Saturday, December 2, 2006

December 2

A man was shot near Monroe Street and Penrose Avenue; a 13-year-old girl cut off a teenage boy's thumb; a woman was abducted from a gas station in he 1400 block of Washington Blvd. and raped.

A Federal Judge refused to dismiss the NAACP/ACLU lawsuit against the police department.

Judge Heard yesterday denied a motion to have rape charges dropped against two members of the "flex squad."

Godfrey Bonsu and wife, Victoria Boateng were sentenced yesterday to 14 years in prison, and 11 years three months in prison, respectively, with each sentence followed by five years of supervised release, for running a drug-courier business from the Takoma Park Quality Inn.

Rabbi David Kaye, featured on "Dateline NBC," got 6 1/2 years in prison for trying to solicit sex from (someone he thought was) a 13-year-old boy (but was really a 26-year-old worker from Perverted Justice).

Lots of stolen cars, bikes and $s in the Northern.

Yay! Underdog will be at the parade tomorrow!

Friday, December 1, 2006

December 1

John Gaumer's statements will be allowed in court.

A five-month-old Cecil County boy was murdered.

Sad: a hit-and-run driver hit and killed a child in a stroller.

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy for allegedly stabbing his 17-year-old brother to death this morning in East Baltimore [249]. The 17-year-old stumbled out of the house, collapsed and died on the 1100 block of North Chester.

At arraignment today, Shanda R. Harris pled not guilty to reckless endangerment. Court documents allege that between July 1, 2005 and July 30, 2006 Harris allowed convicted child sex offender Melvin Jones access to her children after being notified that he was a registered child sex offender. The decomposed body of her 15-yar-old son, Irvin, was found July 31 in a wooded area at Clifton Park Golf Course after he'd been missing for three days. Shanda Harris remains held at the Baltimore Detention Center on $50,000 bail. A jury trial is scheduled for February 15, 2007 before Judge Allen L. Schwait.

The U.S. prison population has hit a record high, with 7 million people in jail or on probation or parole.

Samuel Pounds, 30, of the 2800 block of Sanafae Avenue, pled guilty today to one count of reckless endangerment. Judge Kaplan sentenced Pounds to 18 months in prison and three years of supervised probation, and ordered Pounds to complete a parenting, submit to drug and alcohol screening, complete an anger management course and to stay away from the victim and the victim's family. On October 27, 2006 a co-defendant in this case, Tia Whitehead, pled guilty to one count of reckless endangerment. The court set a sentencing date of December 27. Reckless endangerment carries a maximum prison term of five years. On June 16 Pounds chained a 15-year-old-girl to a bed in an upstairs bedroom at a house in the 3200 block of Beehler Avenue. The girl was not discovered until three days later.

A double shooting on the 3000 block of White Avenue and Harford Road, a shooting on the 1000 block of West Lanvale, a shooting on the first block of South Conkling; no one was killed. Also a murder arrest, a boy shot with a paintball gun and lots of robbery.

Can I get a witness? With only two people working the relocation program, and many witnesses refusing protection or to stay out of their old neighborhoods, knocking off witnesses can be remarkably easy.

A fourth teen was arrested for stabbing Paul Jones. A fifth suspect, 16-year-old Antoine Martin, is still at large.

A 16-year-old Glen Burnie boy was stabbed in a fight over a cell phone.

Michael Sapko of Arbutus pled guilty to possession of 86 images of sadistic child porn.

A police-involved auto accident on Fulton and Pratt last night.

Sun: criminals are becoming more forensic-science saavy.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 30

A man was found shot to death on the 3800 block of Towanda Avenue early this morning (248).

The City Grand Jury indicted Kendrick McCain, 15, of the 700 block of McCabe Avenue. for first-degree murder, robbery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit robbery. Court documents allege on November 7 Kendrick McCain and three other persons approached Nicole Edmonds and her brother as they exited the MTA Light Rail Train at the West North Avenue station. Nicole's brother was thrown to the ground and a jacket was pulled over his head and that as Nicole ran away, she was chased, caught and fatally stabbed by McCain. McCain is held without bail at the Baltimore Detention Center.

