Saturday, November 6, 2010

Drunkards and snowbirds

A man beaten at the Westport Light Rail station has died; other homicide victims from this past week named as Jerry Harden, 21, (the man found inside a burning apartment on McClean Blvd. Fenton notes, "Harden is the second person killed this year at the apartment complex") Kevin Anderson, 30, and Malcolm Hill, 53.

Three more suspects arrested for robbery/ beatdown of drunkards by the Intercontinental hotel

Have you been injured in an accident? "A Baltimore City jury has awarded $4.1 million to a woman and her 8-year-old son who alleged that the negligence of University of Maryland Medical Center doctors caused his cerebral palsy."

Postal inspectors fighting uphill battle against drugs in the mail

The MD state police is still fighting the release of vehicle-stop documents related to the NAACP's "driving while black" lawsuit, one that in some form has been dragging on since 1992(!)

Brendan Kearney: years-in-the-making $600k courthouse report is "justice decayed", har har har

Judge denies tax cheat Jack Stollof's plea to winter in Palm Beach

Friday, November 5, 2010

Robocalls tied to Ehrlich Employee Jules Henson

Fenton says the Election-night Robocalls telling O'Malley voters to "relax" and stay home election night have been linked to longtime-Democrat-turned Ehrlich consultant Jules Henson.

Fenton says,
"Henson’s other clients in this election included a state senate candidate from Baltimore facing no opposition, a delegate candidate who lost in the primary, a PG county executive candidate who lost in the primary, a PG county council member who lost in the primary, an Anne Arundel county council candidate who lost in the primary, a Baltimore County council candidate who lost in the primary, and a city sheriff’s candidate who lost in the primary.
Update: Henson has 'fessed up. "It never said 'don't vote'."

.. meanwhile, "carjacking suspects on the loose"

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turns for the worse

A man was stabbed to death and his apartment set on fire in the 7000 block of McClean Boulevard

Man shot to death at 215 South Woodyear Street

Eight homicides last week

Word of the day: misprision-- aka not snitching on somebody's felonious azz

Very sad story of a teen who got 18 months for murder in the CP's letters page

"A former Baltimore police officer was sentenced to five years in federal prison Wednesday for assaulting a 17-year-old and falsifying documents to cover up the attack"

Wrestling champ to be tried as an adult following brawl at the Loyola/Calvert "Turkey Bowl"

Mario's mom: assault never happened

Victor Frierson, 56, gets jail time and restitution for stealing from nonprofit

Looks like no MD constitutional convention after all

Stolen cigarettes, food in the Northern

Ramona Moore Baker = out!

52-y/o JROTC instructor: I did not have sex with that 17-year-old

Carrol County man pleads guilty after feds find more than 2 million child porn images

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Relax, everything is fine"

Fox reports, "Police are investigating the murder of man in Northeast Baltimore. It happened around 9:30 last night in the 2500-block of Robb Street. The victim was shot several times & found lying on the front porch of a home. He later died at Hopkins & has not yet been identified. No suspects are in custody. This is the 186th murder in the city so far this year."

Alan Chavis, 16, murdered last week, had been reported missing by his mother two weeks before

Anybody get an "O'Malley has already won" call last night? ... if the source of the calls is ever found, what laws would apply?

After official victory, Bernstein goes from "outside looking in" to preparing to "roll up sleeves," "drill down deep" and "hit the ground running". (Hope he also plans to bring a "mop and bucket" to clean up all the "rat turds.")

Arrest made in attack of drunk guys in front of the Intercontinental Hotel

Hewray, sluts at the mawl!! Also damages threshold raised for jury trials, Orphan's Court judges have to be members of the bar, but "fate of constitutional convention not clear"

Stolen-car driver Charles Johnson, 19, who killed two teen parents and their friend, never issued a driver's license

FBI investigating a noosed Cabbage Patch kid in Laurel.

A U of MD writing teacher with "a passion for firearms" arrested for murder in St. Mary's County

Page Croyder: laywers aren't the cure for human stupidity

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

wars we're ignoring

Fenton has more on murdered tow-truck driver Andrew Joyce. Said the victim's dad: "We think about these poor boys overseas fighting in the war, but we've got a war going on in the inner cities of this country, and it's a war we're ignoring."

and more on the victims of the stolen-car crash: two were 17-year-old parents of a 5-month old baby

Monday, November 1, 2010

Meow meow trippin ballz, meow meow

UnID'd victim killed in the 500 block of Mosher Street
Update: Victim ID'd as 23yr old tow truck driver Andrew Joyce.

Three teens shot, one killed in Halethorpe
Update: Murdered teen ID'd as 16-year-old Dequan Travonte Burks

Windsor Mill post office evacuated on account of suspicious package

Sad: Three people killed by teenager driving a stolen car in Federal Hill. Infuriating: the driver "was on probation for a theft charge in Baltimore County. In October 2009 he was convicted and sentenced to 18 months in jail, with all but 12 months suspended, and was placed on probation through March 2011. He has since been picked up on two violations of that probation." I thought Baltimore county actually took that kind of thing seriously?

"10-year-old boys found responsible in puppy's beating death" Related: TDR notes that O'Malley and Ehrlich are both quite happy to not talk about the DJS

Rockville designers to SCOTUS: video games deserve First Amendment protection

Hot Euro trend: new legal-ish drugs with names like "Meow Meow" & "Ivory Wave" and "Pi Panes."

Extra credit essay: "What pit bulls can teach us about profiling"

Debtors prison

Looks like you can still get thrown in jail over a unpaid non-child support debt