Friday, October 15, 2010

Because you were not effing depressed enough already

Father charged with choking 6-month-old infant to death

AG Eric Holder vows to enforce federal drug laws if CA voters legalize the pot.

Three murder convictions

Marquise Evans, James Wesley Spriggs, and Craig Bobian were all recently convicted of first-degree murder in separate cases. Evans got life plus 20 years, Spriggs got life and Bobian will be sentenced on December 1.

BTW, I see lots of life sentences but hardly ever hear about someone getting life w/o parole in the City. Is the SA's office reluctant to go for LWOP?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

City taxpayer question of the day

Q: Why does a city pension board trustee fly to Miami for three days at taxpayer expense to meet with representatives of an investment firm that has offices in Philly?

A: Because city taxpayers are footing the bill, and since you don't have to tell where you stayed on their dime, you can pick a swank hotel and live it up.
B: Because the pension fund is $300 million in the red and you need a break from the stress
C: Because you paid this firm millions for worthless investment advice and now they owe you dinner by the pool
D: All of the above

Wife swapping

Not much neighborly love in Finksburg, after two men end up dead in an apparent murder suicide.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Drunken frat boy runs newspaper into ditch

Another Tribune Exec (and not the tittays guy, Randy Michaels) has apologized for sending out a memo about "sluts" (hey, that video's a classic!)
Now titties guy has suspended slut guy, and the site Jezebel has more on a former employee's harassment claims, including "saying she had been bitten on the neck by Mr. Michaels and that he walked through the office wearing a sexual device around his neck."

.. and now all afternoon we're going to be wondering what the hell kind of device that might be

Sluts n' Mullets

Eight murders this week, says the CP

The trial of mulleted murder suspect Dennis Testo continues, and TDR's Danny Jacobs has more on "no body" cases

Police are ISO suspect in Hampden store robberies

Clerical error almost cost inmate 14 extra years on his sentence

Oh, great: "Willie Featherstone is a sexual predator, but he keeps getting out of prison."

Rilly? says Baltimore's income growth is 3rd-highest in the nation.

ps. what's better than this blog? This blog en francais!

Monday, October 11, 2010

eine kleine Nachtwunde

A guy stabs two at Oktoberfest

Four or five murders this weekend: adult male and Park Heights and Shirley; Daryll Hood, 22, 4700 block of Shamrock Avenue; Travis Lane, 29, found dead on the 3500 block of Calvert Street; Dennis Waddell, 1600 block of Warwick Avenue; James Ingram, 3000 block of Presbury Street; and a suspiciously dead guy in a vacant in the 800 block of North Fremont Avenue.

UM professor to review Baltimore police arrests

Smoochy lesbians ejected from Ravens game (ps. happy coming out day to our more closeted readers!)

Media blabber

Tribune CEO accused of offering a waitress $100 to flash her tittays to "senior colleagues"

East Oliver update

The drug dealers have moved from the park and are not camped out in front of a funereal home.