Saturday, October 28, 2006

October 28

Solothal "Itchy Man" Thomas and Edward "Bam" Countess got life plus 10 years yesterday for their roles in a County murder-for-hire ordered by Baltimore City drug dealer Tyree Stewart in retaliation for a 1999 robbery.

Remember that "criminal," Glen Curry (DOB 12/52), who was so dangerous he was arrested for trespassing in front of his own apartment, then an officer punched him in the face while he was cuffed? All charges against him have been dropped, three days before his case was supposed to go to court. The charges are still in the system though, of course. His lawyer told JZ a federal investigation is underway.

Family, the cornerstone of society:
Good Lord. Alison Kirby was stabbed more than a dozen times by her babydaddy in a Wal-Mart parking lot and lived to tell the tale. Kirby sought a restraining order, but it was denied. Her ex, Christopher McCann, was convicted of attempted first-degree murder yesterday.

Mother of the family that killed Anthony Frank Fertitta and burned his body, one Cynthia Jean McKay, was charged with first-degree murder in the county.

Did Ed Hoffman of Elkton shoot his wife because she couldn't stand to be in debt?
I don't know, but for the record, if I ever go broke, don't kill me, honey!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Back in June, almost 100 readers took the governor poll. Forty-four percent of you were voting O'Malley, 36 Ehrlich, nine undecided.

The new poll only has 34 respondents so far. But ... this poll shows Ehrlich in the lead with 47 percent. MD Politics Now says that the governor has picked up all of the newspaper endorsements handed out so far (Dude's links are all broken, but it's true... here's the Towson Times').

Could the worm be turning?

October 27

At a hearing today, Tia Whitehead pled guilty to one count of reckless endangerment. The court set a sentencing date of December 27. Reckless endangerment carries a maximum prison term of five years. The child abuse, reckless endangerment and false imprisonment trial of Samuel Pounds was postponed until December 1 before Judge Albert J. Matricciani, Jr., 230 Courthouse East, 111 N. Calvert St. Court documents allege Whitehead and Pounds chained a 15 year old girl to a bed in an upstairs bedroom at a house in the 3200 block of Beehler Avenue on June 19.

Two murders last night: one unID'd man and one Dante L. Johnson, age 20.

At a hearing yesterday, Reginald Williams, 35, of the 400 block of East Eager Street, pled guilty to three counts of first-degree sex offense, one count of third-degree sex offense, one count of rape and three counts of second-degree assault. Under terms of the plea agreement, Williams faces a minimum sentence of 50 years in prison and a maximum sentence of life in prison when sentenced by Judge Allen L. Schwait on February 6, 2007. You'll remember Williams as the serial rapist who sexually assaulted five women in Central downtown over the span of three weeks between December 3-22, 2005. On December 22, 2005 police attempted to arrest Williams in the 1200 block of W. Saratoga Street when he fled into an alley and pulled a gun, and officers shot him in the leg.

A 16-year-old boy was shot in the head, back and stomach during a robbery.
A man sitting in a parked car in the 5500 block of York Road was shot.
Dante Tyner, 20, was arrested for the murder of 17-year-old Darrell Artis (186), shot to death on McClean Blvd-- oddly the same block where Malian taxi driver Oumar Bah (aka Omar Ba) was murdered last June.

Bipolar, drunk Martha J. Ladenson drove the wrong way on Charles Street at 60 mph, killed Kim Carter McDonald, got two years in prison.

File under: grudges, corruption
The Post says O'Malley and Jessamy's feud dates back to '01, when O'M cussed out Ms. J for dropping a police corruption case (Brian Sewell) who O'M wanted prosecuted (a police evidence room had been broken into). Some insiders say the beef actually dates back 16 years, back to when they both ran for State's Attorney in '95. Sixteen years, that's some for-real grudge!
Wonder if Jessamy'll endorse Frowny Bowlcut?!

Isn't it ironic? Don't you think? Local leaders (including Jill Carter and the Elder Conaway) are having a chuckle over the mayor's "not guilty" DUI haunting him 20 years later.
You can't expunge the Internets, kids!

