Friday, May 9, 2008

Teenager murdered in the Northeastern

WJZ reports that a teenager was shot and killed Friday night at about 9:30 at the corner of Hillen Rd. and Harford Rd. in Northeast Baltimore. Police are looking for a kid on a bike.

Police are also looking for a man by the name of Reds. He's a red-headed white dude who hangs in Highlandtown and runs down motorcyclists in Dundalk when he's not busy selling CDs.

So, if you see a kid on a bike and a red-headed white dude, jump out of your car and tell the redhead to get behind the wheel. Then run over to the kid on the bike and make sure he's still got his gun. Once you're done with that, you should be able to time it so the kid on the bike shoots the white dude just before the car runs into the bike. Kid on bike: 0; Reds: 0; City of Baltimore: 2.

New City Paper feature

Anna Ditkoff has started a new weekly feature on the City Paper web site where she follows up on closed homicide cases to see whether or not the person who was arrested was actually convicted of the crime. The first installment looks at murder cases from early 2006.

May 9

Holy crap. A 19-year-old college student almost got abducted from in front of her Bay Ridge house on Wednesday. Best of all, one of the wannabe kidnappers walked up to her as she was talking to the police.

The sons are shooting the mothers, and the mothers are shaking the sons. "The mother of Damaud Martin -- a 4-year-old boy who doctors say was severely shaken and is in a coma-like state -- was arrested on child abuse and other charges yesterday, Baltimore police reported."

There's some mother/son drug action in the Blotter, as well as a bunch of people who should really consider spending some time at the gun range if they're going to make careers as murderers. (One of the failed homicides happened a couple of blocks down from Jimmy's Chinese Carryout, where Paris Richardson got killed a few days ago.)

WJZ has video of the two women who got stabbed near the light rail on Wednesday.

Police are running DNA tests on the toddler's body that was found in a suitcase in Philly.

A couple of HoCo dopes got busted after they tried to rob a cop.

AsKishor Kc was beaten into a coma as he delivered pizzas in Edgewood in February. He's on the slow road to recovery, and attempts are being made to raise money for his wife and two young daughters. Kc was/is the sole provider for his family.

I can already see the geniuses at some non-profit putting together the billboards: "STAY IN SCHOOL, DON'T GET SHOT." "MATH, NOT METH." "THE ONLY BULLETS GOING INTO THESE KIDS ARE BULLETS OF KNOWLEDGE." (Examiner article)

Some dude in Texas says the teens who beat Sarah Kreager just might be a sign of the apocalypse.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day is May 11

An 18-year-old allegedly shot his mother last night in the head in east Baltimore. Linskey reports that at least one officer returned fire, and, amazingly, mom is alive.
There were also two other non-fatal shootings last night.

FLIP Letter Sends Man to Can for Gun

Says the SA's office:
At a hearing today Yimoe Siddha, 41, of the 500 block of East Madison Street, pled guilty to possession of a handgun after being convicted of a disqualifying crime and wear/carry/transport a handgun. Judge Gale E. Rasin sentenced him to five-years in prison without the possibility of parole. A Federal Letter of Intent to Prosecute or “FLIP letter” was utilized by the State today. FLIP letters are written by federal prosecutors to notify defendants with pending State charges that the evidence in their case has been reviewed by the United States Attorneys Office and that federal charges will be filed if their cases are not resolved in State court.

On December 26, 2007 at 11:05AM in the 2800 block of Edmondson Avenue, officers approached a group of individuals who began to disperse upon observing their presence. Officers observed Siddha holding his side, acting in a manner consistent with that of an armed person. Officers patted him down and recovered from his dip area a P90 Ruger .45 handgun loaded with live rounds and ready to fire.
Siddha’s record included a 1993 conviction for robbery deadly weapon (handgun) and a 1988 conviction for robbery.
Bus violence is to December as school violence is to May!
There's a hearing scheduled today regarding assault charges against Sherry Shields, who assaulted her daughter's biology teacher in front of students.
Wonder if Jenna Bush will get a job teaching in the city?
That would be awesome!

May 8

Back in the day, it was pigs who got slaughtered in Pigtown. Murder #67 is a guy who lost a fight in the 1200 block of James Street near Ostend.

Some douchebag shot a woman in the head just east of Patterson Park. A cop saw the whole thing and shot at the douchebag, but missed. The woman is expected to be fine, and the douchebag was arrested.

Yesterday was a bad day for the ladies: a 16-year-old and a 21-year-old were stabbed during a fight downtown near the light rail.

And the woman hating continues, with a couple more cuttings in Govans and a washer/dryer theft on N. Collington. Oh, and an aspiring mathematician in Cherry Hill got beaten and robbed of his scientific calculator.

Someone threw an exploding bottle into a classroom at West Baltimore Middle School. The sad thing is, this kind of shit happens way more often than you think it does.

Hey! Luke did a follow-up story on Herve Massaba, the college student from Cameroon who was shot and paralyzed during a robbery last year. Unlike many people in this city, Massaba has a helluva positive attitude and isn't sitting around bitching about being a victim.

