Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hot heels Saturday

An 18-year-old was shot* in the 1600 block of Mosher St at 3:30 p.m., sounds like he's alive. Up the street from the fatal shooting yesterday a man suffered a "minor" "lower extremity" gunshot wound near York and Woodbourne. And regarding the Homeland home invasions, police know a man is responsible for them, they just don't know which man.

Well, that doesn't look very good: Grayling Williams, the guy hired to head internal affairs after the Majestic Body Shop scandal has resigned* to take an unnamed new opportunity. This a mere day after Fenton reported that the police are looking for yet another Training Director*-- Russell out! Smith out! Buzzuro out! Maybe Williams will step in? Meanwhile, the trainer who shot the recruit is now facing assault charges; the recruit is eating through a tube.

Hot on the heels of the Planning Commission's plan to shut down law-abiding liquor stores, a "scathing" audit of the Liquor Board found that it is doing fuck-all: the board has no written policies or procedures, no record of fines or license payments, inspectors doing whatever they want with no oversight, plus reams of uninvestigated complaints, into which Ian Duncan further delves.* Still think the zoning-law changes are a horrible idea and probably illegal, but makes more sense knowing how fed up the Commission must be. Fix your Liquor Board, O'Malley!

And Jayne Miller stays on top of the Kendell Richburg case, a doozy even by Baltimore standards. Wonder how many people will get out of jail between him and Lewellen?

The 80-year-old man who died after a punch to the head was apparently the inspiration* for the 90's Fox dramedy show "Roc."

Despite vows to fight the gun law with a referendum, the MD's GOP is now apparently waiting to get advice from the NRA before proceeding, and mused Del. Neil Parrott, "You know, one of the options is not to petition at all this year." Whatever, you know you'll opt how the NRA tells you to, optimus.

Charles Knott/ sound effect
Oh, Hampden. One of those Buena Vista Avenue urchins, this one the name of Charles Knott, was arrested for threatening the B of A security guard on 36th with a pocketknife. Parent your childrens!

Well Goddamn, Harford County: police seized cocaine, pot and 400 bags of heroin at a traffic stop-- wait, no, 424, and a domestic call led to the seizure of 8 pounds of marijuana.

Oh, lawd. Towson U's Richard Vatz tried to splain away Dr. Ben Carson comparing homosexuality to bestiality by opining that the Yale-educated neurosurgeon is "is not sophisticated." Is that racist? Because I can't imagine someone saying that about a Yale-educated neurosurgeon of any other genetic heritage. That's like, what you'd say about Britney Spears not knowing how to use a car seat. Anyway, in any case, nert heeerllping.

Well, maybe he should consider it to finally put those "Jewish" rumors to rest.

HoCo popo are ISO a cursing arsonist on the loose. Wait, no, they found him, he's one Alejandro Adolfo Rodriguez. He shoulda just smoked her cigarette and hushed.

And finally, the woman who bought that Renior that was stolen from the BMA at a flea market was identified as one Marcia Martha Fuqua, which also happens to be my new bar name.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Have you heard the good news?

Happy Friday news dump, he is risen, spring has sprung, and the MD Firearms Safety Act is OTW to MO'M's pen (I wonder what kind of pen he uses? Waterford? Mont Blanc? Perhaps Beretta could get into the pen business ...or ploughshares!) Of course the irony is MD will have more guns come October than it would have a year ago as people stock up for personal use or resale, but will we be safer a year from now? I think so. Referendums are threatened, but it sounds like between guns, the death penalty and illegal-immigrant drivers' licenses, the MD GOP can't figure out which fish swimming in the barrel of their fallen tears to fix itself to shoot at.

In the meantime, a man was shot to death in the 3600 block of Old York Road, around where Tree Top Prius and the Black Guerilla Family are fighting for turf.

A transgender woman, Kelly Young, nee Rodney Little, was ID'd as the victim shot to death in the 2200 block of Barclay Wednesday. Police aren't sure if it was a hate crime, or, like, a love crime.

Case updates from the Charles Village court watcher includes mostly postponements, including for Tyone Alson, the teen accused of shooting his girlfriend, Tashawna Jones, in view of a crime camera.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pickled egg time

Expected more local-news fanfare regarding the final passage of the gun bill on the TV news last night, but perhaps because of the late hour* of the final vote yesterday, local news has been pretty quiet. WBAL didn't get around to posting a story until almost 11 a.m. today-- "live, local, latebreaking" indeed-- and passage of a similar bill in Connecticut filled yesterday's gun-news hole. But they've noticed in Seattle, and according to the AP's Brian Witte, the Senate will begin reconciliation this morning (thanks, Brian Witte, MD reporter not published in MD).
(ps. Seven rounds, really, NY?)

Police are asking for the public's help solving a cold case from 1983, Samuel Williams, who was shot in the 4000 block of Wabash Ave by the train tracks.

At a York Rd Partnership meeting, Batts blamed the spike of homicides in the Northern on "micro rivalries" between the Tree Top Pirus and Black Guerilla Family members.

Two people were robbed outside the McDonald's at 29th and Greenmount.

Police are ISO two guys who shot a man in the arm with a semiautomatic handgun on O'Donnell Street over on the East side. But how do they know the men's exact ages?

