Saturday, August 25, 2012


Fenton reports that 11 people have been killed over the past 9 days and the current homicide toll for this year is 139.* Sorry but I don't have the time to update our toll on the right, maybe TAB or another volunteer could pitch in? The death of the woman in Charles Village, Kristie Hufnagel, 41, has been ruled a homicide. You may recall her neighbor was living in her apartment with her body; police say she was asphyxiated. A victim on Thursday was ID'd as Terrance Gough, 26, who rapped under the name "Twitty Sparks" (video right). And yesterday Lindale Carrington was stabbed to death in the 600 block of Brisbane Road, Fenton says by his teenage daughter's boyfriend, WBAL reports Carrington was 33. Uhm, whut?

Early this morning police shot a man on Maisel St. after he shot at them, he's in stable condition.

This morning a woman was mauled by a Rottweiler-type dog near the Waverly Farmer's Market

Three career drug dealers, Marvin Jackson, Derick Fallin and Johnnie Davis, got 15 years in the federal hoosegow for racketeering and trying to kill an "Omar" who robbed them: "In 2008, two individuals stole $250,000 from one of the stash houses. After learning the identity of the robbers, Fallin entered into a conspiracy to murder them, initially for $10,000 and gradually increasing the bounty over time. Davis conspired with Fallin to look for and kill the robbers, but they were ultimately unsuccessful."

"Del. Dwyer's career hurt by boating accident, experts say*" One would hope! "Lawmaker who thinks gays a threat to children crashes boat into children." Doesn't sound like Dwyer could be removed from office even if he's charged and found guilty, though. We have that ballot measure to strip lawmakers of their office when found guilty of certain crimes (which Dwyer supported) coming up for vote in November, but he could only be charged with misdemeanors here, unless, heaven forbid, one of his victims should die.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flying pigs, drunken skunks, grounded rats

Could've sworn a few years ago the police dept. was so broke they were thinking of getting rid of the helicopters. But now they've got four spankin' new ghettobirds-- actually they're ghetto oiseaux , assembled in Marignane, France with various parts made in China, Singapore and Australia.

Alleged pimp Daniel O'Brien Burton, left, was arrested in SC. "Police say they searched Burton and his car and found a total of $14,888.04, both on his person and hidden in a purple Hennessy box in his trunk."

Wouldn't ordinarily care about a boat crash in Anne Arundel county, but this particular boat was the Legislator, crashed by hardcore homohater Del. Don Dwyer, who was drunk as a mutharfrackin skunk with a .20 -- more than twice the legal limit. The crash injured six, including four children, one who suffered a fractured skull. Dwyer is perhaps best known for trying to impeach Doug Gansler when he said he'd recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere and chestnuts like "if a law's not in concert with the laws of nature and of nature of God, and I would hold that, therefore, it is no law at all."

Speaking of old chestnuts, sounds like home invaders are using that "BGE worker" ruse again. Needless to say, get a peephole, use it, and don't open the door for anyone you aren't expecting.

Mitchell Courthouse employees protested unsanitary conditions today, which included "a dead rodent that was trapped between a window and Plexiglas in the office area ... their complaints to remove the rat were ignored until protestors took action ... someone finally removed it and put it in an employee's nearby trash can."

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Diminished facilities

Two more murders, both of sexagenarians*: Fenton reports Sterling Parker, 61, and his wife agreed to babysit two small children; the kids' parents never returned and after a few weeks the Parkers called CPS. Parker was assaulted in the 1900 block of Walbook Ave on the 4th and died on the 20th. And 65-year-old Charles Canty was found suspiciously dead in his home in the 1700 block of N. Carey St.

Fifty years for double-murderer Isaac Truss, who also serves as illustration of why putting a defendant on the stand is usually not a good idea.*

The copious number of unarmed, mentally-ill people shot by police this year calls into question the quality of BPD training when it comes to dealing with the mentally ill*. Not to mention our country's abysmal lack of services for the tetched, but that's another story.

Speaking of those a few sandwiches short of a picnic, former Senator owner Tom Kiefaber says he got himself arrested so the media would pay attention to him*. Hey, it worked!

WBAL reports Lt. Chris Jones of the sex offense unit was suspended for "vague" reasons. Hrm.

