Saturday, March 4, 2006

March 4

merrittPolice are seeking 36-year-old Irvin Merritt, left, who allegedly slit the throat of Frederica Moseley on N. Bond Street two weeks ago.

Antoine Edward Adams, 32, was acquitted of the robbery and murder of Justin Michael Gaglione, 29, last January in "Lower Waverly" near North Avenue. The "good" news is that Adams is already serving three consecutive life sentences plus 60 years for the murders of Penelope Medina, Theresa Moore and Michael Mick.

Friday, March 3, 2006

March 3

Joseph Miller, 26, was shot to death in front of a house near Druid Hill and Forest Parks. Also in the blotter, Warrant Task Force was busy, arresting a kidnapping rapist, an attempted murderer and an insurance company defrauder. And someone robbed the Little Tavern again (for at least the third time in a year).

A man's body was found in a burning rowhouse on the West side.

A Federal Grand Jury indicted 28-year-old convicted felon Ronald Ector for impersonating a police officer.

Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs and Democrat Delegate Jill Carter are persuing a law to make it a crime for local police departments to knowingly report false crime statistics. They also want whistleblower protections to shield street-level officers who refuse to report false numbers.

The Sun apparently finds it more newsworthy that some tourists can't find a sushi restaurant than that, oh by the way, the three owners of Kawasaki, Tzu Ming Yang, 48, his wife, Jui Fan Lee Yang, 49, and Jack Chang, 41, all face more than 30 years in prison for money laundering and housing undocumented workers in "squalid" conditions.

The Cordish Co. was fined a paltry $800 for allowing underage drinking at Power Plant Live.

All charges have been dropped against Kevin Ackwood, who spent a month in jail and whose dog Trigger was shot to death by Baltimore City Police officers.

Police are looking for armed-and-dangerous Tracy D. Fletcher of Bowie, wanted for stealing ATM machines.

Perv patrol: Paul George Page, a former teacher at Sykesville Middle School in Carroll County, got no jail time for downloading child pornography on school computers during the school day. And in Columbia, students at Cradlerock School reported a flasher.

Messenger Blotter: a man was jumped while getting on the elevator at Union Memorial Hospital. A car was stolen, recovered, then stolen again the next day.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

March 2

Milburn Henson, 42 and wheelchair-bound, was fatally shot in the head. Donte Bellamy, 22, and Duraye Cole, 36, were identified as the two men fatally shot on E. 25th street.

Jayne: Comparing the first two months of this year to last using the Mayor's own numbers, violent crime is up in almost every category: shootings are up 55 percent; robberies 20 percent; burglaries 27 percent; aggravated assault, 6 percent. The only reduction was in homicide: there were four fewer this year.

In Essex, Thomas Rawls, a burglary suspect, died during a struggle with police.

dollarWhat kind of group home would let a mentally impaired man go to the North Avenue McDonald's? Now Nicholas Dollar, 23, of Randallstown, is missing.

Blotter: Derrick Brown, 29, was arrested with intent to distribute marijuana. A man robbed the M&T Bank on South Broadway, plenty of muggings, and ... why do the car thieves seem to favor the late-model American cars? And what's a 'black powder' handgun, like a mini-musket or something?

Michael Branch, 23, got 25 federal years for selling crack. And Grayson Ramsburg Jr., 45, got five years' probabtion for child porn.

Baltimore City School Police recovered the fourth gun of the year on school property, this one a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic at William H. Lemmel Middle School in the Northwest.

Two Catholic-school teachers have been accused of sexually abusing a male student at Our Lady of Pompei High School in the '90s.

A clean-shaven black man with crooked teeth allegedly sexually assaulted two teenage girls in two different incidents last Monday and Tuesday in the Northern.

Police caught an Annapolis 17-year-old, Matthew J. Haarhoff, on the Eastern Shore, and arrested him for first-degree murder in connection with the stabbing and burning of Anthony Fertitta.

The Towson student who was feloniously touched in her sleep talked to the Towerlight about the extremely creepy incident.

