Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brightness falls

BPD photo
Surveillance pictures show the killers of 16-year-old Daniel Pearson* swaggering across the 2700 block of Greenmount Avenue on November 20, guns in position.

Thirty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three bucks  per camera those picturemakers cost us,* and this is what the images look like? How could anyone solve anything from a picture like that? Officials claim cameras solved 1,236 crimes last year.. somehow. So that's $20.7 million spent on the camera hardware, plus $1.4 million a year to run them, about $8 million spent last year, or $6,526 per crime solved. A good deal?

You can tell its the holidays. Fatal female stabbing on 200 Atholgate(southwest, somewhere in a big bunch of public housing units off of Fred Ave near city line).

Also, missing from Carroll County, says the Internet, 15-year-old Kenzie DiGiacomantonio, see below.


Ok folks. Just so people can stop commenting with it on so many posts...

We are well aware of multiple threats at multiple schools in Baltimore County. After speaking with a source within the Baltimore County Police they do not believe that ANY of these threats are credible. There will be extra police presence at selected schools which will not be named just as a precautionary measure. We will make sure to inform you IF any situation does occur. (02)

A reptile agenda from outer space

Alexander Kinyua was found guilty but not criminally responsible* for blinding his former friend Joshua Ceasar by beating him with a barbed-wire-festooned baseball bat, and killing Kujoe Bonsafo Ageyi-Kode (and eating some of his victuals). Kinyua apparently had unmedicated schizophrenia and believed that he was a prophet with secret powers, that there was a reptilian agenda from outer space that was replacing his family with imposters, and that his friend Joshua Caesar was conspiring to have him arrested by police on false charges. In spite of what sounds like copious evidence that he was loopy as a bowl of ramen, and even though Kinyua asked for help from the university counselling offices, officials at Morgan didn't (or couldn't) follow up. Nor does it sound like anyone tried to have him committed involuntarily. Major problem: crazy people don't know they're crazy, or they do know it and take their meds, but think they're cured when the meds work, then quit taking them and go back to being crazy. Presumably Kinyua will stay at the Clifford T. Perkins hospital for a longlong time.

Another Spectator-related show from Marc Steiner, with AFJM's sister and Alan Foreman. 

...If you'd like to send the Spectator a Christmas card, you can send it to: Frank MacArthur; I.D. # 2335662531; East Madison Street; Baltimore, Maryland 21202. You can also send him a money order for his commissary account if you are so moved, on your money order you must include MacArthur's I.D. number and the letters, "C.B.I.F." for Central Booking Intake Facility. UPDATE: Meister says his hearing will now be Dec 28 at 8:30 a.m. in room 215 of the Mitchell Courhouse, and Jill Carter is his lawyer.

One shot middle-aged man and a passel of juvenile suspects,* just over the city line on the AAC side of Brooklyn Park.

The case of the Subway sandwich-shop robber, named either Jamal or Jamar Bailey, was scheduled for re-arraignment, since he's charged with other misdeeds and the judge wants to consolidate the cases. And Jan 4, Steve Gewirtz plans to attend the trial of Derrick BrownAntwan Mosley and Danyae Robinson, accused of shooting and killing 12-year-old Sean Johnson as he watched a baseball game on his front porch.

In Cumberland, 25-year-old Brian Cotter was convicted of murdering his cellmate, 57-year-old Lewis Thompson Jr. Cotter allegedly strangled Thompson, then staged the scene to make it look like a suicide. 

Blahblahblah jackass, four days in jail blahblahblah sports.... more from the Sun.* And if you follow his example, you too might be rewarded with four days of relative peace and quiet, cable television and a solid excuse to never have to go to another ballgame.

Ten years for alleged heroin dealer Keith Massenberg, 45 and a previously convicted felon, 10 years for heroin dealer Wayne Lampkin, 41,  co-conspirator with the Gettis organization who allegedly dealt his wares near a charter school (... it doesn't say which school).

And did you know? Every time there's a mass shooting gun sales go through the roof. WalMart has now reportedly sold out of semi-automatics in many locations. Also surging: sales of armored backpacks. Totally want one, but wouldn't they be insanely heavy? Note to self, contact Miguel Caballero re. new backpack line. And speaking of school shootings, Lady Gaga has finally gotten around to contacting Daniel Borowy.

Finally, media blabber: Anne Linskey, reporter with a heart of gold and nads of steel, is leaving the Sun to work for Bloomberg. She used to cover crime in the city with Julie Bycowicz (who also fled for Bloomberg) and more recently was covering Annapolis. I'll never forget her yelling at Sheila Dixon as she left the courthouse following her conviction, "so who's the mayor now, Ms. Dixon?" Bloomberg's gain is Baltimore's loss. Bew. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

That's uncredible!

Michael Johnson is due to go to trial next month for the murder of Phylicia Barnes, now Fenton says that defense attorneys say that a witness says* that he saw Barnes in Cecil County, alone, before she died. Also the lead detective on the case was suspended for going rogue in search on his own missing daughter before Johnson was arrested. Hrm.

A hearing is scheduled today* for Alexander Kinyua, the Morgan Student who killed and then ate pieces of Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.  A week before Agyei-Kodie's murder, he also allegedly beat a fellow student with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

School-threat recap: threats at Arundel High = not credible. Threats at Laurel Junior High = credible.

Van Smith writes about the real backstories of a couple of guys who inspired The Wire

The Ink covers last week's four murders

What the heck? An alleged stranger walked up to a house in the 500 block of E. 30th street and fired a shotgun at it multiple times.