Ooh, I hope this happens! The Examiner wants to run a page a month featuring photos of whoremongers.
Q: Do "Johns" have to register as sex offenders?

Towson police to sex offenders:
no playing hole-in-the-bowl on Halloween.

I can't wait to see this movie:

Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 26

ONLY in Baltimore fokes!!
conaway bookConfused voters of the 40th district may have unwittingly selected as candidate for Democratic Delegate a violent bipolar self-published writer! Frank Melvin Conaway Jr. is NOT the much-respected and dapper clerk-of-the-court, but rather his considerably more unstable son! Off his meds, Melvin Junior self-published a spiritual manifesto, "Baptist Gnostic Christian Eubonic Kundalinion Spiritual Ki Do Hermeneutic Metaphysics," (allegedly) beat up his wife and chipped her tooth, hired a crackhead as his campaign finance chair ... and still has a great chance of getting elected!

Yes, this horrible case is still around:
The murder and child abuse trial of Nathaniel Broadway, 27, of the 1900 block of E. 31st Street, began today before Judge Allen L. Schwait, 400 Mitchell Courthouse, 110 N. Calvert Street. On June 7, 2004 Broadway and Sierra Swann, the parents of infant twin girls, were indicted for first-degree murder and child abuse in connection with the death of their one-month-old twins, Emmoney Broadway and Emmonea Broadway, killed on May 11, 2004 at their residence in the 1900 block E. 31st Street.
On February 13, 2006 Sierra Swann pled guilty to two counts of child abuse resulting in death; Nathaniel Broadway and Sierra Swann are being held without bail at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Anti-nuke sisters: No way we're going to pay the Air Force back for the nun-blood-on-the-missle thing.

Club Charles' Joy Martin: 1 in 2 Baltimoreans who walk the streets of the city die a street-related death.
Which reminds me, wasn't O'M going to eminently domain the Chesapeake restaurant? Can't help but to notice it's still a vacant eyesore...

North County
GBMC RN: rape victims "don't need to come into a dirty bathroom if they already feel dirty."

A fatal stabbing in White Marsh.

In Harford County, a MySpace page led to arrests for the rape of a 16-year-old. (Did her parents know she was going to a party at the Super 8 Motel?)

AAC: Crazed James D. Morris, 37, cut his niece's hair, set a house on fire with gasoline, got pepper-sprayed.

Candidates for State Attorney General, Scott Rolle and Doug Gansler, had a debate, but nobody was invited! Anyway apparently Fredneck Rolle pointed out: "I obtained the longest sentence in Maryland history for a child molester: 450 years. We have filed the notice to seek the death penalty three times in Frederick County. My opponent has never filed a notice to seek the death penalty."
Since the minority of MDers support it, maybe that's not a good thing.
Still, I don't like this Gansler guy. He comes off as a prettyboy Yalie career lawyer, anointed to the job when no one was looking. And he admits he isn't going to do shineola for the city's problems. Here's Rolle's page.

The State Attorney General's office has taken over the matter of Delegate and alleged scam artist Tony McConkey.

Cecil County jail guard Bruce Bradwell, 53, of DE, pleaded guilty to misconduct in office. He's one of three guards involved in a sex-with-inmates scandal.

Oy Vay, NJ may go gay! Do I hear wedding bells for the former governor?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

October 25- DJ Delayed

October 25

The City Grand Jury indicted Marvin Ferguson, 40, of Lyndale Avenue for first-degree murder today.Court documents allege on October 1 while Billy J. Horne, 47, was cleaning his vehicle in front of his home in the 3800 block of Lyndale Avenue, Marvin Ferguson approached and shot him numerous times with a shotgun for no apparent reason. Mr. Horne's son and another man were also fired upon, but were not harmed. Ferguson then returned to his home at 3867 Lyndale Avenue, Baltimore Police Department SWAT team extracted him several hours later. An arraignment is scheduled for November 22.

