Saturday, April 2, 2011

On the scene gruesome details from Burboun Street

a"bloodbath" inside the club


The BPD says "UPDATE: 4/2/11, 1:00am, 300 block of Guilford Avenue. Four men were stabbed inside of a night club. A 24 year old man has died as a result of his injuries. Homicide detectives are investigating" ... Sun reports it was ladies' night at the Bourbon Street Ballroom, which went on lockdown after the stabbing; a lady was Tasered when she tried to leave.
Oh, what a night.

"A man stabbed outside a Dundalk house just after midnight this morning has died, county police said."

In Glen Burnie a jockey's girlfriend pleaded guilty to "slaying" 52-year-old Debra Lynn Gill, and "retaliation against a witness", though it sounds like the jockey was the one who did the actual slaying.

And a 46-year-old woman was arrested for robbing a Wachovia.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't Drag Race

Donneil Raeburn's trial for a fatal drag-racing accident on I-70 began on Tuesday.

Gun stolen from businessman registered to police commander. I had no idea that the owner of Arcos was "politically connected." They did have good Mexican food a few years ago.


In Edgewater, a man was arrested after a stand-off in which he swung a sword at officers

A knife fight over a pee bucket in the Baltimore Guide blotter

Fifty years ago, says Baltimore or Less, police busted a stripper for dancing provocatively with a snake. The dancer's lawyer said it was strictly art.


The man shot at the Frankford Gardens Shopping Center at 5400 Sinclair Lane has died

More details on the fatal stabbing in Remington-- Fenton Tweeted that she was 16, WJZ says she was an 18-year-old nursing student, IV says "teenage woman"-- and the murder of Gregory Davenport, who (Lord forgive me) sounds like he had it coming.
UPDATE: The police ID'd the victim in Remington as Johma Blackwell, 18

Fenton also dropped by a creepy/sad memorial for 48-year-old Mary Williams, killed in one of our many if-the-killer-had-been-in-jail-like-he-was-supposed-to-be-this-wouldn't-have-happened murders.

Last week's three murders in the Ink

Shomrim is being sued for assault by "notorious gadfly" Leonard Kerpelman

TDR says the city council held a hearing re. East Baltimore Development Inc. last night. Also in politics, The CP visits elected officials' homes, SRB cut $65 mil from the city budget, the Senate Leader says the odds of the "trans bill" passing are "next to none (rallying certain commentors against the "homopromo" lobby), and the House Minority Leader said multiple poaching bills are "overkill". And, reports JZ, "A man on trial for sending Governor Martin O’Malley a threatening email is getting a groundswell of support."

& finally quote of the day from Fark: "Perhaps Justice Scalia wouldn't get in car accidents if he rode a horse, like the Founding Fathers intended"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

more details on stabbing

teenage girl was stabbed to death...

Fox says..

"Breaking News: Baltimore City Police are investigating after a woman was found dead inside a home on Huntingdon Ave. We have a crew on the way and will bring you more information as it becomes available."

This can't be happening

A supervisor is suspended without pay for allowing DOT employees to party all the time.

ugly, dangerous, depressed and angry

40 years for 20-year-old Donald Vaughan, who slithered between the cracks of probation supervisors and sexually assaulted a Canton woman and slashed her neck with a knife. He also pleaded guilty to a 2007 rape, and faces charges related to two rapes in VA.

30 years for Taron K. Melvin (including five years without possibility of parole ...ooooo) for the murder of Shawn Williams, 28.

The city council approved the new district map. More details from on how this affects the North side (there goes Belinda Conaway's neighborhood...!)

The MD Senate passed the wine shipping bill 45-0.

The Dooce is starting a new cold case news series next Tuesday

That's-a interesting: Caesar's Den, Chiapparelli's, Da Mimmo, Sabatino's and Vaccaro's have joined a lawsuit against the State Center project

"Baltimore is ugly, dangerous, depressed and angry, according to national lists."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

"Good, minimal protections"

At least we don't live in Uganda! The House passed the "Trans Bill," which will make it illegal to discriminate against a bio-dude who looks like a lady or vice versa when it comes to jobs or housing (though it is apparently still legal to kick someone of questionable gender off of a bus, out of a restaurant, out of the mall, etc.). Interestingly, supporters included the two Dels. who waffled on same-sex marriage, Sam Arora and Tiffany Alston.

And a "questionable death" at 36th and Falls this morning

Re. the county murder arrests announced on Friday, Hermann notes that the Jan 8 murder of Nathan Bowles hadn't been disclosed to the public in the first place, and asks "What made Friday the perfect day to release weeks- and months-old news?"