Friday, April 26, 2013

Cowboy hats

Kelvin Moyd, 49, was murdered in broad daylight in Belair- Edison.*

Today in fecund felon news, ooo, a "special session!" Are lawmakers going to ride the short bus to get there? Correction, WBAL, Tavon "Bulldog" White actually reportedly fathered five children/fetuses, two with the same guard, if el WaPo is to be believed. Reportedly officials knew about the gang ties of 11 corrections officers as far back as 2006 and five of the alleged gang members are still working there.* The official response in 2006? A demand from the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services that the guy who wrote the report stop writing reports. And not too long after that, the General Assembly passed a law giving corrections officers more protections from being fired.

And a bureau of prisons employee has admitted to taking kickbacks from a moving company used to relocate prison employees.

Terry Addison, alleged BGF member arrested for the murder of 16-year-old Daniel Pearson in 2012 and currently in the Detention Center for an armed robbery, is now reportedly paralyzed from the waist down. Wonder if Bulldog had anything to do with that.

 Aaron Pross will enhotten
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What 16-year-old girl doesn't want a picture of a County officer in uniform fapping on the job*? Not hot, Aaron Pross.

Two men robbed of cowboy hats; suspects arrested wearing hats.

Unshocking news: Maryland second in abusing Federal-program call phones. "At home I have about thirty!"

Lots of car break-ins in the Northern

Cantonites are pissed as hell and they're not going to take it anymore: enjoy videos such as "Joe Flacco fan pissing on own car" and "the pisswalker."

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hit after hit

Today in jailhouse-broom-closet-sex news, as word of the detention center indictments spreads, the governor's spokesperson told team Duncan/Cox that he "has full confidence in Gary Maynard."* Oh, Malley. If taxing the rain wasn't the final nail in the coffin of any prospective presidential run, then there went the final thwack. Ian Duncan uncovers the legal protections that make it close to impossible to fire prison guards.* Professional concern troll Dan Rodricks has a question: did the Detention Center guards impregnated by Tavon White apply for paid maternity leave*? And finally we have a picture of the clink Casanova, who knew when he saw you patrolling the cell block that the two months he spent fermenting garbage-bag wine would not go to waste.

Warren Stevens, 50, was convicted of attempting to rape his 10-year-old niece, who escaped him.

Oh no! Cuddly ex-con Ed Norris was taken to shock trauma after a serious motorcycle accident.*

Two Mexican brothers, "Piza" and "Elmer," got six and eight years, respectively, for selling almost 10,000 fraudulent documents, including Social Security cards and green cards.

Bodacious federal drug bust: 500 pounds of pot, 220 of cocaine. (Wonder why is pot measured in English, but cocaine is metric?)
'A' is for Antwan

The man shot while trying to escape Central Booking was ID'd as Antwan Bond, age 22.

History corner: you probably knew about Roland Park, Northwood and Guilford's racially restrictive property covenants, forbidding the use or occupancy by blacks, Jews or "orientals" until 1917. But did you know that Morgan Park, near Morgan State University, was the only neighborhood in the country that barred ownership by any non-African-Americans? (No, WYPR, that is not "reverse segregation," it's just segregation.)

Really, Sun headline writer?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hot pregnant messes

A boy, age unknown, was shot in the head last night in Gwynn Oak,* and a man shot himself in the leg.

Despicable: it's been determined that Ronald Cox, killed by police in Reisterstown last summer* after they busted into his house and he tried to defend himself with a sword, was the subject of a County no-knock raid (and was not even the person police were looking for). Fatal no-knock raids are apparently rather common.

The body found yesterday on Loyola Southway was ID'd as that of missing Marcus 'Anton' Lesane.* Tweets Fenton, "His body was found by someone digging through this pile looking for something of value." Fenton also posted a poignant pic on Instagram (right).

Whut. Jailbird BGF chief Tavon "Bulldog" White got four Central Booking guards pregnant* (and as it happens, all 13 of the indicted guards are female.). According to a wiretap, the BGF kept prison violence down, put out and let guards drive their schweet drug-dealer cars in exchange for guards turning a blind eye to sex, drugs, phones and smuggled salmon. Two of Bulldog's babymoms, Jennifer Owens and Katera Stevenson, apparently so enjoyed the broom-closet sex that they got themselves tattoos of his name. Also indicted: Hamma Head, Maine and Monster.

