Saturday, April 23, 2011

A shooty spell

Five people shot in the last couple of days,

BCFDL734 tweeted *CUTTING* Box 13-19 unit block w Preston St adult male stabbed FIRE/EMS Units responding and treating

Friday, April 22, 2011

McD's beating victim a trans woman

The Bilerico blog reports that the person beaten at the Rosedale McDonalds was a man biological male transgendered woman.

Dumb love

Search of lawyer Stanley Needleman's office uncovered <$600,000.. in addition to the $120k they found at his house.

Testimony continued yesterday in the stranded-teen case with the second alleged victim taking the stand to describe how one officer laughed as the other threatened him.

Puke. In Carroll Co, Donald Previa found guilty of killing his girlfriend's 8-month-old baby. So tired of reading this same story over and over-- hey ladies, just because you're boning some guy does not mean he'll make a good babysitter!

Doug Gansler doesn't want you to drink Snoop Dogg's "Blast"

Essay by design professor/Bolton Hill resident Callie Neylan: "When You're in Love With a Broken City"

Not Baltimore but can't resist: "What's dumber than getting a tattoo on your ass of the Tasmanian Devil chugging a beer while peeling out in a hot rod? Getting a full chest piece that recreates that murder you committed"


Meet the guy who beat speeding tickets with photo time stamps & math skillz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Phylicia Barnes = found

The Sun confirms that the body found yesterday is hers

uh oh

Jayne Miller reports that one of the bodies found in the Susquehanna has a tattoo similar to Phylicia Barnes'.

.. and Barnes' dad told a CBS affiliate in North Carolina that the body is hers.


A man shot to death "on the 14th floor of the Hanover Square building, a high-rise housing complex for seniors and the disabled, reports Liz F. Kay"

The Ink has last week's four murders

What to think of this story: Karen Carr, Baltimore midwife is being charged with involuntary manslaughter in VA after a baby she delivered died. Carr was not licensed to practice in VA, and her patient was 43, premiparous with a breech baby.

Bodies found yesterday near Conowingo Dam

MD makes strides towards transparency.. kind of

Oh puleeeze! Ruxton residents freak out what Sheppard Pratt proposes putting a halfway house in the hood. Because only poor people should have to live near one of those. And Federal Hill residents are challenging some liquor licenses.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Unid'd man, rear alley of the 500 block of Schroeder St.

DNA has linked Baltimore County's Nankisoor Ramnath, found guilty of murdering his wife in 2008, to the rape of a mentally challenged woman.

County police are ISO this flasher. Could someone please explain to me the appeal of flashing people/schoolgirls?

"An employee of a bail bonds shop on Eastern Avenue has been charged with shooting a man who was fleeing the store after getting into an argument over fake gold" .. do you think he cuts his own hair?

Fenton asks some questions of a cute 25-year-old Russian who gave money to SRB & O'M

& happy 4/20, stoners! Here's a pot story round-up from Mother Jones. And "duh" of the day, The American Independent asks "Is Big Pharma set to corner the American market on medical marijuana?" .. and I wonder how many people were arrested in Baltimore City for marijuana last year? Anybody know?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Seven-Bullet Weekend

A 49-year-old man was shot in the back yesterday evening in the 5300 block of Wabash Ave.

A man involved in a car accident near Hanlon Park had been shot in the head, for a total of seven shootings in the city this weekend (accounted for so far)

The mom of stabbing victim Andre Volkman is pleading for information about the man and woman her son was seen arguing with near Lexington Market on April 8

Lede of the day: "Not long before police say Brittany Norwood stabbed and bludgeoned Jayna Murray to death last month inside the Lululemon Athletica store in downtown Bethesda’s high-end shopping district, the two were the perfect sales team."

Another legislative recap & political news rundown from the Maryland Reporter

The Daily Record editorial board (whomever that might be) is officially anti-DP

Page Croyder on how a judge found it legal for the daughter of a county councilman to bite an officer

Bernstein says he picked the shoeless-teenager case because the head of the police misconduct unit had retired. He's also been in office for 100 days now, and I have yet to get a single press release.

Women stabbed at Rockville Nordstrom awarded "nearly" $1.6 million

Eenteresting: The City That Breeds says a new site, AskFuzz, is Baltimore-based and lets readers ask questions of anonymous cops. They're also looking for cops to answer questions.