Thursday, December 1, 2011


Good Jeebuz! Three men were arrested last night after a four-hour, two-county crime spree that involved 12 victims, including a man stripped naked, another man shot in the eye and the leg, and a wrecked Lincoln Continental.

A third murder at Perkins Hospital? Really?

The prosecution rested yesterday in the robo-call case, after Julius Henson's employee Rhonda Russell, who recorded the "relax, everything's fine" message, offered the lamest excuses ev. er., testifying that the calls were "reverse psychology ... I was told this call would stimulate whoever wanted to vote for Mr. Ehrlich." Never mind that the calls went only to Democrats or that Russell's notes included the phrase "suppress turnout in black communities." Not every member of the black community is horrified by this, though. Wrote Mr. Hassan MrPolitics Giordano on the Facebooks, "First their aim was at Julius (Henson), and still is quite frankly; now they're looking 2 hang Frank Conaway?! I guess an outspoken black man who doesn't have 2 rely on them 2 gain fortune & fame better learn their place huh?! SMDH...#BlackMan'sRights??"

Speaking of, the Sun has posted the police report from the Conaway/Meister kerfuffle... oh my, not very flattering to either one of them! The report says Adam Scott attempted a karate kick, and Frank Melvin was indeed on the sidewalk with his gun. Oh, my.

Stephanie Lynn Schwab, the "Blonde Bandit," the Thanksgiving carjacker, the potato-chinned MS-13 mom, was nabbed on the D.C. beltway after robbing a bank in McLean, VA.

More good news: Fenton tweets that November ended with "only" 10 homicides: the lowest level in 40 years. A man who allegedly home-invaded the elderly in Pikesville has been arrested. So relax. Everything is fine. The only thing left is to watch it on TV tonight. Congratulations, and thank you.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sixth time's a charm?

Drug dealer, convicted double-murderer and amateur lawyer Anthony Grandison is headed to the Court of Appeals* for the sixth time. Grandison is currently on death row for hiring Vernon Evans to kill David Piechowicz and Susan Kennedy in April of 1983.


Fatal shooting of a 29-year-old man on the 500 block of South Bentalou Street; a carjacking at Dru Hill and Whitelock.

The Ink details last week's single homicide, and the fifth fatal police-involved shooting of the year.

The defense and prosecution agreed yesterday that Ehrlich's campaign manager, Paul Schurick, personally approved the "relax" robocalls, and prosecutors described a desperate and panicked election eve for the Republican campaign. Fun fact: the Sun's Justin Fenton was the sleuth who traced the calls to the Ehrlich campaign.

Fenton and Hermann follow up on TAB's tip that Darnell Kinlaw, charged with car theft in the Annie McCann case as a teenager, has now been arrested for killing Lakeisha Player and stealing her car*. Kinlaw was apparently out of jail due to the magic of concurrent sentences and credit for time served.

And another murder arrest, Jerome Burgess Jr.*, 19, has been charged in the murder of 25-year-old Tavon Toney, who was robbed and killed walking on Franklin St. Incredibly, reports Fenton, this is Burgess' fifth arrest this year.

The special prosecutor for the Meister vs. Conaway kerfuffle has been appointed*, one Steven I. Kroll, head of the Maryland State Attorney's Association. Don't know if he shares Meister and Bernstein's "commonality of their religion*" (Kroll is a German name, with a family crest of two crossed bird feet), but surely Conaway's lawyer will squawk regardless.

Occupy Baltimore permit = denied! Didn't that happen already, you say? Indeed it did, in October the group applied for a permit and was denied then, too, but nothing came of it. Parks & Rec. also adds that "assemblies of more than 150 are prohibited." Isn't that kind of, like, a violation of the 1st Amendment?

Greenmount Avenue merchants worry about crime. Remember when you could go there after dark, get a Pupu platter at Uncle Lee's and browse for books at the bookstore across the street? Old person sigh ...

Sonja Sohn on violence

Wire actress talked about the impact of growing up in a violent home at a summit in Baltimore.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Policing the police

The city's Civilian Review Board investigated but didn't want to talk about a whole bunch of complaints against city officers.

Murder Arrests, Identifications...

32-year-old Steven Pennington has been Id'd as the man shot to death at the intersection of Moreland Ave. and Presbury St. on Nov. 14.