The murder trial of Clifton Gee, 46, of the 6700 block of Shaken Wood Road, continues today with closing arguments before Judge John Carroll Byrnes. The Baltimore City Grand jury indicted Gee September 8, 2005 for first-degree murder in connection with a homicide that occurred more than 11 years ago. Court documents allege Gee stabbed to death Queen Esther Watson, 29, on May 14, 1994 in her home in the 200 block of South Bethel Street. The Baltimore City Police Lab and the Maryland State Police Lab linked Gee to this murder with DNA testing conducted in February 2005. Gee is currently being held by the Division of Correction where he is serving a five-year sentence in an unrelated case.

East side.
Murder victim #223-ish (some of the people shot last week must have passed...) was 19-year old Glenard Byrd Jr. of Middle River found shot to death Monday in the 1000 block of N. Bond St.
Wonder what a teenager from Middle River would be doing in that part of town .... ?

Central, Western, Northwestern, County.
"Listen kid, I need to CHILL OUT NOW!!"
Oh wait, there's murder victim #222-ish.
Thirty-nine year-old Joel Bradley was beaten to death by a bus stop on the fringe of Bolton Hill.
An attmpted kidnapping in Reisterstown... isn't that at least the second one lately?
And then there's still "Nancy" in HarfCo... sigh. Wait, now, is that "bodies" plural? Two bodies? What other bodies are they talking about?
The one the kids found in Owings Mills?
Roxanne Amick, whose 40-year-old body was found wrapped in a blanket on the side of Bel Air Road? (Guess the husband didn't do it after all.)
Are they counting Nina Tarkovskaya (the Russian lady who went missing from Reisterstown in May)?
Can someone just total for me how many female bodies and attempted kidnappings up there this year?!

.... Wait a minute, sounds like the "unreported women/prostitutes found dead/with their throats cut in the Northwest" rumor, doesn't it?
Gee, I wonder where crazy rumors come from!

CSA: Baltimore City Court, We Rebuke You!

Greg Kane connects Pat Jessamy, Busta Rhymes, Lil' Wayne and the money fracas in the yard.

PCG, population=@850k):
PG is Much less murderous than Baltimore.

Carjacking's easy... babysitting is hard!
Keep your eyes peeled for a 1997 four-door gray Chevrolet Blazer, MD 664M308.

Politics Corner
The City Council is holding a hearing today about banning smoking in all public places.

Digging in deep dirt: O'M was charged with DUI... 20 years ago! Meanwhile, the Post has endorsed Ehrlich.

Doug Gansler's got to go to court to prove he can run for Attorney General.
What happens if he can't-- is Stu Simms the Dem. candidate?

Finally, something about the other person who'ld like to be our comptroller, Dean Anne McCarthy! I hope she and Franchot debate some big-word stuff, live and somewhere close, comfy (and early) so I can go ... how about the MICA Brown Center? ... the chances of MD electing a Republican comptroller are about the same as someone who can add going to MICA!!

If you don't have the best CD of the year, Night Ripper, get it before some lawyer notices the whole thing is illegal! It. Is. So. Good.!!

Don't forget to read your International tabloids today!
Kate Moss is pregnant, and the British Press is covering the Macca/Mucca divorce with the gloves off ... Madonna's Keeping Her lil' Black Baby! Let's all get Baltimore City foster kids! Black babies for everyone!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

October 24

John Long, 26, got 160 months in prison for drugs-n-guns. Large guns.... "including a Norico SKS 7.62 caliber rifle; a Glock 20, 10mm pistol; a Glock Mossberg 500a, .12 gauge shotgun; a Glock 23, .40 caliber pistol; a Glock 27, .40 caliber pistol; and a Intratec 9mm pistol; with ammunition. In mid-April, 2004, Long and others moved the firearms from 7 South Broadway to 270 S. Highland Avenue, Baltimore. On May 4, 2004, law enforcement officials recovered the firearms with ammunition. Long acknowledged that the firearms were carried for protection and in furtherance of the drug conspiracy."

