Friday, August 20, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Firefighter Jerry Majette accused of attacking transgender woman with a hammer.
check out the passive-voice and buck-passing in this Sun opinion piece on the SAO campaign:

"Some of what’s been heard so far — for example, whether Mrs. Jessamy likens city courtrooms to city public schools or that the police commissioner used to have a Bernstein sign — falls well short of the substantive facts the public needs to make an informed choice. That the city could be safer is obvious."

... Isn't the Sun supposed to be the go-to for facts and substance? What is Jessamy's conviction rate, anyway? And didn't you just tell us crime was down, dear paper?

Nol Pros in McCann case

A suspiciously dead body found in a stairwell near the Circuit Court building, and the 137th murder victim = a man shot in July who recently succumbed to his injuries. (WTF? 69 Facebook users "like" this story.)

Remember Annie McCann? One of the guys who admitted to police that he ransacked her car and removed her dead body from her Volvo to go joy-riding in it has gotten off scot-free. Prosecutors say a "lack of evidence" led to a nol pros of the case. Un.Frickin.Believable.

... speaking of prosses, State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy's fundraising reports show that she raised about $46,000 since her last finance report in January. The Sun notes two of the g's were from Jessamy's old pal Doug Duncan, whom she endorsed when he ran against O'Malley.

Severn a-hole charged in road rage murder

.. and in case you were wondering what the Ottobar lawsuit was about, TDR's John Cord has the backstory

So much for the 30 year low

Looks like we're now running neck and neck with last year's homicide totals

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who got hammered?

City firefighter suspended for allegedly attacking a transvestite with a hammer. Seems the equipment wasn't fully functional...

Vigil in the Village

The Charles Villagers for Peaceful Living says there will be a candlelight prayer vigil in remembrance of Stephen Pitcairn on Wednesday August 25th at 11:30pm. 26th Street and St Paul.

SWAT Raid report

The guy who started all the drama in Remington which lead to the SWAT team showing up seemed to be guilty of using his mouth as a deadly weapon.