Friday, October 21, 2011

Life + 20

for John Wagner.

A press release from the SAO (and look, I can paste it!)

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Charles Peters sentenced John Wagner today to Life plus 20 consecutive years for the murder and attempted armed robbery of Johns Hopkins Researcher Stephen Pitcairn.

Pitcairn was fatally stabbed in July of 2010 as he walked home from Penn Station along St. Paul Street.

“We continue to express our deepest condolences to the Pitcarin family and all of Stephen's friends. While the verdict and sentence cannot bring him back, we hope that his family and friends will find some measure of closure in the result.” State’s Attorney Gregg L. Bernstein said. “This case is representative of the State's Attorney's Office continued efforts to successfully prosecute repeat violent offenders, and thereby make Baltimore a safer place."

Assistant State’s Attorney Josh Felsen prosecuted the case.

Co-Defendant Lavelea Merritt’s sentencing is scheduled on November 7, 2011.


John Wagner, convicted of stabbing Hopkins researcher Stephen Pitcairn while robbing him of money for drugs, is scheduled to be sentenced today.

Opening statements in the death-penalty-eligible case of Walter Bishop are scheduled for today in HarfCo

Good Jeebiz! Ryan Jackson, 18, was killed with a hatchet, and his alleged killer, Larry Horton, was tracked down to Bayou La Batre, Alabama. No word on motive, though a county police spokesperson says the 37-year-old killer was "part of a group that the victim knew in that Rambo Court area." Hmmm.

After the mysterious death of Loyola grad Emily Hauze, police are reviewing the file of the other person found in a trash chute at the Park Charles, Harsh Kumar. Kumar and been drinking and taking Ambien, but his death was caused by "massive injuries that included a fractured skull, broken neck and ribs, and a broken nose."

Poor Frederick Douglass High School ... first famous as the alma mater of Cab Calloway and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, then the setting for the dismal-yet-enlighetning documentary "Hard Times at Douglass High," and now in the news after a 14-year-old was videotaped having sex on school property. And now at Milford Mill, three students are charged with a perverted sex act and exposure after doing... something perverted, videotaping it and posting it on the Internet.

More arrests in Charles Village/North Baltimore robberies.

In the county, Jason Gross, 36, was convicted for the murder of 16-year-old Rochelle Battle, though Battle's body has never been found.

Child robbed of video game and "Poo" robbed by "Angel" in the Baltimore Guide's SE blotter

And the Brew lays out how no-bid contracts go on in the city. (Also see: NYmag's playbook of popular tax-dodging strategies)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bath Salts, BGF, And More...

Christopher McMillion, 23, has been identified as the man shot to death at the 1500 Block of East 29th St. He is victim number 163 this year.

Gone are the days of legal relaxed bathing, as the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has made an emergency ban on bath salts.

An arrest has been made in a previously unreported police impersonation robbery. 35-year-old Ioannis Vasilios Skordalos has been charged with armed robbery and a variety of other charges for impersonating an FBI agent during the robbery. Apparently this isn't the first time Mr. Skordalos has been charged with impersonating a police officer during a robbery, as he was charged with just that in 2004.

Stabbing in a Westminster Regal Cinemas parking lot leads to the arrest of Michael Fisher, 19.

FDA chemist Cheng Yi Liang, 57, has plead guilty to a variety of charges related to a $3.7 million insider trading scam.

10 well earned years in Federal prison for convicted sex offender and child porn aficionado Vincent Eugene Koerner, 47.

Federal terms for a BGF leader and one of his co-conspirators. BGF leader Ray "Uncle Ray" Olivis, 57, (Left) was sentenced to 11 years after admitting to leading the prison turned street gang. 27-year-old Erik Ushry (Right) plead guilty to several drug charges and received a 57 month sentence.

A quick look into what police are doing to crack down on the suddenly booming cigarette smuggling industry in Maryland.

"I don't know if we should be lauded
or put in an insane asylum."

The Ink has last week's seven homicides, including two deaths from injuries sustained in previous years.