Sad: Parents of murdered Kevin Shields are being kept from their grandchild by his FB mom, Stephanie Madariaga, an accessory to Shields' murder.

A man in his 20's was shot in the parking lot of Eastpoint mall in Essex.

Gunshot sensors are what we need for Christmas!!

It's a supermarket (robbery) sweep in the County.

Gary Chamberlin, a convicted pedophile in Finksburg, wants a new trial after the presumed victim confessed that a friend told her to make up the story.

A Republican Deener Delegate is accused of cheating a woman out of her house.

If they were from Frederick County, Doug Gansler would call them FrednecksHA!! State's Attorney presumptive Doug Gansler is accused of calling Frederick Co. "FREDNECK" County!
"Mr. Gansler laid blame on the Post reporter, Philip Rucker, calling his story a 'lazy, strange article.'"
(right: Frednecks found on the Internets)

Monday, October 23, 2006

October 23 - bedtime!

Zukael Stephens, 29, was charged Friday with the murder of Marcus Rogers of Mt. Vernon!
Rogers, a drag queen who frequented the Club Bunns, at was beaten at 1010 St. Paul St. in Mount Vernon and his apartment was set on fire Oct. 1.
Police are still looking for Rogers' vehicle, a black 1998 Mercedes-Benz station wagon, surely one of the lovliest passenger-cars of the decade past; MD tag 25107CA. If you see it call homicide - 410-396-2100.

♥I-Team: Police threatened with being fired for not making arrest and "citizen contact" quotas.
That is some severely. messed. up. shit.
Way to claw memorandi, I-Babes!

Police found two decomposed un'Id'd bodies in Abderdeen, Harford County. Work of serial killer? The government?
The details were interesting... especially that last one:
Found on the victim:

  • Gray, Limited Too brand simulated leather jacket, size XXL

  • Dark, Covington blue jeans, size 6

  • Black athletic shoes with Velcro straps, size 7.5, marked "Nancy" with Athletic Works logo

  • One gold colored ring with clear stones on the front and chevrons on the side with a Band-Aid wrapped around the band

  • One Timex Indiglo watch with a navy blue face, a light blue compass dial and a blue weave Velcro wristband

  • One silver metal ring marked "India"

  • possibly a set of dentures

any small-bodied toothless females missing? Did the body have teeth?

October 23

Plaintiff attorneys in Hopson v. City of Baltimore: Police are still shredding documents!

Brandy Britton (aka "Professor Whore" to one of our blunter readers) granted an "exclusive" interview to the Examiner's Luke Broadwater. Though he didn't make it into her bedroom or talk to her mom like Darragh Johnson did in May!

On June 20, 2006, a Baltimore City jury convicted Joseph Omar Smith, 24, of the 2400 block of Lakeview Avenue of the second-degree murder of Lawrence Johnson, attempted second-degree murder and assault of Ryan McCutcheon, attempted second-degree murder of Jeremy Drake, conspiracy to murder McCutcheon and Drake, three counts of use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and illegal possession of a regulated firearm. The same jury convicted Cyrus Lee Beads, 20, Beads of the attempted second-degree murder of McCutcheon, attempted second-degree murder of Drake, conspiracy to murder McCutcheon and Drake, two counts of use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and illegal possession of a regulated firearm. Our story...
On June 7, 2005 police responded to 3832 Roland View Avenue and found three males suffering from gunshot wounds inside the location. Investigation revealed that the victims had been on the front porch when individuals suddenly opened fire from across the street. Multiple 9mm casings were recovered from the scene and were matched to a Glock 9mm handgun recovered from Cyrus Beads on June 13, 2005 when he was arrested in the 2600 block of Keyworth. Eyewitnesses encountered the defendants immediately after the shots were fired rushing into an apartment. Both had guns and both used the bathroom to wash up and change clothes.

Today, the state recommended Life plus for each defendant and explaining their criminal histories, both defense attorneys spoke on behalf of their clients.