According to the Baltimore Guide blotter, the 500 block of N. Potomac is a burglar's buffet

The Patch's area blotter includes people robbed while waiting at a bus stop, because your life is just not shitty enough while you're waiting at a bus stop.

Who knew? It's apparently now common to smuggle booze from MD to NY, where state taxes are higher.

Bostonian, Miamian start work in SRB's admin. So city police won't live in the city, city council members like Rikki Spector won't live in their own districts, and no one from Baltimore is fit to hire to work for the mayor. Got it.

Well, that's nice, the women behind that anti-rape-culture Victoria's Secret parody,* Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato, are from Baltimore.* (psst, Victoria's secret is ... South Carolina prisoners)

So much for West side redevelopment; the city's now selling off the "Superblock" at fire-sale prices

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Again

O'Malley now says he is mulling over* banning all assault weapons (by which he means semi-automatics I guess?) and/or limiting the number of rounds in a magazine (currently 20).
Good read: "How Guns Became Gadgets" by Christopher Mims ("the AR-15 is the iPhone 5 of weapons")

The BPD now alleges they'll be doing BPD-TV daily from here on out, with a re-broadcast on channel 25 every night, though apparently the Media Unit is posting updates to YouTube and not the BPD site. Square your shoulders, Smith! And watch the "coffee with a cop" clip if only to to LOL at the lady in the background covering her face with a napkin. Just move already, lady!


A man shot near Mondawmin mall last night has died*

A female visitor went to National Academy Foundation Prep. "to deliver a birthday cake and balloons to her relative, but when a school staffer approached her after she didn't get proper clearance to enter the school, a fight started" and the crazy hefa pulled out a knife.

North Baltimore Patch's rogues gallery picks some winners for you to gawk at

The Sun posted a picture of the Towson shooter,* and he's scary-looking too. Director of the Towson Chamber of Commerce: "with the drinking and testosterone, that can lend to not good things happening."

The Spectator's sister says he's being denied visitors

Interesting/terrifying read about the early signs of psychopathy in children from the NYT last May.
Also local prof Firmin Debrabander has an op-ed in the NYT, "The Freedom of an Armed Society."

In lieu of the recent incident in Connecticut, the owner of the company that makes the Bushmaster .223 AR-15 semi-automatic rifle (also the weapon of choice for the DC snipers) says it's putting the brand up for sale. WalMart has also stopped selling the Bushmaster online. While the book value of it is $1299, WalMart had it for the lowlow price of $897. The Bushmaster fires 45 rounds a minute, which sounds like a lot, but there's a gun called the Metal Storm that fires more than a million rounds a minute though the company that makes it is now out of business. (Well, there go my weekend plans) (of course it would be illegal here anyway, because the libtard nanny state doesn't want anyone to have any fun!). Update, O'Malley now says he is mulling over* banning all assault weapons and/or limiting the number of rounds in a magazine (currently 20).

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Operation Delirium"

The pair that allegedly assaulted a bus driver, Russell Thomas and Sabreena Clemons, have been arrested.
CV's Steve Gewitz covers the case of Jamar Bailey, the accused Subway robber, and the ongoing appeals of Thomas Meighan Jr., who admits to drinking, driving and killing JHU student Miriam Frankl. Meighan says that he didn't have information on the forensic reconstruction of the accident* before pleading guilty.

The law firm of Peter Angelos ("working people helped build this country") wants to revive 13,000 asbestos cases*.

From the JHU security bulletin: a Barnes & Noble shoplifter, stolen gift cards and an afternoon burglary at the University Apartments.

From the Facebook:  [Thursday] night somebody tried to break into a house on Keswick near the Royal Farms. A guy with a gun attacked a man on his porch and tried to force his way into his home. 

Francis Kang, the Towson shooter, has been charged* with 1st-degree attempted murder, 1st degree assault and felonious handgun use.

Say what now? Candace Williams claimed that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs punched her and dragged her from a moving car while her children watched, and told a 911 operator she feared for her life. In 2009 she called police after he threw a soap dispenser at her, hit her in the chest the threatened to pour bleach over her head. And, by the way, he's got at least seven guns in the house. So ... last weekend they got married. Blarf.

Joan Jacobson writes about the life of Donnie Andrews. Related: the web site That Guy's on Heroin lists some charities you might want to consider donating to if you want to help guys on heroin.

Did you know? (I didn't): during the Cold War the army tested "psychochemical" agents for use as weapons at the Edgewood Arsenal, the series of experiments was called "Operation Delirium."

Un-crime-related Baltimoreiana: adorable 1947 cartoon map of Baltimore from JHU libraries. Okay, maybe the Sambo chef is not so cute.


Michael Randolph Robinson Jr., 26, 2800 block of Winwood Court*

Avon Ball, 26, 5200 block of Reisterstown Road.* In 2008 Ball's foster brother told a gunman, "don't shoot him, shoot me," the gunman obliged.* Tion Bolden is charged with Ball's murder.

The buyback netted 461 guns. Speaking of guns, the WaPo has a handy rundown of things to know about mass shootings.

Francis Minsung Kang was arrested after firing into a crowd outside of the Charles Village Pub in Towson, one man was shot in the hand. 

A man was shot in Catonsville.

One Judge Norman Stone III was suspended for five days after threatening to jail people whose cell phones rang in his courtroom.