Friday, November 22, 2013

Poor writing, weak testifying

A barricade situation at E. Lombard and S. Eaton is backing up traffic-- sounds like the barriccaders are the guys who held up Hopkins Federal on Pratt Street.

So after pressure from the city council, the BPD has made with the Plan, which sounds basically like the same as the old plan (guns! Violent offenders! No redistricting!) but now with a hat tip to "gangs." The Brew deftly notes that the real reveal is in the back pages of the 200-page document, "a disturbing portrait of a dysfunctional department," including 40 percent of shifts staffed by $$ overtime, the much-touted Violent Repeat Offenders program laid waste by apathy and too many offenders and too few priorities, one-fourth of cases dismissed because officer simply don't show up to court, too few detectives, "poor" report writing and "weak" testifying.

Fenton says police say suspects have been arrested* in the "Alameda Corridor" robberies.

In the latest chapter of the BGF Jail Scandal, 14 corrections officers (including one now serving in Afghanistan), a kitchen worker, two inmates and two outside suppliers have been indicted for racketeering.* However, notes Van Smith, no supervisor has yet been charged, in spite of many affidavits asserting that higher-ups not only knew what was going on but profited from bribes. This makes 39 people indicted so far, with 10 guilty pleas entered.

A 14-year-old has been arrested* for the rape of the 11-year-old girl on Pratt Street November 3rd.

Police are ISO this guy who committed a robbery inside Mondawmin mall November 11th.

Justin Fenton is set be on Midday with Rodericks at 12:20 today, talking the Plan and Stop n Frisk.

Chris Montcalmo
Media blabber: a source tipped us off that the guy behind the Baltimore News Journal is one Chris Montcalmo, who outed himself when he mistakenly hit "reply all" to a police press release. He's apparently an expert in search engine optimization, bridal bouquets and baby sleep patterns and lives in Perry Hall. Why the secrecy, I wonder?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

14 More City Jail Officers Charged!

Whoo doggies!

Prosectors say the Silk Road guy contracted for not just one but six murders.*

Inmate busted trying to smuggle pot, tobacco and rolling papers into jail via rope.*

Seventeen people were arrested* for their alleged involvement with a cocaine and heroin ring run out of the Gilmor Homes, the BPD Tweeted pictures of Batts himself supervising.

Police are ISO this guy who went on a robbery spree last Thursday that included the Bmore Smoke Shop, a Pizza Boli's and Jerry's Carryout on North Avenue, where he walked out with the cash register but not the cash drawer. D'oh!

One technique recommended by high school guidance counselors for dealing with people who are giving you crap ("you're fat! Your clothes are ugly!") is to agree with the person. "You're right, I'm fat and dress bad, what else have you got?" Batts must have been in that class, because rather than defending the BPD's record of poorly documented stops-and-frisks he's decided to agree with the ACLU.* In fact, he's been agreeing with them all along, says he, and "long-needed reforms are being instituted" to improve documentation. Mkay.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall--

Not so ritzy-- a man was robbed of his phone on the promenade* in front of the swanky skyline-hogging residences.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Factually challenged

Only in Baltimore: "police say they stopped residents 123,000 times last year* but found only nine handguns." WHat?? Also, Batts spoke at some panel in NYC and did some fact rewrites. "Stop and frisk was taking place until I came into the picture.. but now my murder rate is going up. ... that puts me in a political hotbed."Dude, no. FB III stopped stop and frisk, and he brought the murder rate down. Batts is bringing back illegal stops,* and now the rate is up. No. Confidence. Zero!

Game change? Plucky gubernatorial hopeful Heather Mizeur has declared her support for legalizing and taxing marijuana, with the proceeds to go to paying for pre-K, a notion approved by 92% of people browsing WJZ's web site during the work day. You'll recall rival Anthony Brown also wants pre-K, but with no plan to pay for it. Of course as governor Mizeur wouldn't be able to draft or pass any legislation, and as long as lapdog of the bail bonds industry Joe Vallario Jr. has the power to smother bills in committee it ain't happening. Still, with numbers like that, this proposal very well might make Mizeur an actual contender.

"Blood spattered on carpets and walls. An actual ring where dogs were being fought. Dogs chained to the walls." Five people arrested, 15 dogs seized at a suspected dogfighting venue on West Lafayette Avenue.

The Wells Fargo bank on York Road in Lutherville was robbed.

Monday, November 18, 2013

¿dónde está el plan?

A bloody weekend:* a murder yesterday in the 1300 block of Longwood (who Cham ID's as Kennard Buckner, a forklift operator) ; Devon Bultler, 26, was killed near Ramsay and South Calhoun Streets and an unidentified 47-year-old man was also shot in the torso during the same incident, the current toll is 210. 

The man shot in the 900 block of Watson Street (near the shot tower) was ID'd as Raymond Gordon, 31.*

With the homicide rate spiking, and seven months after the BPD paid some Massachusetts consulting firm $285k to come up with a plan in 90 days to "revamp" the department, Jack Young is all like, hey Batts, Where's the plan?* And Batts is all like, stop pressuring me! And Young is like, you'd best get in here and answer some questions, and Batts is like, look, it's Baltimore, everything moves slow, and the Sun is like, Batts has a Master's degree, can't he think up a plan on his own? And then Robert Cherry is all like, Hey! Look! The police union has a plan! It's based on our real-real Baltimore policing experience and you all can have it for free! and everyone is like, lalalalala, we can't hyearrr you!

Have you seen this guy who robbed the Subway sandwich shop* in the 4600 block of W. Northern Parkway?
Vroom vroom, bitchez! The city's speed cameras have officially been "mothballed,"* with the city attempting to cut ties with the contractor Brekford. No comment from Brekford though their stock is like [sad tuba sound effect].

A "non-affiliate" was robbed of a messenger bag near JHU.

No way, two more Towson University students were robbed, this time on the 1300 block of Hillsway court and at gunpoint. I thought they caught those dudes, but apparently not, or there's more now.

Speaking of the county, fuck you Scott Jacobson. I'm glad the iPad you bought in a gas station parking lot was fake. Because if it was real, then it would be stolen from some poor slob. Dear reader, if some twat approaches you in a parking lot with some too-cheap something, call the fucking police! It bears repeating, if you have stuff like iPads, laptops, etc, get yourself a cheap little carbide etching pen, skritch your name or phone number or your house sigil on it. That won't keep it from getting stolen, but at least it will slow down Dicky McParkinglot and will help you identify it if it is recovered.

And a feel-good crime story: a Homeland woman's bikes getting stolen helped her find her missing African spur tortoise, Tortley. Tortley is now snuggled in warm hay, "alert and surprised."
I don't get it.

Wired: how operation "Marco Polo" took down the Silk Road (Marco Polo? Get it? Get it?)

Speaking of the Silk Road, here's a mildly interesting story that explains why opium smoking went out of style and heroin moved in.

Something I just heard about for the first time from an infographic next to New York Magazine's abortion cover story: the allegation that sometime between 2012 and now Maryland passed a law that limits insurance coverage for abortions. An August 2013 chart from the National Women's Law Center seems to show this is not the case and even the right-to-lifers, generally on top of this stuff like Chris Christie on a ham sandwich, don't seem to know anything about it. So an NYMag mistake, or is there something to this? Also in NYMag: Sheila Dixon, "Rap-Sheet Mayor."

Also in "women's law"-- the story of a PA judge who ordered a mom to stop breastfeeding so her ex-husband could have overnights with the baby leads to the tidbit that only Maine has a law that compels family court judges to take breastfeeding status into account when determining custody.