Said a witness in the courtoom, "Smith's attorney said his client had an awful upbringing. He had no father, his mom was a drug addict and he had no direction in his life. He said we are all at fault. The problem is much bigger. We can't just lock up and forget...the bigger problem. The attorney explained that we are all guilty of what happened to Omar Smith. He said Smith maintains his innocence and expresses no remorse because of this. He asked for a sentence of 30 years.

Hedgepeth apologized to judge and his client saying he instructed his client to not look at the jury, indicating that somehow the jury noted this in their decision. Hedgepeth explained that at the age of two months, Beads was sent to Las Vegas to live with an aunt because his mother was also a drug addict. Their til the age of eleven he lived a middle -class life. He was a good student and had never been in any trouble. His mother then wanted him back. He returned to Baltimore at the most vulnerable time in his life ... especially a young black man's life. Hedgepeth said Beads came from a "Cosby" type setting to the streets of Baltimore. The schools were different....everything was different.

Judge Schwait said, 'Our city is in enormous trouble.' He referred to both defendants as young attractive men. He said in the last 18 months he has presided over 53 murder cases. He sees his role as kind of 'triage.' Having violent, non-violent and drug cases. It cost $5,000 to treat a drug addict but cost $25,000 to incarcerate. He said society needs to change a lot of things and until we do 'my job is to protect the public, not a social worker. Sometimes I wish I were a social worker.' He then handed down his sentence."
Smith got life plus 150 years, Beads got life plus 103 years.

In the Northeastern, a man was shot in the head and throat, another in the leg.

Police used pepper spray to subdue unruly Owings Mills high school students.

Manuel Forastieri, 70, of Frederick, faces 62 felony sex-abuse and extortion counts.

Professor Griff is coming to the Yabba Pot .. and ladies get in free!

That Stupid Debate!

Homework for this week: Go back and watch the debate!

It opens with Ehrlich tenting his fingers and O'Malley squinting and smirking ...
O'M: "I'm here to report some good news... there's far more that unites us than divides us. We are united in our belief in the dignity of the individual ... we are still the people Frederick Douglass loved."
Gag! .... and speaking of Frederick Douglass, a week later a kid was shot at Frederick Douglass High!

Then O'Malley goes on the negative...
O'M: ".... belittle, run down the progress neighbors are making with their police ... belttling the capacity of our kids to achieve. Do me a favor and ask yourself, what is this doing to bring Maryland together? ... we can do better."

well, since you mentioned it homeboy ... what are you doing in our city?
(neighbors and THEIR police?!)

Then we get into education, turning over schools to corporations: ahem... during O'Malley, $48 million school money went missing!
Ehrlich: "It's unacceptable, it is your record, you can't be afraid to quantify, you can't be afraid to measure."

O'M: We have three whole good public schools in the city (City, Poly, School for the Arts), 60 percent of kids are passing. (Don't remind me, okay?) "Denise, we're not dumb."

Then O'M gets negative. It's "the Two Bob Ehrlichs" (Sideshow Bob?), cutting school construction and teacher pensions. He talks about "getting our children out of trailers."

teachers love the trailers! There's lots of room, no hall noise, air conditioning, lights that work ... anyway... then O' goes on about higher ed....

Ehrlich gets his dander up: "Mayor, here's my problem with you..."Frederick Douglass... 40 percent passing in government... you can't expect people to accept the status quo in Baltimore City. "you protected the status quo! ...
[Here's the exact moment where I get on Ehrlich's side] ... You violated consitutional rights ... it's a moral issue, it's a fiscal issue..."

O'M: "I have visited countless schools."
You can't count your own schools? hey Ehrlich, get your fingers out of your nose!
O'M"The Gates Foundation is investing Denise in reforming our high schools."
Wha? The Gates Foundation? Ain't them and Oprah helping out sub-saharan Africa?!
I'd almost forgotten how bad-off the city is ... thanks for the reminder!

"We're making progress ... not done yet." NO CRAP!
"What we need is a governor who's better at taking responsibility than he is taking cheap shots ..."

