Thursday, June 2, 2011


Bernstein is holding a press conference at 4 today to "announce the formation of a new unit and to introduce the division’s chief."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lawyers gone bad

Attorney Stanley Needleman has been charged with stealing a law textbook from a judicial clerk.

The trial of Gahiji Tshamba starts today. Two other police officers are prepared to testify that Tshamba appeared drunk when he put a dozen bullets into Tyrone Brown.

A shooting on E. Eager Street and a burnt body in Northeast Baltimore.

83 murders so far this year, and it looks like Lois Smyth has the dubious honor of being the second white Baltimore murder victim of 2011.

Police arrest two brothers in Pikesville double homicide.

First-degree murder conviction for the 2009 death of Kenneth Johnson at a family cookout. This looks like a rare case where city prosecutors are seeking life w/o parole.

Another burned kitten. Stories like that are really too depressing to comment on.

Looks like it is legal to take pictures of the Light Rail after all.

Yet another depressing story. Darian Kess was a promising wrestler in high school but then screwed up and started breaking the law. He cleaned up his act, got cancer and beat it, and then was stabbed to death in a home invasion.

School fighting

Teachers are getting their collective asses kicked in city schools, according to recent injury claims.