In AA County, Linda Lee Nichols got a five-year sentence for the drunk-driving crash that killed two 16-year-old boys, Kevin Durm and David Snyder, of Arnold. After the fatal crash, instead of trying to help the victims, she walked to a convenience store and bought a pack of gum.

In Frederick, an officer shot and killed a suspect. Also, a sex offender Richard Sherry got 18 months' probation for failing to register his address.

In PG County, a second suspect, Sean Wallace, 19, was arrested for kidnapping youngsters and forcing them to rob banks.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

February 29

It looks like the two men murdered yesterday were shot on East 25th Street, but one was driven to Hopkins Hospital and left in the car. Assuming the men were murdered, the incident brings the year's murder total to 43. Amazingly, says the CP, no one was murdered last week.

hayesKenneth J. Lighty, 23, is now formally the second federal death-row prisoner in Maryland. Lightly was convicted of abducting and murdering Eric Hayes, left, who was the son of a DC police lieutenant.

Marcus Bell, 22, was arrested for the attempted murder of Craig Bigger, 49.

Is it un-Christian to sell liquor at a party for a porn star? Not necessarily, according to the experts of Modern Drunkard magazine.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 28

There were two murders last night, one on East 25th street and one near Hopkins Hospital.

Allegation: a man was carjacked and beaten. When he reported the incident to the police, they called him a liar, threatened to arrest him, refused to report his vehicle as stolen and made him walk home, injured.

Federal Judge Motz has refused to delay trial for officers Antonio L. Murray and William A. King, accused of shaking down drug addicts, stealing their cash and reselling the drugs on the street.

The City Council approved a resolution backing a task force of "academics" to audit crime statistics.

Blotter: last November's death of George Davis was ruled a homicide, bringing the total number of homicides reported by the coroner's office for 2005 to 276. A man was arrested for the attempted murder of Terrance Devillassee, 23. A man was hit on the head with a gun near Power Plant Live.

Coram nobis: safety valve or legal loophole?

Why does the strip club Night Shift have a van? And why did the driver of said van pick up the attacker of Carl Schoettler and drive him to West Baltimore?

In Harford County, Jonathan Felix Knight, 21 and a suspected member of the Bloods, is being held for attempted murder after a shooting in the Edgewood area.

Police in Towson are seeking the public's help in locating a man who broke into a woman's apartment and attempted to sexually assault her while she was sleeping.

In Baltimore County, a student with a gun was removed from a school bus and arrested.

In Montgomery County, Shirley Lumbao, the mother of two Rockville teenagers, will serve two days in jail because of her sons' truancy.

Monday, February 27, 2006

February 27

A 72-year-old Sun reporter was robbed near City Hall and is in critical condition at Shock Trauma.

In the Blotter, a man was arrested for trying to choke a woman with a phone cord, a man shoved a woman from a moving Pontiac, in Dundalk an SUV driver was shot when he tried to run down a police officer.

The Feds don't mess around. Bryant Warren, 34, got more than 12 years for heroin conspiracy-to-distribute.

In Baltimore County, "Big Thick" John Gaumer was indicted for the murder of Josie Brown.

AA County police have arrested Cynthia Jean McKay, the "girlfriend" of the man whose burned body was found in Millersville.

In Calvert County, prosectors will not seek the death penalty against Graham D. Buckmaster.

More on the Charles County murder/suicide involving Safiyyah Malik and Marvin Marshall.

Thirty years after he killed his wife, mother and three sons in Bethesda, then dumped the bodies in North Carolina, police are still seeking Bradford Bishop.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 26

Benjamin Evans, 25, was 2006's third homicide victim in Annapolis.

A lot of burglaries in Cedarcroft.

The WBAL "unreported crimes" story will actually run tomorrow at 6 and 11.

The body burned in Millersville belonged to 50-year-old Anthony Fertitta.

Rabbi David Kaye of Potomac and elementary-school teacher Steven Benoff lost their jobs after being busted by Dateline NBC (and mentioned on Larry King by Judge Judy) for trying to solicit sex from minors online.

A cop on Craigslist rants about "worthless annoying scumbags" and the "miserable process of Balt. City justice."