Saturday, December 6, 2008


An unid'd man shot to death in CHuM.

Allegation: teen Timothy Oxendine, indicted for murder last Wednesday, was being bullied by victim Markel Williams.

At Carver vo-tech High, witnesses say a student punched a school police officer with a closed fist, then the officer jumped on top of the student and beat him with a stick!
"An internal review of the incident is being conducted"

Police to stoopin' teens: "You'll be in a place with no homies ... You will understand what it's like to feel vulnerable, about what it means to be sexed into a gang." (?)

Friday, December 5, 2008

ME's Office= Sketchy?

"The state medical examiner is refusing to release basic information — full names and locations — about hundreds of deaths classified as 'undetermined' in Baltimore." The ME's office currently has about 700 deaths in the "undetermined" category, says Peter Hermann (apparently the only guy in the state the ME will speak to).

a 16-year-old girl allegedly stabbed her grandfather in the back six times

... more on the murder of Dawn Williams-Stewart, who was apparently killed trying to leave her psycho husband

Guess what, Dude?!

World's oldest pot stash found!

.. and OJ just got 15... or was it 16? or 33? years in jail. Karma!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inactive, Unclassified

Five years after the death of Assistant U.S. Attorney Jonathan Luna, the case is 'inactive'

Janis on one of the city's hundreds of "unclassifed" deaths

Judge's son pleads guilty: some apples actually fall pretty far from the tree

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

#215, and a policewoman stealing cars?

... and what other shiteousness did we miss? Well... eight murders, for starters, including:

A man shot to death in the 3400 block of Park Heights Ave., Hermann reports it was a drug-revenge killing, ravaging, yet defining, the neighborhood

Four homicide victims ID'd: Perrish Parker, 14; Darren Davis, 26; Troy Brown, 45; Alton Alston, 19.

In other craptacular news,
"A Baltimore police officer and her husband are now the targets of an expanding investigation into vehicles stolen from the city’s Pulaski Highway impound lot, a law enforcement source told The Examiner this week."

Methadone mom Vernice Harris is reportedly not doing so well in rehab.

A PA former police officer was arrested for abducting and raping a heroin addict

But in better news, county police arrested one Rex Wesley for the murder of Donna Brown (ex-wife of Warren), and made arrests in two other murders.

Demented dad Mark Castillo was zapped with a Tazer when he tried to walk out of a courtroom in MoCo

Over at the BJ watch, anticipation is building for Empriss' court date

... and Michael Phelps is dating a stripper.