The family of Josie P. Brown had to listen to a tape of UMBC student John C. Gaumer recounting how he sexually assaulted her, beat her to death and then dismembered her to cover his tracks, like he learned on CSI. Her beating death was also recorded on her cell phone. But, Gaumer says, he beat her with his head turned because "I don't have a good stomach for blood."

Ameer Taylor's first-degree murder trial was scheduled to start this morning... no word yet on if it actually did.
Update: Postponed until March 1 of next year.

A 17-year-old was shot in the back and died in Landover.

The drunk Mexican who killed Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews on Thanksgiving is an illegal immigrant.

A dice game may have been behind the stabbing of Paul Jones at Southwestern High. Three teenagers have been arrested and charged as adults.

In Upper Marlboro, the 13-year-old who killed his mother Katrina Powe and brother Mystery Hillian with a knife and ax handle pled "involved."

HoCoPoPo are looking for two pervs: a flasher in a grey car and a man who tried to grope a 13-year-old girl.

Also in HoCo:
A former firefighter, Joseph Schroen, pled guilty to arson.

There may be liquor in the front, but no poker in the rear.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29

Andre Alexander, 21, was shot to death on the front steps of his home on the 4300 block of Fairfax Road in the Northwest (247).

The Ink: Five murders last week, 246.
  • Tereem Tayor, 21, 1700 block of W. Saratoga Street
  • John Dowery, 38, 700 block of Bartlett Avenue (more on that story in the Sun today)
  • Shawn Reed, 32, 400 block of East 22nd Street
  • Undentified man; age unknown, 5100 block of Reisterstown Road
  • Bernard Simon, 14, 1200 block of Shellbanks Road.
Paul Jones (!), a 20-year-old student at Southwestern High (?) was stabbed behind the school in the chest by an 18-year-old, who's still on the lam.

Demetrious Williams, 18, was charged in the beating death of Cecil Saunders, 28, an employee of Executive Inn Motel in the 3600 block of Pulaski Highway.

More details about the murder of one-month-old Joshua Watson. Warning: deeply depressing.

A man was shot in the wrist in the parking lot of Waverly Shopping Center; a man was shot in the back and arm in the 600 block of Mosher Street.

A Reisterstown Road jewelry store is allegedly a front for a drug-money laundromat. Owner Eugene Petasky was arrested Monday night. Petasky, 56, lives in Pikesville and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Children's Cancer Foundation.

What a great idea: Frederick police are posting open arrest warrants on their Web site.

W. David Stoffregen, former president of mechanical contracting firm Poole and Kent Co, pled guilty yesterday to racketeering conspiracy, mail fraud and filing a false tax return, and has agreed to testify against his codefendant, former state senator Thomas L. Bromwell.

More on the death of HoCo Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, killed by a drunk driver a day after he returned from Iraq.

Ew, ew, ewie ew. A Westminister housewife, Melissa Lynn Kozimor, 27, got five years of probation (14 years suspended) for sexually abusing two teenage girls and having intercourse with a teenage boy while her husband and daughters were sleeping upstairs. She blames alcohol and PPD. Speaking of sexually offensive females, what the hell's going on with Britney and all the clam shots? Three in one week! (Warning: don't open that link at work .. or if you're easily offended!) But seriously, if she was an old man, she'd be in jail!
clinton gardner
Speaking of grody flashers: County police arrested peeping tom/flasher Clinton Gardner, 38 (left). How much would you freak out if you saw that guy out your window?!

Headline of the day: "Md. Residents Say Dead Cat Smell Remains"

Greg Kane uses the word "Brobdingnagian" in a timely essay about the selective application of racial sensitivity.
Here's my question: as my 5-year-old pointed out, nobody actually has black skin, so why do we use that term?
And what's up with "African-American"? Doesn't that imply someone is only half an American, a recent immigrant?

ps. I'll be on the Ed Norris show on 105.7 this Friday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Tune in!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