This week's Murder Ink gives more details of the robbery-murder of 25-year-old Tavon Toney, allegedly committed by Jerome Burgess Jr, 19.

The Sun has updates on another murder arrest alongside that of Jerome Burgess Jr. Arrested for the murder of Lakeisha Player was Darnell Kinlaw Jr., 21. *

If the name Darnell Kinlaw sounds familiar, it might be because of his peculiar involvement in the Annie McCann case. McCann, if you don't remember, was a 16-year-old girl who ran away from her Virgina home, only to end up dead in a trash can in Southeast Baltimore. Kinlaw's involvement in the case only revolved around his having been charged with stealing her car. Those charges were later dropped, much to the chagrin of McCann's parents.

One has to wonder if a man already accused of a murder of one woman might have had a larger-than-thought-of role in the death of Annie McCann. That is, of course, all speculation. What isn't speculation is the fact that Darnell Kinlaw was in no way supposed to be free at the time of the alleged murder of Player. He had been sentenced to 3 years and 4 years, respectively, in two different cases in January of 2011. Even with prior time served and parole after having served half of his sentence, there is still no reason why he would be released any earlier than early-to-mid 2012. A shame all around.

Finally, a gas leak turned up a lot more than the broken gas valve: instead a grow-op was found in this McElderry St. row-home.

Three escapes, a scapegoat and a zebra

Good grief, $107k to settle two more police-misconduct lawsuits, reports the Brew. Has Bealefeld decided that lawsuits are cheaper than training?

Fenton writes about the changes to the crack-sentencing law that will eventually allow for the release of about 50 Maryland inmates*

Police say a lady carjacker (and MS-13 member) may be in the area; keep your eyes peeled for one Stephanie Lynn Schwab. She's a mom of two, and has a neck tattoo and a potato chin.

Also keep an eye out for Cornelius Moore, who police say escaped home detention. Also Nathan Cockrel, who was accidentally released from Central Booking. Oopsies!

A Poly student is in caliente agua after allegedly bringing a gun to school*

One duplicate conspiracy charge was thrown out today against Paul Schurick in the robocall case, but by the end of the day both the defense and prosecution agree that he approved the calls.

Oh, look, the lawyer repping Frank Conaway Sr., J. Wyndal Gordon, is also defending Tiffany Alston (D- PGC) against allegations of campaign-finance violations (specifically, using campaign $$ to finance her wedding) ... and guess which group Gordon is scapegoating for her charges?

... and who knew that while the circus was in town in 2008, two zebras escaped?

* Sun link

Monday, November 28, 2011

"things happen differently"

... so what did I miss, Baltimore?
It looks like police arrested one Alvin Ray Wright Sr.*, 48, for the rape of a 13-year-old girl in an abandoned rowhouse on N. Caroline Street in October. He doesn't have a record of prior sex offenses, just drug and car-theft charges, but DNA evidence implicated his evil ass after his sample was given high priority in the testing queue.

A woman robbed with a toy gun in Roland Park and a shootout in the 5400 block of York Road in the North Baltimore Patch Blotter

The Conaway/Meister drama continues, and here's a nugget that will make you crap a book on how to puke: Conaway's lawyer J. Wyndal Gordon says Conaway is being investigated because both Meister and Bernstein are Jewish*: "When you have a situation where you have a Jewish victim and an African-American male, you have things happen differently than if it happened to be a regular case ... perhaps because of their commonality in their religion."

Ehrlich aides' robocall trial kicks off today. Hilariously, the wife of the judge in the case got one of the calls, but Judge Lawrence Fletcher Hill says that won't affect his judgment.

Bernstein has hired a young hotshot to do some prosecutin' up in the state's attorney's office*, heading up a division that is "new" and "major." His notable achievements so far include attending basketball games, making a baby, and encouraging prosecutors to paint their offices (with coveralls over their suits, one hopes).

WTF?! County man committed suicide by setting himself on fire in front of cops

ps. this is weird, the Sun reported yesterday* that James L. Owens is suing the city of Baltimore for $15 million ... but the suit was filed (and widely reported) on October 12. A worthwhile story to be sure, but why write about it now?

* Sun link ... I'll try to warn you from here on out so you can save your monthly clicks!