PA accused killer John Gonce was arrested in the county after raping two girls, 12 and 14, and killing their pet cat.

One Sharon Caslow of Cockeysville has been indicted for manslaughter after leaving her elderly mother on the toilet for days

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Police Tweet that a man was shot to death in the 1700 block of North Carey Street.

Ten years for one Chauncey Harris for possessing a firearm, and here's an odd excerpt from the press release: "Baltimore City Police officers responded to a residence on Edgewood Street in Baltimore for a report of a rape, where they found Harris and a female. The report of rape was subsequently determined to be unfounded." I mean, if it was rape-y enough for her to call ... must have been one of those non-"legitimate rapes" we've heard so much about this week...

Kenyan Anastacia Olouch is supposedly coming back to Baltimore to face charges five years after being accused of elder abuse for beating on a 90-year-old man and fleeing the country.

Road Trippin

The BPD Tweeted: "Detectives make arrest in Bloom street triple shooting from Sunday which injured 9 year old boy. Donte White DOB 4/11/1989." They're also ISO a suspect in the car crash that killed Officer Morris in the PGC and have posted a picture (of a picture)

The Ink has last weeks' four murders

Vernon Evans: case closed, life spared (for now)

Bwhaha: the CP attempts to imagine the routes Rikki Spector must take to travel 53 miles to two events in her district. (Srsly, has no one mentioned this to the IRS? Do I need to call their cheater hotline myself?)

From last month but missed it: "Ex-marine brings his skills to the west Baltimore drug trade"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Knowledge is Virtue, Y'all

# 131: man was shot to death* in the 3200 block of Walbrook Ave yesterday. And Tyrell "Buck" Martin was arrested for the murders of brothers Troy and Euclides Manly,* killed August 15. (Yes, Euclides.)

MD has dropped charges against a protestor who was pepper-sprayed in the face by Baltimore Police while handcuffed.

A man in Wilson Park was stabbed during a robbery

Charles Villager robbed of iPhone

Five years for a HoCo principal convicted of stealing credit cards from teachers.

In Anne Arundel County, a 38-year-old woman was held at gunpoint by her 19-year-old neck-tattoo'd ex-boyfriend Timothy Gray. Apparently all ended well after Gray was given a proper Tasering.

PNC bank inside the York Rd. Giant was robbed

The BBC (via the Brew): "Baltimore invites immigrants - no questions asked"

Oo, oo! Ballot questions!! Should the city borrow more money for museums and community colleges? Should convicted felons be removed from office? Should undocumented residents get in-state tuition? And do we care about the bar status of orphan's court judges?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Trikki Rikki

Oh, Rikki Spector. Not only does the septuagenarian councilwoman not live in her district (according to herself), she's also allegedly billing the city for the commute from her Harborview condo to her district and simultaneously deducting her mileage, and also claiming her house in her district as her primary residence for a Homestead Tax Credit. You may remember Rikki from such flapdoodles as the Case of the Missing Traffic Ticket and The Mold Horror.

Aquille You, Byotch!

Four injured in two shooting incidents over the weekend, Fenton reports that one of the victims was a nine-year-old boy* who was shot in the stomach and is in critical condition.

A man was shot to death by police after allegedly attacking them,* Fenton ID'd those involved in weekend police as Officer John Kosko, Officer Robert Persico, and 63 y/o Rudolph Bell.

Eighteen-year-old Kelvin Glasgow shot to death in the parking lot of the Catonsville Ramada after a 'fracas'

A traffic stop nabs phony-check-passer Keith McNeil

Remember "writer turned warrior" Matthew VanDyke, who went to Libya as a journalist, decided to become a gun-toting insurgent? Well, he's off to kill some more people for freedom, this time in Syria, and this time to make a film, he says.

Basketball phenom Aquille Carr was arrested for beating on his babymom; inquiring minds wonder if Seton Hall will revoke his scholarship (yeh, right!)

Three guys were arrested for stealing diesel fuel using Panera gift cards. How that might work I haven't a clue. Hey, thanks, Prashant Mali! I wish all news was delivered in a lilting accent.

Another floater

A suspicious corpse in Dundalk