Friday, December 21, 2007

December 21

Four nonfatal shootings and a stabbing the Blotter.

There was a fourth arrest in the Glen Stewart murder.

Edward Williams got 85 years for robbing an off-duty police officer and her then-5-year-old daughter at gunpoint in January.

University of MD law students helped get some indigent non-violent detainees released.

Rilly? GBC says that the city is growing in "prestige, population."

WYPR continues coverage of ex-offenders re-entering society

QTD: "The thing that always amazes me is what people think that we do and what we're capable of. They think that we're some place between a super hero and the Pope with a law degree." -- Maynard Edwards re. the Ed Norris show. ("we"?)

Good news! If you've turned 17 since November 4 of this year, you can now register to vote, and vote in your party's primary! Just download the forms and mail them in.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

December 20

A man was shot to death in the 2600 block of S. Paca Street this morning. Sentementes reports that this is official murder #277.

Lezli Williams, 22, was strangled to death Tuesday afternoon in her apartment, and police are seeking a suspect.

"A man who refused to surrender to police for several hours after a domestic situation yesterday afternoon in an apartment in the 2700 block of Greenmount Ave. in the Barclay community was taken into custody and faces domestic assault charges."
And "A man was shot in the chest about 8:30 p.m. yesterday in the 900 block of Pennsylvania Ave."
Plus lots of robbery in the Blotter.

The girl stabbed on the #51 bus reportedly participated in the brawling.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Indictment for the Murder of Carl Eugene Barnes

The Grand Jury today indicted Brandon Holland, 25, of the 3800 block of Delverne Road for first-degree murder and handgun charges. Court documents allege on August 1, 2007, Brandon Hall was identified as the person responsible for a shooting Barnes several times in the unit block of 2400 block of Westwood Avenue.

It's Stop Snitching 2!

Just in time for Christmas! Says the DVD's site, Stop Snitching 2
The highly controversial “Stop Snitching” DVD gained national attention and multimedia coverage raising the bar for what is considered real in urban America. Fearing their message was too powerful Baltimore City and Maryland State officials attempted to pass legislation to prevent the filmmakers from producing a sequel but to no avail Producer Rodney Bethea and Host Skinny Suge bring you “Stop Snitching” Part 2 and continue to show the reality of hard times on hard streets.

Learn the truth behind the rumors of the first “Stop Snitching” DVD. Find out the real story behind who was arrested and why? The role the media played spreading lies and what they didn’t want you to know!
... and local media and the mayor are giving them plenty of free press!
UPDATE: More from the Sun.
QTD: "Jessamy said she is a bit flattered by the mention of her name in the sequel, attached as it is to some salty language."
Hope this one has subtitles knowhatimsayin?

December 19

Our 275th official murder was three-year-old Jabari Stocks, who died of a head injury.

Your tax $$ at work:Ronald Lee Moore
A portly and violent rapist, Ronald Lee Moore, was accidentally released from an AAC jail. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Tracy Morgan at 410-222-3466 or 410-222-8610.

Nine plaintiffs have joined the ACLU's illegal-arrest-practices lawsuit against the BPD.

"Maryland paid welfare benefits to about 52,000 residents who in 2006 did not provide Social Security numbers or used invalid ones, according to a state audit of the Family Investment Administration." That's about 17% of total welfare cases.
(Did you know? The Washington Times is owned by Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church!)

A police officer got glass in his eye responding to a domestic call on Sunday; a 49-year-old woman stabbed a man in his home; a chainsaw, methadone, Greek god statue and half a bottle of rum purloined in the Blotter.

The machete-wielding man shot by police in Catonsville was awaiting trial on charges of making his foster children watch pornography.

Police arrested some big-deal jewel thieves in Timonium.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Three Bus Attacks in Three Weeks!

A teenage girl was stabbed in the arm today on the #51 bus near Mondawmin! Have city buses always been rolling hellholes, or are we in the throes of some widespread teenager freakout?

Remember Kenneth Barnes, whose visit to a Falls Road snowball stand got him arrested and triggered a panic a la "Little Children"? Now the victim of the original case says she lied. His mother is asking the public to call the governor to ask for his release for Christmas.

The Ink reports on the murders of Artavious Tubman, Richard Lawson and Jamal Rowlett.

The CP, and excellent reporter Van Smith, are being sued for $12 million by Nicholas Piscatelli, who claims that the paper accused him in two stories in 2006 of murdering Jason Convertino and Sean Wisniewski or arranging their murders.

