Saturday, October 3, 2009

I shot an arrow into the air...

A Baltimore teen arrested for attempted murder for shooting a BB Gun at an MTA bus.

An arrest has been made in two city shootings.

More city shootings, as a man is found dead on Massachusetts Ave.
Update: Victim Identified as Antoine Rawlings age 28.

Finally, two members of the "Special" drug gang are given surprisingly short sentences in federal court for the shooting of James Wise.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Update: Victim Identified as 17 yr. old Darius Anderson.

Ew the humanity

A "suspicious" body found head-down in a sewer in Govans
UPDATE: BPD says "Body found in manhole is a white female. OCME will provide additional info on COD following autopsy due to serious decomp."

A youth worker at a Baltimore County detention facility helped a 17-year-old sex offender escape, then had offensive sex with him before they were arrested.

"Boyfriend" Tyronne Webb charged in 2008 murder of Mia Nichols

Dennis Testo
Trial postponed for mulleted (accused) murderer Dennis Testo

In Catonsville, man survives after bringing a golf club to a hatchet fight

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Media Blabber

At around 11 a.m., WBAL "Tweeted," from the AP, "Michael Vick Re-Signs With Nike: Michael Vick is back with Nike."
One of the savviest marketers in the world committing commercial hari-kari? Really?
Pretty fishy-- wouldn't you check that kind of thing out?
But nobody did-- the Sun, the Post and even our beloved Daily Record followed suit, dutifully reposting the story without a single phone call.
The Record's Liz Farmer even blamed Nike, "So what the heck took Nike so long to correct this error?"
We all know reporters are overworked and underpaid, but does the Record really believe that it's a corporation's job to spit the facts, and a paper's job to print them?

Way to go Michael McCarthy of USA Today, first to pick up the phone and call BS!

Whole bunch of crime in today's Blotter

Including an arrest in the homicide of Jamal White, as well as 8 laptops stolen in Towson alone.

So Much Dirty

"Southeast's top police officer is suspended," and nobody's saying why

Fancy watches, a money-counting machine, and Clomid?! Wacky stuff found in dirty cop Mark Lunsford's stash

The final brutality suit against officer Jerome K. Hill ended with a $1500 settlement, and Hill with a job in the records division. (how can you sodomize someone with a ripped-up $20 bill?)

Two trials for the mayor

More on the drug-overdose doctor

Names and details in this week's Ink

Ooh la la, c'est beaucoup de francs! New transaction terms save Constellation energy $1.2 billion in taxes.
(If you haven't fired BGE yet, here's a handy way to get bids from suppliers from TDR.)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A U of MD post-doc fellow is charged with drug possession after his girlfriend dies of a bupe overdose. Irony alerts: the two were researching addiction... and a bonus: BPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi reportedly once worked for drug dealers at Pfizer!

The BPD reports that Tyron Markit Mason (B/M/1979) was arrested for burning his grandmother after she refused to give him money.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ex-homicide detectives speak out

Two ex-homicide detectives talk about the problems inside the BPD

Crime odds and ends

Police investigate a boatload of nonfatal shootings this weekend.

Police ID woman found stabbed to death.

Police also ID the man found shot to death on 9/11.

And finally, local skinheads plead not guilty in the vicious beating of an elderly man.

P.S.- To all the Baltimore skinheads who read this blog, If you really feel the need to be a racist prick, might I suggest you chose a city where you're not going to be exceedingly outnumbered and despised. Might I suggest Alaska or Iowa where the ratio of really pissed off black guys to ignorant racist is a tad more on your side? --TAB
Police have released a sketch of man wanted for questioning in connection with a violent rape in the NW district.