phone number or whatever on the back case, so that even if you don't get your phone back, at least you have the semi-comfort of knowing the fudgeface who robbed you won't be able to easily sell it on eBay.

British tourist comes to town to see the spots made famous by "The Wire," instead discovers AVAM's bumptious bottom-burp machine. (Via Fenton) Oh, those whingey Brits with the bollocks journalism.  Quips Scott Calvert"Interesting to read that a dying Poe made it to the steps of Hopkins Hospital a good 40 years before it came into being."

Monday, July 23, 2012

Kids these days

A detective's smarts nab Corey McLary, a 16-year-old serial robber* (assume he's being charged as an adult, else his name would not be released).

The former CEO of Wings to Go pleaded guilty to embezzling $88k to use on hookers and phone sex.

According to the Daily Record, the Daily Record trivialized the accomplishments of female judges with the headline "Girl Power on the Bench" (er, ew) for a story about the rising number of female judges and has since apologized. Ah, takes us back to when editor Keith Gerard made the art department photoshop a picture of Hitler in front of the Alex. Brown building and was fired soonafter, those were the days..

Stash busted

98 Rock DJ Stephen "Stash" Smith arrested for DUI after a three-car accident in Edgewood Sunday night that sent a fellow motorist to the hospital, reports The Dagger's Aaron Cahall. Stash went to rehab for painkiller addiction in 2008.  ...If you enjoy to drink, do yourself a favor: breathalyzer keychain.

Creepy and creepier

Two female corpses were found over the weekend. The badly decomposed body of a 41-year-old woman was found at the Wyman House in the 100 block of West 29th street, and the man in the apartment with her body was taken into custody. And a 60-year-old woman found on West 20th street.

A 21-year-old man was shot in the face in Park Heights.

Hopkins hospital has begun contacting patients who may have been infected with Hepatitis C by creepy lab tech David Kwiatkowski. Says a statement from the hospital, "Johns Hopkins is in the process of contacting these patients and offering them free testing for hepatitis C." So generous!

In Remington a man was robbed at gunpoint of a leather bag, $50 and some empty prescription bottles

A man was arrested for stealing two beers from the Kent House on York Rd and is being held on $50,000 bond.

Burglars in Pikesville did $200 worth of damage to two pool chairs. Also, if your pool chairs cost $100 each, you're a wiener.

Fishy, fishy.. SRB's office won't turn over emails and other records from former IT Chief Rico Singleton*. According to allegations, Singleton's ethical lapses at his previous job in New York cost the city $1.5 million.

A reader from Colombia took issue with Al Jazeera's assertion that Baltimore is "more deadly than Bogotá," but actually Al Jazeera is correct, at least when it comes to official numbers. Bogotá's homicide rate is 21 per 100,000 people, Baltimore's is 34.8. Of course we don't have vigilante groups that round up poor people and kill them (and I seriously doubt the official rate includes these limpiezas).

Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Barbershop Shooting

A 39-year-old man was shot at the Cutz for Kingz barbershop* in Belair-Parkside

Stabbings, threatened stabbings, a guy shot by a pool table and a guy shot near Joe's Tavern in the Baltimore Guide Southeast blotter, a woman punched on the Charm City Circulator in the South

WBAL: Because of conflicts of interest, City Council President Jack has only voted on 28% of business before the city council in the past five months. And the point of him is what, again? (And did we ever see those damned underpants*?)

After Colorado shooting, MD police are putting extra patrols near movie theaters.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Perps and crazies

What the heck? A guy on York Road woke up to find himself being stabbed.

This just in: having the same name and birthdate as Russian fugitive David Levin is a huge asspain. Here's more on "Russian Dave"'s  "super dollars," produced by the North Korean government both for profit and destabilize the U.S. economy (allegedly).

A fake cop arrested in the 'Deener

Forty-one months in prison for Keith Eugene Daughtry for his role in stealing more than $1.3 million  from the Baltimore Housing Authority

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 Years for Pervy Pastor

Convicted of sexual assault in April, Pastor Leon Jones, left, was sentenced to 20 years, with another 25 suspended, and if you want the dirty details of what he and his accomplice did to their teenage victim, here you go. According to his web site, Pastor Leon is the father of eight, and his church just hosted a "mother and daughter luncheon." Uhm...

Roberts: DNA Collection can Resume