Saturday, July 13, 2013

Killer Darryl

Darryl Anderson, call 911 if u see
The BPD is ISO Darryl Anderson, left, for murder.

Somewhere a robber is pooping blue and orange and smoking Newports.

Worth noting amid the heightened focus on Baltimore crime?: no shootings reported overnight Friday or since overnight Thursday...

A man was robbed and stabbed near a bike trail in Glen Burnie 

Oh noo, remember  Dale "Bugsy" Wakefield, who celebrated his 21st birthday by stabbing a 71-year-old homeless man 71+ times? Then fled here and was caught by the BPD? Yeah, so, Central Booking accidentally released him. Fortunately his sister turned his stabby ass in when she found out he was OTW to her dorm room at Coppin State. The jail's major assbonery prompted some rare judgy words from the PA DA, David Heckler, who blasted Central Booking officials as "utterly incompetent." Oh, also "inept and completely uncooperative" and "frickin' irresponsible."* (the "frickin" appears in the print edition, but is apparently too saucy for electronic media).

Joe & Krystal
These ghosters in Sticksville got robbed. Love that robin egg backdrop they got in HarfCo.

Media blabber:
Hey, look who cleans up nice! Are those his real glasses? Z on TV has a piece* on Fox 45 News Producer Stephen Janis, who started as a music producer and segued into crime reporting with Luke Broadwater at the Examiner and then to starting Investigative Voice.

AF James MacArthur's back and blogging, and went a whole paragraph without promoting himself. TL; DR: he's launching a rebranding as The Baltimore Citizen.

... I wish Z would do something on the state of getting one's local news these days. What does this paywalling and dispersal of info mean for civic involvement? Where do you readers get your news, besides here?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Merely advisory

Two murders yesterday, of 34-year-old Dwing Robinson Webbs and 40-year-old Natasha Elizabeth Bates, bring the city homicide total for 2013 to 124. And the city is paying for two federal prosecutors, how does that work?

Did you hear the one about the 13 murderers* released in MD after the Court of Appeals ruled it's illegal for a judge to tell jurors that his instructions are "merely advisory" and not legally binding? Now the 13 murderers are getting set free, but, irony alert, the six-time escape artist who brought the case will stay in jail.

In Baltimore, every summer is a gun summer! J.M. Giordano, the photographer who's birthed iconic visual series on subjects such as the variegated fans of death metal, block dancers and doormen and the tranny hookers of Calvert Street is now embarking on a series of photos of city gunshot-wound locations.

Where in the world is Frederick H. Bealefeld III? Today it's the land of Lorca, y'all.

Busted by the Seventh Day Adventists for storing his homemade child porn at their general conference HQ, one Joseph Edgar Davis was sentenced to 150 years.

Crack dealer Kintrell Todd McEachern got 12 years and lost $13,601.50. Hey, for once the drug guy got less time than the pedo guy!

Remember Matthew "writer turned warrior" VanDyke, the UMBC grad who Dutch tried to rescue from Libya, but then he was all like, no thanks, I'd rather stay in this African hellhole and shoot people? Apparently he's now in Syria, and Van Smith has a curiously fawning article about him in this week's CP.  Recollects the activist documentarian with no apparent hint of irony, "I stayed, and it ticked off some people whose business it really wasn’t."

Baltimore police arrested a PA guy who'd celebrated his birthday by stabbing a homeless man.
Worth one of your 10 free NYT clicks: "What Does It Take To Get Crips and Bloods to Stop Killing Each Other?"

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Roasting, cleaving, voluntarying

Where are all the city's illegal guns coming from? With only five officers on the gun task force and all them federal pro-gun laws it's all anybody's guess. Check out this 4-time gun convict's hand cannon, recovered at a house also operating a daycare.

A city detective, Shane Volk, was killed when he crashed his Jeep in Glen Arm.

Michael "Blizz" Singer
 The tattoo-faced murder accessory who looks 65, left, is a 35-year-old local rapper who goes by "Blizz.* His wife Shelbie is accused of stabbing to death one John Bowman, 22, in Arbutus.

Police think one 16-year-old is responsible for 25 burglaries in Canton.

Tragic: Sharon Mulcahy, the woman whose dogs roasted in a motel parking lot for 20 hours, died soon after she was released from Central Booking. The family alleges the jail failed to give her proper medical attention.

City Paper: Baltimore is "famous for crime, and yet, when it comes to arson, this is the best we can do?" Uhm, I think the city actually does pretty okay on that front.

Hey, that abortion-sign bill is still breathing,* and the Sun actually has me convinced it's a good idea. If Wisconsin can make doctors rape women with a probe and Texas and North Carolina can get thisclose to shutting down every family planning clinic in the state, the phony baloney clinics can suck up posting a piece of paper with facts on it.

Speaking of intrusions, a federal judge has allowed EFF's case against the NSA to go ahead (thanks Scan Baltimore). And good piece in the Economist about our newly revealed secret Supreme Court.

Media Blabber: the Tribune is cleaving off its newspaper biz from its TV-station biz, and is apparently not yet scrapping the idea of selling the publishing piece to a rogues' gallery of shoppers that include Charles and David Koch, a group of libertarian 'voluntaryists' and an alleged Chinese spy's ex-husband.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Didn't miss much

.. also apparently he has a wife.

Peace mural unable to prevent shooting on man in wheelchair*

Is the Sun's culture-of-violence-themed Op-Ed a tacit endorsement* of Anthony "Technology*" Brown?
"Gov. Martin O'Malley's tenure as mayor is often associated with aggressive police tactics, an attempt to meet force with force. But he also spearheaded the Believe campaign and its call for every segment of the city to band together to create a better future. That same spirit animates those who marched down North Avenue on Friday"
... yes, the spirit of Martin O'Malley's media campaign was what animated the otherwise 2-D figures who marched near where wheelchair guy got shot. Really?

There may be a big rise in Canton burglaries but it seems like the Southeast pretty much has problems all the time, stealing-wise. Yeah, hi, you bought a house in Canton, Google much?
How I missed this town and the mocking of its denizens!!