Ehrlich butts in ... "now Denise, this is important, thank you, this is what this is about. Ten thousand dropouts, where do you think those kids are today? The mayor spent more on the new slogan than he has in increasing money in schools."

O'M: "Don't know where you're getting that governor, we've increased per capita spending 20 percent."
[the upside of the population fleeing the city?]
Ehrlich looks frowny.

O'M: "... this is a race for governor, governor" (what's with the snotty tone?) "not City Council."
Yeah, cause you COULDN'T WIN THAT now!! "The truth of the matter is we're making progress Denise."
(Pee-Wee Face!)

Denise: "Yeah, good."
Then BGE rates, Ehrlich's got specific numbers, dates, uses fingers like beak of bird... point to O'Malley about the PSC.
DeReg, energy price caps.

Ehrlich: Crime is down "big time" in the State of MD ... obviously BCity has its own set of problems... we have localized approach, take state tax dollars, put them into C-safe local hot spot program, flexibility, makes great death of sense; capital punishment, I support it ... Delegate Jill Carter today again along with other leaders in the communities ... has been hypercritical of the mass arrests in Baltimore City, we do not like the spectre of one-third of arrestees being kicked out, never charged, no paperwork generated, they were just let go. It puts the police in a very demoralized, unfair situation."
Thank you! About time someone was feeling a little of the city's pain!

O'M: "The most important thing we've had to do is build consensus around public safety ... that is probably the toughest thing to do, to bring people together for public safety."

Speak for yourself guy! You're the one who can't be bothered to show to a CJCC meeting!
26,000 BCrime readers build consensus every month! ... but you don't have to be one of them to say "huh?" to figures like
"Lowest crime rate since 1960 ... we pushed the homicide rate below 200."

"The governer promised to fix juvenile services .. upgrade DNA database ...guards understaffed.... attacks on guards and inmates way up ... we need to work together."
Who's we? You and Jessamy? You and Kevin Clark?

Ehrlich: "At least two of your former police commissioners don't buy your numbers, they've been very open in that respect."
O'M, sneeringly: "have they?" (What's with the snotty 'tude again?)
"This year, Denise, 100 people have been arrested and charged with murder, and 40 of them were supposedly under direct supervision of governor Ehrlich's failed state department of parole and probation."
... can I get a source for those figures?
"We have a fast-revolving door of criminal justice ... Do something about your broken parole and probation system, do something about your broken juvenile justice system instead of trying to divide people with the issue of crime."
Do something, Daddy!

Denise: Let's talk about leadership.
O'M: The sort of leadership that I've been attracted to... that people long for, is repespectful of others... seeks compromise to find that common ground. We've made progress by having the guts to declare high goals... we're always moving forward. Leadership that will stand up for the common good ... not cynicism, negativity belittling [there's that word again!] the acheivements of any jurisdiction... we're all in this together. We need a governor who will practice the politics of bringing people together."

Here's the one time Ehrlich smiles... "I don't know what all of that means, I gotta tell ya."
I could transcribe this all day. But I gotta get some real work done!
O'Malley goes on to say the "two Bob Ehrlichs" about three more times.
Ehrlich makes rude "without us you're nothing" remarks that we all could do without.

But if you think O'Malley won, watch it again! No WAY Denise!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22

Remember that burned body found by the side of 83 last Christmas Eve?
It belonged to one Wesley Person of Steelton, PA. Now Lawrence Murrell Jr. has been charged with homicide, criminal conspiracy and abuse of a corpse.

Even with DNA evidence, the road to exoneration is cobbled and bumpy for cons.

A NW 18-year-old is at Shock Trauma after being shot in the upper body.

A 22-year-old man was shot in the leg
trying to flee a masked man.

A brawl at the Malibu Bar in the SE ended sending six drunk hicks to the hospital.

Da Vote!!
Diebold voting-machine source code has been stolen and leaked ... again! The FBI is investigating.

A whopping 59 percent of you say Ehrlich won the BAL debate!
(Good, that's what I thought too!)
Also, most of you spent the weekend getting fat! Super!