Yeah. This article is just going to piss you off, so I might as well close today's post here. Go read it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7

(MJB beat me to a few of these links, including today's Murder Ink, but I've already written this post so redundancy be damned.)

If it took six or seven thugs to beat and kill a 73-year-old man, then how many of our city's toughest gangbangers would it take to drown a kitten or steal candy from a baby?

Hmmm... maybe the cops should sic this guy on the douchebags who like killing senior citizens.

A 17-year-old was chased down an alley off of Presbury St. and shot repeatedly.
UPDATE: The boy died at about 2:15 this morning.

Two 13-year-old students broke into West Baltimore's Calverton Elementary/Middle School on Sunday afternoon and tried to rape a teacher who was putting in some overtime. She fought back and they ran away like the little cowards they are. Both boys got arrested when they showed up for class on Monday.

It's not just city schools that are being disrupted by violent asshats.

Perv du jour: Child rapist Carlos Cortez got 100 years, and alleged grandma rapist Roger Ervin was indicted and faces life.

Kevin G. Johns got caned, albeit not in the traditional way.

Greg Kane is going to be getting mad praise in the comments section now.

They're building new single-family houses in Oliver.

Another Harsonist got caught!

Confidential to Frank Conaway: If you'd done your job in the first place, this wouldn't be an issue, so shut the fuck up and get to work.
Another school attack?! This time 13-year-olds (yes, you read that correctly, 13-year-olds) tried to rape a teacher! What the effing ef?

And 73-year-old Ellsworth Monroe* was reportedly beaten to death by a group of 6 or 7 people. Then robbed. Superduper. I'm going back to bed now!
* Anna says he is identified in police reports as both Ellsworth Monroe-Bey and Monroe Ellsworth.

Arrests in Recent Robberies

From the Rp listerv:

Concerning the recent armed robberies, one on Schenley Road, there is good news. The Police report:
"the ND/DDU conducted follow-up investigation relative to several robberies which have occurred in the ND. …. we have been working a joint investigation with Baltimore County, Western District DDU and CD DDU; as a result three people have been arrested and are currently detained in Baltimore County Investigation has revealed that these individuals were operating a 2006 Buick Lacrosse (silver in color) MD tag LLL-924. This vehicle has since been recovered. The vehicle was taken by the suspects in a carjacking in Baltimore County. Reports thus far have indicated that the suspects were engaging victims in groups of two or as an individual, we have reports of them wearing a white bandanna and a blue bandanna over their faces, brandishing a silver handgun.

"So far, the investigation has linked the suspects to the ND, CD, WD and Baltimore County. As you can see the suspects have been mobile. This investigation is continuing, if anyone should have a question or think they may have similarities please contact the BC police. So far Baltimore County has conducted one search and seizure warrant in the County and we have conducted two in the city."
Regarding the burglaries, the Criminal Justice Office (wonder what that is)-- Ed.) provides the following information:
"As for the burglaries I speak to all of them but I know the commercial on Cold Spring we thought we had some leads but not so sure now. There has been an increase in burglaries along the top end of the district. I would say this to the community is we are looking for two cars: A newer red mini van with 3 …males in it (they are breaking into homes after the stake them out, they even knock on the doors and the driver had a coat and tie on) and a gray Ford F-150 extended cab with a black bed liner and 2 …males (they are hitting garages taking bikes) most all of this is daytime stuff for the burglaries."

Finally, the Northern District suggests the following:

  • Keep your garages and sheds locked.
  • Mark your lawn equipment i.e.: mowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers etc. with your drivers license, state identification number or home address.
  • Do not leave your equipment unattended.
  • Thieves can quickly enter your home through open windows and doors while you are gardening in your yard.
  • Record the brand, model and serial number of all of your lawn equipment and bicycles.
  • Keep your shrubbery trimmed away from windows and doors to maintain clear visibility.
  • Ensure that your outdoor lighting is adequate and in good working order.
  • When you leave your home, ensure that your doors and windows are locked. As well, close your garage doors.
  • Have adequate window covering so you don't advertise your valuables to individuals passing by.
  • If you see anything suspicious, do not hesitate to call the police - 911.
The Northern District Community Relations Office can provide a home security survey. This survey will provide you with some tips to better secure your home, garage and shed. To schedule a survey, call Officer Jon Walter or Officer Doug Gibson at 410-367-8491.

ps., the County Police recommend hidden shackle locks.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6

Based on today's news reports, it's still looking like Dawn Shipley got murdered over some smokes.

WJZ gives us this on the Shipley murder: "The person that done this to my niece, if he's any kind of a human being, he would turn hisself in."

Perv du jour: Perhaps the next voice that Jasen Weigman hears in his head will be telling him to "bend over and take it like a 7-year-old, bitch."

They caught some of the Harsonists.

Bealefeld talked to WMAR.

The homicide commander, Major Frederick Herman Taber Jr., is retiring.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Weekend in Charles Village...

