Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Weekend Crime Update

A flurry of non-fatal shootings in the city so far this weekend. A woman and a man were shot in seperate incidents, while an 18-year-old received non-fatal injuries after being shot in the 1000 block of Bennett Place.

Unfortunately for this blog, it appears that the Baltimore Sun is now going to be charging for web use. While some may see this as a mixed blessing, I can't help but be less than thrilled with the loss of a very useful crime source. For the sake of staying as a viable crime resource to readers, the number of Sun articles linked from here will obviously decrease dramatically. An unfortunate, but not unexpected event, that was frankly happened later than most would have expected.

Two seperate stabbings in Baltimore County Friday.Two angry brothers stabbed each other in Woodlawn, and a man was stabbed in Essex during the early morning hours.

Shots fly during the attempted robbery of a Middle River liquor store.

A very violent few days in Maryland's prisons, as a 34-year-old inmate is in serious condition after a lunchroom stabbing. While over at WCI, Saleem N. Abdullah, 53, was found strangled to death in his cell Thursday night. No official arrests have been made in either case. According to online resources, this wasn't the first time Mr.Abdullah had been the target of prison violence, he had been the complainant in 4 previous cases while incarcerated. None of the inmates accused in those cases were currently serving time at any Maryland prison facility.

Former Ravens OT Orlando "Zeus" Brown was found dead in his Baltimore home Friday. No foul play is suspected.

A freshman delegate is already corrupting at a senior level. Lawmaker Tiffany Alston, 31, has been charged with misappropriating campaign funds in order to pay for a wedding, among other things.

You can't talk about corruption in MD politics without bringing up good 'ol Ulysses Currie. A lawyer for Currie claims that the senator was "very sick" at the time of the FBI raid of his home.

Finally, nine members of the an apparently very profitable cigarette smuggling ring have been indicted in Maryland. The second such case of cigarette smuggling to come in front of Federal judges in the last week after former PG County cop Chong Chen Kim plead guilty to similar charges earlier in the week.

Jody Lee Miles and Euro Death Row Groupies

The death sentence of Jody Lee Miles has been upheld, reports the local news and Jody Lee Miles himself. (How do you get a Tumblr account on death row?) Miles has a Facebook account too, maintained by his wife. (Not his first wife, Jona, who helped him hide the evidence, but another wife, Michaela, who lives in the UK and apparently never met him in person before they were married until a TV station arranged it.) ... More about Miles' case here.
.... European death row groupies, who knew?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hermann: a fascinating suicide story

Troy Taylor, convicted of killing septuagenarian security guard Charles Bowman at the Yau Brothers Carryout on Greenmount, got five months and 29 days added to his sentence when he refused to answer questions regarding the alleged triggerman on the witness stand.

... and looks like Luke Broadwater (of Examiner fame) is reporting for the Sun now-- good news for crime-concerned readers.

And Peter Hermann on a macabre tip this morning: a man shot himself outside of Union Memorial Hospital, leaving a note that he wanted to donate his organs. Blogs Hermann, "We of course would like to know more. Suicide is always a tricky subject to write about, but if this man really thought the only way to donate his organs was to shoot himself, it's a fascinating, through tragic, story. We'd also like to know why he chose Union Memorial, and if he intended to wound himself to stay alive long enough so doctors could harvest."

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The even slower wheels of justice

The judge in the case of alleged prison-guard killer Lee Stephens has once again give the OK for prosecutors to seek the death penalty. If Stephens's trial starts in January as scheduled it will have been nearly six years since the murder of Cpl. David McGuinn at the Maryland House of Correction.

New Helicoptors, Shootings Galore, and Beyond

The BPD go from almost losing their helicopter fleet, to getting an entirely new one.

The victim of a September 7th double shooting has died. Isaiah Roane, 29, died Tuesday. Apparently Mr.Roane had several gun and drug arrests and convictions, as well as a 2006 arrest for attempted murder.

Non-fatal shooting of a 38-year-old woman at the intersection of West Lafayette Ave. and Ashburton St.

Three people were shot over a period of twelve hours earlier this week.

31-year-old Kenneth McDuffie is facing attempted murder charges afterhis 32-year-old girlfriend after leaving an Essex party.

The lawyer for Reuben Dunn, 28, claims that Dunn wasn't driving that fateful day when two Baltimore teens were struck and killed.

90 years in prison for one murderer, a conviction for another. 36-year-old James Fortune has been sentenced to 90 years in prison for a 2008 double shooting that left 25-year-old Sidney Millner dead. Convicted of first degree murder is Charles Thomas, 47. Thomas was convicted of the 2009 daylight killing of Alvin Alston.

We can all sleep easy now, because according to the FBI Baltimore's police force is quite well staffed.

More information on the fatal shooting in Dundalk earlier this week. Robert Charles Nelson, 24, was found dead directly across the street from the site of Joseph Palczynsk's famous hostage taking and stand-off. Based on the tone of the article, police seem very doubtful about the chances of capturing the suspect anytime soon.

Bail denied for the suspect in the Bowie State stabbing. Alexis Simpson, 19, is being held after her arrest for the stabbing death of 18-year-old Dominique Frazier, allegedly over an Ipod.

Studies have found that crime cameras appear to actually be cost effective. The cameras are apparently netting a whopping $1.50 for every dollar spent.

Apples grown at Hagerstown prison are to be sold to local food markets.Interesting they chose the one food already synonymous with hidden razor blades... but potential mouth injuries notwithstanding, these felon fruits will be sold at only 1/10 the price of normal apples.

In a classic case of just deserts, former mayor Sheila Dixon's house was burglarized Monday. Justin Fenton thankfully takes no time to make an allusion to when her home was raided as part of her embezzlement investigation.

Friends turn witnesses in the trial of 20-year-old Michael Hunter, the man accused of robbing and killing 72-year-old security guard Charles Bowman at the oft dangerous Yau Brothers carry-out on Greenmount.

Police are ISO the unpatriotic-SOB who shot a bald eagle in Western Maryland last Friday.

County police are looking for this robbery suspect, who hit a Comfort Inn and tried to hold up the Security Square Malls Macy's building.

A mandatory-minimum 5 year sentence is in store for former P.G. County officer Chong Chen Kim, age 43. Kim plead guilty to his role a massive untaxed cigarette conspiracy alongside former P.G. County officer Richard Delabrer, and small business owners Amir Miljkovic and Chun "Eddy" Chen.

Finally, 15 years in federal exile for 45-year-old Tyrone Slim Dollar" Dale.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shooting in Waverly

A man shot in the head in Waverly at 4:30 in the afternoon, steps from Waverly Elementary and the 33rd street Y.

The slow wheels of justice

More than three years after hearing arguments in the case, the Maryland Court of Appeals has upheld the death sentence of Jody Miles, as well as the standard that Maryland juries use when deciding whether to impose a death sentence.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Unclassified deaths in Baltimore

State Medical Examiner Dr David Fowler sheds some light on the hangings, shootings, and bodies in the harbor that end up being unclassified deaths

Cordish Swaps Green Cards for Casino Bucks

The WaPo alleges that the Cordish co is trying to lure potential Chinese casino investors with promises of green cards for a $500k investment ... and it's all totally legal. Which makes it not really fodder for this blog... But it's all just too hinky-sounding to resist.

25 years for Antonio Barnes

... alleged to have beaten a four-month-old to death in 2009. ... the only infant homicide I can find on the 2009 toll is one-year-old Janaya Wallace, killed on Kentucky Avenue, near Herring Run Park on the East side and last seen by her father ... wonder if this is the same infant or if Barnes' victim was added later?