Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Letters for AJ

How much does it cost a developer to wheedle $400 million worth of goodies out of city hall? Oh, just guess. Lower... lower... ok, $21,750. Apparently a lobbyist is a mere $1500.

A fatal police-involved shooting in Parkville*, the deceased was ID'd as Ryan Charles Deitrich, 21. A man was also shot and killed by police in Salisbury.

Surprising but true: after a deadly January, homicides are actually down for the moment.*

Vernan Lee Cowan got 30 years tacked onto his sentence for killing cellmate Ricky Bailey. Not to be confused with homicide victim Ricky Bailey who died last December 8.

City officer Charles Hagee, who was on Jessamy's "do not call" list, was arrested after calling a call girl* (who was 14. Wonder if she really exists?).

Maryland men's motorcycle meth club conspiracy case comes to close. Also the Outlaws have an app on Facebook.

His mom says he's innocent, but it's not looking good for accused cop killer Gregg Thomas,* what with the gun being found in his house. Oh, and he served 10 years for murder.

Old but notable news:
WBAL apologized for their reporter John Patti's sloppy-azz Columbia mall shooting coverage,* in which it was claimed that the victims were involved in a love triangle. In fact, there's no evidence that the victims and the shooter had ever even met. Whoops!

Anthony "AJ" Jones
80's kids will remember:* Wergy Tergy puddin' pie, his brother snitched so he made him die*? He's been in solitary for sixteen years and completely isolated from jailhouse peers. But the lawyer says he's not the drug lord he used to be, so now Anthony Jones can call his family.
    Other memorable moments from AJ and his friends: trying to kill a rival with Drano in a syringe* and dressing up like BGE workers to try to kill him again. Putting on Ronald Reagan and George Bush masks with his pal Mookie,* his lieutenant who escaped out of Judge Prevas' bathroom window* to play hooky. It took more than 100 witnesses to take down his businesses.* But he bought children ice cream on hot days* so neighbors turned a blind eye when he set witnesses ablaze. Also, he threatened to kill their mothers, and from jail tried to kill his own stepbrother. It might make a good movie or a miniseries-type show, but if you weren't from Baltimore would you believe it? Probably no.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Horse, Meet Hen

Gregg Thomas

Danyae Robinson, 31, and Derrick Brown, 20, were convicted of the shooting that killed 12-year-old Sean Johnson.

There's an impressive interview-- WJZ hottie Rochelle Richie interviewed Baltimore's Most Wanted Gregg Thomas on his way to turn himself in-- Richie then flagged down officers in case Thomas changed his mind. Thomas' mom says he didn't do it. The officer is in critical-but-stable condition.*

A woman was attacked by a pack of teenagers in Canton. And the Southeast got through a week with only two reported robberies, wow!

A day before the Board of Estimates is set to approve repayment of $3.7 million in missing or misspent federal funds for the homeless, accusations of no-show jobs in the mayor's IT department.* Council VP Ed Reisinger: "Who's watching the hen's house? We can't wait until the horse gets out of the gate."