The woman found in the trash chute at the Park Charles apartments was ID'd as Loyola grad Emily Hauze, 23. As with the man found last August, police are saying evidence points to an accident, and residents are finding that explanation hard to believe. Report Hermann & Fenton, "The [trash chute] entrances are in rooms off each floor's main hallway. And the heavy, waist-high, spring-loaded doors — about 14 inches wide by 16 inches tall — open like ovens and close quickly. 'It's not like you could just fall in,' said Allison Busby, a 25-year-old who moved out of the Park Charles in May. 'The door would shut before I could even get my trash bag into it. It would slam shut. It was kind of a pain.'"

Luke Broadwater writes about Baltimore's 'urban pioneers.' (...but since when is being a teenager in a hoodie an arrestable offense?) Pull quote from Chris Taylor: "I don't know if we should be lauded or put in an insane asylum."

Police have released a sketch, left, of a man wanted for raping a 13-year-old

In Cockeysville, one Samantha Steck was arrested for stabbing her "boyfriend" in the chest

Deeply depressing: in MoCo, police gather evidence against William McQuain's stepfather. And also in MoCo, another stepfather has been charged with killing his stepchild; David Rich Hang of Gaithersburg was linked by DNA to the sheath of the knife used to kill 12-year-old Jessica Nguyen.

In Severn, a guy with bizarre ear-holes arrested for child sex offenses.

In bankruptcy news, managers at the broke-azz Tribune Co are getting bonuses, and the ridiculous catfighting restructuring planning at Alter Communications has been extended for another 30 days

Once again, a judge has blocked Baltimore's lawsuit against Wells Fargo. Meanwhile, Baltimore now has 20% more homeless people.

Bwhahaha! Russian 'reporter' asks the City Paper for some help with a story.

A rare press release from the SAO-- 17 extra years for a guy who had a cell phone in prison (why a press release on this case and not any of the high-profile cases in the past month, one wonders?)

Speaking of rare events, don't forget the BCrime Crappy Hour tomorrow at around 5, email or check our FB page for location.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Location, location

Life in prison for Kevin Pushia. And a conviction for the rape, torture and murder of Sintia Mesa, killed over her boyfriend Jemarl Jones's drug debts.

Police say the death of Ryan Jackson, 18, found on Pennington Ave, did, in fact, go down in the county, on Rambo Court.

Gregg Bernstein may not issue many press releases or make many public statements, but he does go to community meetings. Such as this one in Charles Village, where he got to hear this bon mot from Joe Giordano: “I tell people I live at 26th and condom."

And one Dwayne McCoy was arrested for the robbery and shooting of a Charles Village resident. The bad news: he's out on bail already!

Keep an eye out for James Whittlesey, 52, a wanted bank robber with an exceptionally fluffy butt cut.

And a former resident wins a $40k bedbug lawsuit against the apartment managers of her building. Shudder. Skeeve.

Monday, October 17, 2011

A recent homicide victim has been identified. 24-year-old Louis Ingram has been Id'd as the man shot to death at the 2400 block of E. Lafayette St. From what I can tell he does not appear to have any relation to Anton Ingram, the 32-year old man killed 8 days earlier.

Police are still searching for 11-year-old William McQuain, who's been missing the last two weeks, and whose mother was found murdered last Wednesday.

A second tainted letter found at the Harford County Detention Center has many people worried.

An arrest has been made in what is now believed to have been a double stabbing at a Dundalk bar. Adam Wayne Church, 21, (pictured right) has been charged with attempted murder for the stabbing of the 29- and 21- year-old men.

Gary Giordano, 50, the man held in Aruba for his alleged role in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner has had his appeal to end his being held in Aruban custody denied.

An ex-lawmaker testifies at the trial of Ulysses Currie, and spoiler alert, what he had too say wasn't too nice.

12 years in the Federal pen for Raymond Eggleston, the 51-year-old leader of a Severn drug organization.

Also starting a 12 year Federal bid is Crip gang member Tyrone Moore. Moore, 21, received the stern sentence after committing a 2007 carjacking.

Over in tiny Crisfield, MD, 27-year-old Micah Blue (Pictured Right) is facing charges of attempted murder after committing a double shooting.

