Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hextuple at Shirley's Honey Hole

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... not a word anywhere (beyond Twitter and SpotCrime) on the hextuple shooting last night. This is the most Baltimoreans shot in one incident since the blog began.
There have been some quintuple shootings:
December 28 2008 on the West side and May 2007 on Mt. Royal

UPDATE: story by Annie Linskey ID's the deceased as Edward Patterson, 39.

FHB III in hospital!

Police tweet that the commissioner "experienced a minor medical issue during the Baltimore 10-miler. He is responsive. & coherent, being evaluated"

Must be something really embarrassing if they won't say what it is!

Adds another tweet, "Commissioner Bealefeld will remain in hosp for standard 24 hour observation. He is responsive & coherent & talking w/ family & staff"

Feel better Big B!


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SIX people shot at N. Patterson Park Ave and E. Oliver Street, one person has died, says BPD tweet

Friday, June 19, 2009

IG under fire

City Inspecor General Hilton Green is under fire for lack of productivity, or for investigating the suicide of Robert Clay, depending on who you ask.


A teenage boy stabbed in the chest last night in the 600 block of Tunbridge Rd.

also on FB
Baltimore PoliceDept SHOOTING: Reported @ Fayette / Belnord, adult male shot. Life threatening injuries, police investigating

Baltimore PoliceDept SHOOTING: Reported @ North/Greenmount, adult male shot multiple times

An ex-wife killed her 66-year-old former husband in Glen Arm

Thursday, June 18, 2009

She drove her Trans Am to the Crüe show

... then seemingly disappeared. But County police, family and the band never gave up hope of finding Tracey Testo. Now her husband is charged with her murder and being held with no bail; her body has not yet been found.

Also, from the SAO:
At a hearing today, Lawrence Gee, 35, of the unit block of S. Monastery Road pled guilty to second-degree murder. Judge John C. Themelis sentenced Gee to life suspend all but 30 years in prison.

On August 19, 2006, police responded to 227 N. Culver Street, the home of Mary Page, 63, the victim in this case. Page’s employer, The Walter Art Gallery {sic}, called because Ms. Page did not show up for work on August 18 or 19, very unusual for her. Police found the house locked residence and forced entry into the home. Once inside police found Ms. Page’s body in the basement. There were obvious signs of violence, her pants and underpants had been removed, and Ms. Page’s face was bruised. An autopsy concluded that the cause of death was a homicide and that the manner of death resulted from strangulation, sharp force injuries to the neck consistent with being stabbed with a sharp object and blunt force injuries consistent with being beaten about the face and head.

Witnesses informed police that Gee dated the victim’s daughter and used to live in Ms. Page’s residence prior to her evicting both of them for theft and drug use. On August 26, 2006 police located Gee and pursuant to a search warrant DNA swabs were taken for comparison with evidence recovered from the victim’s body. On February 13, 2007 DNA analysis was completed on swabs from the victim and samples submitted by Gee and results indicated a match.

Housing squabbles

Unruly tennants, too many kids on the streets, broken windows and lots of police calls have lead to tensions between renters and owners at the city's Albermarle Square, a mixed-income development that replaced the notoriously drug ridden Flag House Courts housing projects.


Can you sue for custody/ child support before a baby is actually born?

Thursday morning torture

Johnnie Butler and Calvin Wright have been charged with the 2007 torture and murder of Sintia Mesa. Both were already in jail on unrelated drug charges.

Shooting early this morning on the West side

Mistrial after a jury deadlock
in prison brutality case

Supreme Court says cons have no right to DNA testing

Residents rage at the manager of Suite Ultralounge.

Animal abuse in Pimlico

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Domestic abuse

Melody Smith, who was strangled to death in April was hit with a protection order by her alleged assailant a few days before she died

Guerilla Family Portraits

"Hardworking mom" Deitra Davenport and "workaday bureaucrat" Calvin Renard Robinson

Taking on "take-home" cars

IV editor Regina Holmes weighs in on BPD's penchant for driving "take home" cars to PA

Escape-Proof Habitat

Four shootings and a carjacking that ended with an SUV going through the front of a house on Exeter st. last night
Watch out for people who approach your car with a "hard-luck story"

Mark Kenneth Floyd was arrested for killing the women on Biddison Lane. According to the JIS, Floyd has had two nol-prossed assaults on his record and is due in court Friday after next to answer charges that he was a felon in possession of a stolen shotgun.

Conviction for the murders of Vanessa Price, 36, and her 16-year-old daughter Bianca may be thrown out
in lieu of allegations of judge's bias

FHB III on "media blitz"

Judge Nance taking heat for jailing mom who said "I love you"

Rashid Hall arrested for "a carime that is hard for anyone to believe."

"Prairie dogs immediately escape from $500k escape-proof habitat"

Monday, June 15, 2009

Busting stereotypes...

Tricia Bishop on how voir dire is a bunch of hoodoo

Sirlilar Stokes... hey, I just put two and two together, the Sirlilar Stokes who Jacques Kelly reported about a few weeks ago is the same one accused of shooting dancer Ashley Davis in Robert E. Lee park, then going back to the strip club. (Pic at right)
Not all lesbians are innocent and cuddly, Mel!
(See also Newton, Sharone, accused of killing Sctario Edwards outside of Coconuts)

WTF? "A 30-year-old woman was seriously injured Sunday evening when her brother pushed her out of a moving vehicle and into the southbound lanes of Interstate 695 near Security Boulevard"

RJR dwarfed by megalithic pile of applications

Undetermined, unrelenting

Prosecutors want audio copies of the second degree assault trial of Baltimore homicide detective Terry Love and Baltimore County deputy sherriff Michael Herring to turn over to their respective agenices to aid in an internal investigations of the pair. The duo was found not guilty of assaulting a man outside a North Baltimore barbershop in September of 2007.

Meanwhile, the city council is planning to weigh in on the topic of undetermined deaths.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Wives of Biddison Lane

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Who would want to kill two poodle-owning lesbians in Walterson?
UPDATE: The women were ID'D as 31-year-old Lydia Steed and 23-year-old Allisha Royster.