And plenty of "you know what time it is" and "give me what you got"in the Baltimore Guide SE Blotter.

"Gimme two a dem pickled eggs and some Skoal"--  a portly, pale degenerate robbed the Gateway Road 7-11 in Edgewood at knifepoint.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paperwork Issues

Two suspects were arrested after the double shooting on Bentalou Street-- one man was shot to death (Cham Green ID on Bentalou is Ralph Timmons, 34, of 1905 North Bentalou Street. It was his son that was wounded. Here we have an involved father that was parenting his child and now he's dead. Very sad) but his son, a brave 11-year-old boy who was shot in the leg, was able to run down the street and find officers who were still on foot patrol following the triple murder on Fulton Avenue on the West side.

Intrepid blogger Cham was able to find links for two of the Fulton Avenue victims:  IDs: Tyreka Martin, 20; Kishawna Pinder, 20; Brian Powell, 21
Person of Interest

Police released photos of a person of interested wanted in the murder of Michael Jones on 2/21.

There's no such thing as being "found innocent," but Stewart Dennis Sachs, president of the board of Har Sinai, accused of money laundering for a crack dealer, has seen all charges dismissed against him, his lawyer says the accusations were the result of a "paperwork issue." Sachs is the owner of a firm specializing in "distressed capital" whose property holdings have previously been featured on Baltimore Slumlord Watch.

City officer Adam Lewellen is in hot water for lying on warrants, falsifying a court order and burgling his ex-girlfriend, illegal gun possession, forging his address on his driver's license, dusting scales with phony cocaine...

Berger's Cookies owes the IRS bigtime.

The State Troopers were audited, but auditors found inventory control to be "lax"-- the Troopers apparently are not keeping count of their vehicles ... or guns..  or computers... or real estate.

A prodigious number of updates in this week's Murder Ink.

Ohnooo, a 5th accuser for puppeteer Kevin Clash. And so now we all know who calls those chat lines advertised in the back of the City Paper -- 16 year old boys and chickenhawks. And remember that Towson lady pimp, Di Zhang? The Feds are going after her property.

If you can't get enough of hearing people pontificating about gun laws, Goucher is hosting a panel of experts in their Hyman Anthenaeum at 8 p.m. on April 15.
And a status report:

52 & gun bill passed!


I find this highly irksome that I have to sign in to track a bill-- but anyway the House has done it, they passed the gun bill 11 hours ago!!! Having fingerprints of gun owners on file will make a huge difference in solving cases like the Barclay shooting. Combine that with DNA testing, mental health treatment and decriminalization of pot and our crime problem will be solved !

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yowzer the kidnapper pimp

If my psychic mojo is correct (and why wouldn't it be?), that gun bill is going to pass today-- fingerprinting, limited magazines and fewer assault weapons .. or maybe more assault weapons, and a $25 licensing fee.

More on the 49th homicide,* which was on 29th St. in CHUM-- he was ID'd as 28-year-old Dwight Cook. And two more homicides yesterday (50, 51).

Two weeks' worth of crime data from SpotCrime-- west side has been bizzy bizzy. In fact:

  1. Last night's double shooting that killed a man and injured an 11-yr-old was in same area - Mondawmin - that's been hit so hard this year
Waverly bus-stop robber

Homelanders talked to el Duce about their recent spike in gunpoint home-invasion robberies, and a guy in Waverly has been robbing women at bus stops (see sketch).

A GameStop employee* fought of a robber* on N. Charles St.

Federal charges for Ida Mae Snipe, bathroom purse-snatcher of the White Marsh Mall* (and environs)

New York pimp "Yowzer" (nee Charles Anderson, 25) admitted to kidnapping escorts and keeping them as sex slaves in Brooklyn, and coming to MD to hunt one down who escaped.

So there's a headline/lede: Rapists Parental Rights Debated 
Updated: Monday, April 1 2013, 11:24 PM EDT 
Rapist fighting for paternity rights in court sounds far-fetched but women's groups says it happens more often than you think. 

And finally,
FOX45 PROGRAMMING ALERT Fox45 Town Hall 03/27/13 18:57:10 Fox45 is hosting a town hall Wednesday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m.  The topic will be "The Proper Role of Government".  Our panelists will be Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, Professor Richard Vatz, and radio host Mike Papantonio. If you would like to be an audience member, email us:

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holy Saturday / Sunday Twerking

Three people were shot overnight last night, on Harlem Ave, 29th and O'Donnell Sts., and the homicide count is up to 49.

...must be said, Khiry Marquis Jowers had a lot of arrests for someone only 21 (assault, possession, forged prescriptions).

It passed the House on Friday, but the gun bill will have to wait til Tuesday to go the Senate, tomorrow they're busy voting on possibly designating the soft-shell crab sandwich as the official state sandwich while simultaneously celebrating the 7th day of Passover.

Daily Howler: Baltimoreans say the darndest things, by whom they mean Dr. Ben Carson, who's been reciting Maggie Gallagher's verbiage verboten on TV: "no group of individuals, whoever they are, whatever their belief systems, gets to change traditional definitions." Inshizzle, my herp derp.

And here's one of the craziest stories of all time: a guy moved out of his house to sell it, and a squatter named Lakisha Fillyaw moved in, won't leave, and talked to the I-Team.