Even for the town that invented the clusterfuck, the speed camera situation is a special hot mess. The judge Mrs. Martin O'Malley was forced to void more than 6,000 tickets* after Xerox skipped town without leaving behind the evidence needed to convict drivers of cited vehicles.

The Ink details last week's five murders (correction from yesterday: East Trenton, where a man's body with facial lacerations was found, is behind the Miracle Temple Church of the Harvest. It's West Trenton that's behind the McDonald's).

A man was stabbed inside MedStar® Harbor Hospital on S. Hanover.

North Baltimore blotteriana: eight cans of Red Bull, 1995 Jaguar, church laptops.

NYMag's James Gleick nails it: the modern media environment is "Total Noise, only louder."

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

joder la policía

One guy is dead and two injured after a police-involved shooting last night in the 2700 block of Edmonson Ave.*

A man was shot to death at 8:22 this morning in the 2600 block of Loyola Southway.

A man was found dead of laceration wounds behind the North Avenue McDonald's on Trenton St. Saturday night. Yes, the McDonald's with the vittlevayor®.

An update on the shooting at Central Booking yesterday, a guy being held on loitering charges was shot trying to scale the fence (though police say he was not just loitering, but also opening unpurchased bags of chips)*.

A shooting on Marbourne Ave in South Baltimore.

Twenty-five Black Guerrilla Family members and 13 corrections officers were reportedly indicted in a racketeering conspiracy inside Central Booking. You'll recall that 24 members of the BGF were indicted in 2009 for smuggling cell phones, drugs and tobacco into prison with the help of corrupt guards.

Ronaldo Martin was apparently arrested for saying"fuck the police" and those bon mots alone. Page Croyder calls bullshit, and now that song is going to be stuck in my muthafuckin head all muthafuckin day. (Can't find the official video anywhere, but at least that one has Spanish subtitles. Can you believe that album is 25 years old? And still holds up.).

What the hell, Hampden? A guy pulled a gun on a woman after she accidentally bumped into him (she even said "excuse me"!) in the 3900 block of Falls Road.

Media blabber: how horrible are the Koch Bros.? Tribune employees now say Rupert Murdoch is looking pretty good. Related: job site deemed newspaper reporter the worst job of 2013.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy surprise drug test day

Two shootings Saturday night.

Trial is scheduled to start today for Quinton Bass, the man accused of murdering Alex Ulrich in Mt. Vernon.

Whoa, man. Apparently 6,005 people were arrested on marijuana charges last year,* which is, incredibly, the lowest number since 2008. Of those, the majority had less than two teaspoons of pot, and 93 percent of arrestees were black.
by Fenton

Here's the full story on Friday's dirt bike and puppy seizures*

Harry Davis, 22, was convicted on 2nd-degree murder charges. "Davis approached four young men sitting on the porch of a home in the 500 block of East Lynn Avenue and asked if they wanted to join his gang. When they declined, Davis laughed at them and said, "I'm gonna rob ya'll." Several hours later, he returned, pulled out a shotgun, and started shooting at them. He struck two of the young men. Stray bullets also hit a woman who happened to be exiting a neighboring home with her husband at time. She suffered eight gunshot wounds and died from her injuries."
Deeply Creepy Music Teacher
Lawrence Joynes, 54

Remember that deeply creepy MoCo music teacher with child porn on his computer? Apparently some of the videos were actually made in his classroom, and parents are understandably freaking out wondering where the images of their children have wound up. Also, he had the name of one of his students tattooed on his shoulder.

Raven Rolando McClain was arrested for disorderly conduct in Alabama.

Ever since it burned down and was re-opened, the Towson CVP has been a hotbed of nefarious activity. There was that shooting last December, and then a guy was stabbed and two guys were arrested Saturday night/Sunday morning. UPDATE: stabbed guy was ID'd as Ryan Scholthauer, a former U of MD football player, and the fight was over some girl's honor.*

Colin Wolf, 19, was arrested for killing his two-year-old neice in HarfCo, and a 50-year-old man was murdered in Edgewood

Media blabber: sounds like the Koch Bros are pretty serious about buying the Tribune Co. (NYT link)

Never mind that the Feds already monitor everyone's email and millions of people's cell phone activity, yet no one noticed one of the Boston bombers posting YouTube videos re. jihad, or that ubiquitous cameras did catch the bombers-- the "national security" lobby is using the Boston tragedy to push for even more surveillance.