As you are well aware, 35 members of the South Side Brim Bloods were federally indicted last week. Here is a listing of all those indicted, as well as any information I could find on specific members.

Andre Ricardo Roach, age 34;
Monique Marie Hagler; age 27, of Suitland, Md;
Theodore Clifton Matthews, age 29, of Baltimore;
Richard Demoan Hall Jr.,age 27, of Cumberland;
Matthew Owen Colllins, age 27, of Cumberland;
Brandon Isiah Fossett, age 27, of Frederick;
Durell Jarric Clayter, age 26, of Frederick;
Altonia Manley, III, age 22, of Frederick;
Marcel Anthony Williams, age 20, of Frederick;
Dominic Antonio Grey, age 27, of Frederick;
Jimarr Tyrell King, age 23, of Frederick, Md;
Derell Len Prue, age 20, of Frederick;
Gerald Lee Dorsey, Jr., age 24, Frederick;
Kennea KeithDiggs Jr., age 32, Frederick;
Paul Travis Cox, age 20, of Frederick;
Van Johnson Weedon, age 19, of Frederick;
Morris Jermaine Goodwin, age 19, of Frederick;
Courtney Alan Gates, age 28, of Frederick;
Fitzgerald Donald Reid, age 21, of Frederick;
Kylynn Charmonix Williams, age 19, of Frederick;
Richard Lee Thompson, age 22, of Frederick;
William Michael Black, age 22, of Stevensville, Md;
Dontell Lamont Guy, age 24;
Yancy Lamont White, age 23, of Salisbury, Md;
Antonio Jovan Dennis, age 29, of Stevensville;
Kyle Alexander Carey, age 20, of Salisbury;
Justin Rashaad Harris, age 19, of Eden, Md;
Antonio Javier Landers, age 24, of Howard County;
Aurelio Manuel Barahona, age 24, of Howard County;
Donnell Antonio Lewis, age 30, of Annapolis, Md
Donnell Moses Stewart, age 24, of Severn, Md;
Renard Mitchell, age 25, of Baltimore;
Darryl Rashad Smith, age 29, of Howard County;
Joseph Aaron Artis, age 22, of Howard County;
Alex Antonio Mendoza, age 23, of Howard County.

Many apologies for my long absence(again). Unfortunately the new computer I got to replace my old one, went and broke on me as well,last time I said something like this would not happen again, but I appear to have jinxed myself. So instead, I will simply say: sorry.

Yes and yes

The Baltimore Algebra Project and some other groups are hosting a Town Hall meeting on juvenile jails this Saturday at the Hilton on West Pratt:


Marquis Jones, 20, found shot to death in the rear alley of the 2200 block of Aiken Street early yesterday morning

A woman's body has been found in a Dumpster of the Charles Towers apartments in the 200 block of N. Charles.*

Maryland District Court Judge Jamey Hueston is trying to set up a nonprofit to support The Baltimore City District Adult Drug Court and make up for funding cuts.

The trial of Walter P. Bishop Jr., accused of carrying out the murder-for-hire of William R. Porter, is kicking off tomorrow in HarfCo. It will be the first death-penalty eligible case in the state since the law was changed to only make eligible cases that link the suspect with DNA evidence, or as applies to Bishop, a videotaped confession, reports the Sun's Arthur Hirsch.

CBS has footage of "writer turned warrior" Matthew VanDyke sporting a dirty schmattle, firing a giant gun and saying he's "willing to kill people for freedom."

The county's 18th homicide is Joseph A. Miranda, 19, run over by a Bobcat in 2006. Also in the county, four people injured in a drive-by shooting in Turners Station.

And a special session of the legislature is about to go down in A-town, and the fur is sure to fly. has links to stories from every source on the subject, iffin you care.

And North Baltimore's Robert E. Lee Park, closed for years as a result of dog poop contamination and for renovations, has reopened! But note parks department staffers will be there, ticket books in hand, waiting to bust violators of city leash laws. There is a leash-free area but you must join and pay $35 to use it.