Friday, March 23, 2012

Shootings, More Shootings, Terrible Face Tattoos

Several homicide arrests and a multitude of victims have been id'd after a bevy of killings this past week.

The 36th victim of the year has been id'd as 23-year-old Dexter Maurice Jones Jr. 22-year-old Guy Leon Thomas has been arrested for the killing.*

This years 37th victim has been id'd as Jonathan Hutchinson, age 24.

The 38th victim of the year has been id'd as 20-year-old Ronnell Chaney.*

Five men have been arrested after a triple stabbing in Garrison. The five arrested are; Ronald Williams, 20, Christopher Ramgeet, 18, Merez Ferguson, 21, Jeffrey Jackson, 20, and sweet face tattoo having Ryan Johnson, age 19.

This weeks Murder Ink covers several weekend killings and an arrest in the 2007 murder of Rodney Gardner.

The seemingly never ending legal battle that is the Travers and Tremayne Johnson animal cruelty trial is set to (hopefully) come to an end.*

The last police officer in the Majestic towing scandal has plead guilty. 36-year-old Jaime Luis Lugo faces 25 years in prison when sentenced.

You can now feel safe walking the streets of North Baltimore, as a "suspicious package" turned out to be a very anti-climactic backpack.

County police have made an arrest in a 20-year-old cold case. Sean Sanford, 38, has been arrested for the 1991 Christmas Eve Eve murder of Robert Stephen Collins.

Well that's just great...
The Supreme court has decided that convicted serial child rapist John Merzbacher, age 70, needs to be let out of prison.

This weeks police blotter reports a heap of crimes, including a wooden plank beating, and the theft of pillow cases.

Finally, eight years in the federal pen for large scale Baltimore document trafficker Victor Lopez-Escamilla, age 39.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shootings, Corrupt Cops, and a County Brawl

Shootings continue to be on the rise, after several more people were shot Tuesday evening. One man died at the intersection of West North Ave. and Ashburton St., the 36th of the year.*

Over two years in federal prison for disgraced police officer Jerry Diggs, Jr., 25. Digs is among a bevy of officers to have been convicted in the "Majestic Towing" scandal.

The city police department has taken yet another hit this week, as a former officer has plead guilty to being an active heroin dealer who once provided drugs while in a police station parking lot. He's expected to receive 20 years in the federal pen when sentenced.

Three men were stabbed and bullets flew during after a massive fight broke out in Owings Mills.

2012's 33 murder victim, 54-year-old Gregory Parker has a precarious history, including several years spent working for the Baltimore drug kingpin Maurice "Peanut" King back in the 80's.*

32-year-old Lovell Patterson got 10 years in federal prison after being caught dropping off a bag of heroin at a stash house. This is his sixth drug conviction.

Police have released a sketch of the creep-bag who beat up an 84-year-old woman during a burglary.

A man (pictured right) is wanted by the FBI after robbing the Wells Fargo on Eastern Ave. earlier today.

Man meets woman, man steals woman's phone, man holds phone for ransom, man goes to jail.

Bulgarian ATM skimmer Ivo Svetozarov Damyanov, age 32, was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in a major credit fraud ring.

Not Baltimore, but interesting enough. Robert Benscoter, a 33-year-old man with an atrocious haircut, is accuse of beating his mom with a hammer before fleeing into the woods.

Many apologies for the long delay in posting, don't mean to withhold valuable Baltimore Crime news from the public...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springtime, when a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of ...

rioting and stabbing the shit outta people! (Apologies to Tennyson) St Patrick's day weekend, young men and women flashmobbed, converging on Canton and the Harbor, carrying on a decades-long tradition of wilding in the streets as soon as weather permits. Imagine if they actually put all of those ranging teenage hormones to a purpose, protesting against the youth jail with Occupy and the Algebra project, perhaps! Singing songs and carrying signs!

#35, a man shot in the chest on Imla St.

And our favorite drunk-driving bongload-smoking Olympic medalist is reportedly trying to quietly unload his Harbor East condo for a million-and-something.