25 Years for Murder and Robbery of Jose Mendoza

From the SA's office:
At arraignment today, William Salmeron, 21, of Owings Mills, Maryland pled guilty to second degree murder, attempted robbery deadly weapon and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. Judge Lynn K. Stewart sentenced Salmeron to 25 years in prison for the murder count and a concurrent 20 years for the robbery and five years for the handgun counts.

On January 16, 2006, Salmeron was among a group of people who entered a restaurant in the 400 block of S. Newkirk Street announcing a robbery. Salmeron, who admitted to police to belonging to the gang MS-13, told the court today that he and the others were riding around and needed money. He and the unknown assailants with a shotgun attempted to rob the establishment when the owner, Jose Mendoza, 42, grabbed the weapon. A struggled ensued and one of the assailants shot Mendoza in the head. He died at Johns Hopkins Hospital the same day.

Salmeron is already serving a 26-year prison sentence handed down for a murder in North Carolina and is facing murder charges for a pending case in Baltimore County.

Assistant State’s Attorney and Homicide Division Chief Mark Cohen prosecuted this case.

Lawyers: Teens Demeaned

Unshockingly, lawyers for two of the alleged teen-boy bus-beaters held a press conference to say that their clients are innocent and were misidentified.
UPDATE: you can watch the press conference on the Sun's web site. Yawn.

Boy vey! The Sun reports that Israel Shapiro (not to be confused with rabbi Ephraim F. Shapiro, or "Dateline" rabbi David Kaye), a former bar mitzvah lessons teacher in Baltimore's Orthodox Jewish community, was charged yesterday with sex offenses that allegedly occurred nearly two decades ago against a then-12-year-old boy and his brother.

December 18

Lance H. Walker and Nadirah V. Moreno were arrested for the murder of Marlon Beckford (#256). Fox reported that Walker has a gigantamic rap sheet and was supposed to have been serving 50 years for his various crimes.

In better news, "Operation Safe Holiday" has led to the nabbing of 141 criminals.

More details on the arrests for the murder of Glen Stewart.

Lay the smack down, Baltimore: The Sun reports on "Bupe" in depth.
... and the wine glass too. Lawyer Bruce Robinson doesn't buy that there are no DUI quotas. (BTW, did you know that field sobriety tests are optional?)

"The Court of Appeals clarified the process for terminating parental rights ... The high court held that because a presumption exists that it is in a child’s best interest to remain with a parent, courts must expressly find that a parent is unfit or that other exceptional circumstances exist before parental rights can be terminated."

The bus-beating story has gone national, hitting MSNBC as well as far-flung CBS affiliates.

Remember this guy? HoCo's Jack Schroeder will spend a month in jail for feeding his neighbor's yappy dog chicken bones and antifreeze.
Fun fact: only 25% of BCrime readers think Schroeder was in the wrong.

Monday, December 17, 2007

December 17

Two murders this weekend: Friday, Richard Lawson, 24, was found shot to death at his home in the 2900 block of Chelsea Terrace. On Saturday, Jamal Rowlett, 20, was shot after leaving Club Choices on Charles Street. In March 2006, pregnant Ashley Harris was shot to death outside of the same club.

Arrests in the death of 17-year-old Glen Michael Stewart, who was shot and his body burned in a county park. Police identified the men charged as Joseph William Payne, 24, arrested Friday; Jason Michael Bond, 23, arrested Saturday; and Desmond Hideji Willis Jones, 19, also arrested Saturday.

Five years for rim-thief shooter Charles Brockington.

An armed robbery this morning at the Stop Shop & Save in the 2700 block of W. Cold Spring Lane.

Messenger crime log: A home invasion in the 2700 block of Calvert street, a robber using a brick as a weapon, gifts stolen and a hamburgling in Park Heights.

Blotter: "A man, 55, was walking in the 700 block of Cumberland St. about 3 a.m. Thursday when a gunman forced him into an alley and robbed him of $100, a silver watch and a cell phone. Before the gunman escaped into a car driven by a second man, he ordered the victim to disrobe." ... and plenty more burglary and robbery. It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Bmore living handy tip: don't leave the house or answer the door until after Christmas.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

This is Why I'm Shot

The stepfather of Coby Brown, shot by police after he robbed a Burger King in Fells Point and pointed a gun at an officer, apologized to police and citizens for raising a thief who put an officer's life at risk. Syke.

In the county, police shot a man who pepper sprayed an officer and brandished a machete.