November 28

Tannea Bullock and Lawrence Watson plead guilty today in connection with the January 2005 death of their one-month old infant son, Joshua. Bullock plead to manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years and child abuse resulting in death, which carries a maximum sentence of 30 years. Lawrence plead guilty to reckless endangerment and was sentenced to time served. In accordance with the terms of the plea agreement announced in open Court, Bullock is scheduled to be sentenced January 30, 2007. She faces a maximum sentence of 20 tears with a referral to Patuxent Institution. Statement of Facts:
On January 5, 2005 at their residence in the 4800 block of Liberty Heights Avenue, Bullock and Watson said that they awakened at 5 a.m. and found Joshua cold and unresponsive. Watson called 911. Emergency operators performed CPR and rushed Joshua to Sinai Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The medical examiner found loop-shaped scars and signs of blunt force trauma to the right side of Joshua's body, skull fractures, hemorrhaging and contusions of the brain and 27 healing fractures to his torso. Bullock later admitted "the baby was crying and I just snapped."
Philip Carter, 18, pled guilty to robbing and beating Sun reporter Carl Schoettler, and another, less-famous old man.

More on the triple-shooting of teenagers in Cherry Hill. Says the Sun, Bernard Simon, 14, was the city's 246th murder.

A woman stabbed her babydaddy to death in Woodlawn.

The Court of Appeals is going to start Webcasting arguments, so we'll all get to watch the gay marraige thing go down.

In AAC, Albert Givens is going on trial for murder for the fifth time.

The big fat convenience-store robber turned himself in. Joseph Gregory, 33, claims to be a crackhead (I thought that made you skinny?)

Here's part two of the Benjamin Garris story.

The Tribune Co. has turned down he offer by a group of local investors to buy the Calvert Street birdcage-liner factory.

How much does Mrs. J hate the gov-to-be? She wished jury duty upon him!

Monday, November 27, 2006

November 27 evening

Correction: the person who told us about the 6th season was full of it! Sorry! Number five is the end!

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Stephens Zukael, 19, for first-degree murder, deadly weapon, reckless endangerment and first-degree arson in connection with the beating death of Marcus Rogers. Court documents allege Zukael was last seen with the victim on surveillance camera prior to his death. An arraignment is scheduled December 20, before Judge John P. Miller, 428 Mitchell Courthouse. Assistant State's Attorney Dianna Smith will prosecute this case.

We love a conspiracy!

So, about 19 of BCrime readers polled think that the unclassified 341 deaths from 2004 are the result of some kind of incompetence, while 18 believe it's a political conspiracy. That seems to be giving everyone downtown a whole lot of credit. But if it was one, guess it worked!

November 27

Three teenage boys were shot last night in Cherry Hill; one has died. (244)

In Harford County outside the VFW, Rondale Guy of Havre de Grace was shot twice and a woman was assaulted.

Fake $100 bills from South Ossetia, Georgia have been found in Baltimore (as well as NY, Newark and Buffalo).

A fat white guy with a ponytail and a dark red pickup truck robbed four convenience stores in one day.

Theft, robbery, burglary. Yawn.

The governor-to-be is due at the courthouse this morning ... for jury duty! Hizzoner has also served once before, serving as foreman in the case of "an unemployed flutist who complained of being squeezed in the door of a bus while trying to catch a ride to a pet store to buy fish food."

Sunday, November 26, 2006

November 26

Indeed, James Dowery was a witness in the murder trial of two men, Tamall Parker and Tracy Love. Dowery had been threatened and had been shot before, but testified anyway.

An off-duty officer shot two men who tried to rob him in South Baltimore.

A 20-year-old man was found dead in the parking lot of the Panera Bread Co. on York Road in Lutherville. Also, someone apparently had plans to burn down apartment buildings near TU.

Kids these days...

Rodricks: "The 16-year-old and the 15-year-old accused in the killing of the 17-year-old did not appear out of thin air." Meanwhile, Jessamy plans to study our young "street urchins."

For the second time in a week, a teenager was shot in Anne Arundel County.

The Feds are trying to revoke $2.5 million of school money because officials can't prove funds were spent appropriately. Speaking of school, today the NYT has a story about the achievement gap between poor and middle-class students. Interesting tidbit: a study found that professional parents talk to their kids almost three times more than parents on welfare.

The Frederick News-Post tells the tale of Benjamin Garris, who at the age of 16 murdered psychiatric nurse Sharon Edwards.

The Cordish Co. is being sued in New York for various torts related to their Tiki Bob's bar allowing underage drinking.

That's some killer office furniture ... Maryland Correctional Enterprises sold $42.8 million worth of goods last year without an internet presence ($3.8 million in sales were from license plates).