JHU security bulletins from our friend at

W. 29th & N. Howard Sts.
MAY 3, 2008 - 12:00 AM Midnight
A senior undergraduate walking alone was approached by five males, 18-21 years old. One of the males struck the victim from behind with a hard object, knocking him to the ground and took his wallet from his pocket. After removing money from the wallet and dropping it on the ground, the
suspects fled in an unknown direction. Baltimore Police responded. The victim refused medical treatment. Investigation continuing. The incident was reported May 3rd at 12:24 AM.
Description of Suspects:
Three black males, 18-21 years old, wearing black shirts and dark colored
jeans. No further description.
3100 Blk. Guilford Avenue(3 blocks southeast of campus)
MAY 5, 2008 - 12:10 AM
A non-affiliated male walking alone was approached from the rear by two unknown males who pushed him to the ground and took his wallet from his pocket. The suspects were last seen running north on Guilford Ave. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results.
Description of Suspects:
Two black males wearing dark clothing and hoodies. No further description.
3000 Block Guilford Avenue
(3 blocks southeast of campus)
MAY 2, 2008 - 9:45 PM
A graduate student walking alone was approached by a group of seven to ten juveniles, 8-11 years old. One of the juveniles held his hand in his pocket as if armed and demanded money. The student began speaking French and pretended that she did not understand their demands. The juveniles subsequently walked away from the victim and continued northbound on Guilford Ave. Nothing was taken. No injuries. No weapon displayed. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area to no avail. Investigation continuing.
Description of Suspects:
Seven to ten black male juveniles, 8-11 years old, wearing white shirts and
blue jeans. No further description.
200 Blk. E. 28th St.
On May 4th at 7:20 PM, two juveniles, about 10 years old, riding a small yellow mini-bike drove by and attempted to grab the purse of a non-affiliated female. The female swung her purse and hit one of them in the head as they drove away. The juveniles were last seen riding southbound on Calvert St. Nothing was taken. No injuries. Baltimore Police responded.
In front of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity, 3209 N. Charles St.
On May 3rd at 2:30 AM, a graduate student walking past the fraternity house was struck in the chest with a plastic projectile which appeared to have come from a 3rd floor window of the house. A sophomore undergraduate walking near the house around the same time also reported having been struck in the upper arm by a plastic projectile. No injuries. The fraternity president and the Student & Community Liaison recovered a plastic toy gun from inside the fraternity house that fired similar type plastic projectiles and turned it over to Baltimore Police. Investigation continuing.
  • In Front of Bradford Apts. - On May 2nd at 8:04 PM, an underage sophomore who was shouting at people was issued a civil citation by a Baltimore Police officer. The student was taken by ambulance to Union Memorial Hospital and admitted on an emergency petition.

  • E. 33rd & St Paul Sts. - On May 4th at 2:58 AM, senior undergraduate who was acting disorderly at the Mini Mart was issued a civil citation by a Baltimore Police.

E. 33rd & Hargrove Sts.
On May 5th at 2:20 AM, Baltimore Police issued a criminal citation to a sophomore undergraduate for carrying an open container of alcohol.
E. 33rd & St. Paul Sts.
On May 3rd at 11:45 PM, after paying the fare and exiting a taxi cab, an unknown male broke the windshield of the cab with his shoulder and then fled along with an unknown female passenger, last seen in the 200 block of E. University Pkwy. Baltimore Police was {sic} notified.

Conviction for Rape and Murder of Four-Year-Old Ja’Niya Williams

Today a Baltimore jury convicted Ronald Hinton, now 16, of the 5300 block of Morello Road, Baltimore of first-degree murder and rape of 4-yr. old Ja’Niya Williams. The Honorable John Addison Howard will sentence Hinton at a later date. Closing arguments were held on Friday, May 2, 2008 and the jury deliberated fewer than three hours before returning their verdict about 11 a.m. following an 8-day trial.

The Baltimore City Grand jury indicted Hinton July 7, 2006 for first-degree murder, first-degree rape and other sex offense and child abuse counts.

Court documents allege on June 21, 2006 Hinton, who was 14 at the time, raped and severely beat a four-year-old girl at a residence in the 2900 block of Goodwood Road. Ja’Niya Williams died two days later.

Assistant State’s Attorney Temmi Rollock and Sex Offense Division Chief Jo Anne Stanton prosecuted the case.


Paris Richardson was killed while he was waiting for takeout in East Baltimore at about 1:00 this morning.

Farron Tates is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. He's accused of pulling a gun on Anthony Underwood during an "altercation" on March 1 and shooting Underwood in the head and chest. Tates is 16, and he's facing first degree murder charges. Way to go, kid.

This is your last chance to post questions about Baltimore's crime economy for Anirban Basu. C'mon, where are the questions about prostitutes and drug prices and the city council and housing and all that? If you're not going to pose more questions, I don't want to read any bitching in the comments about how I didn't ask him anything good.

May 5

Three people got murdered over the weekend in the city, and one got killed in Annapolis.
  • Early Saturday morning, Dawn Lynn Shipley got shot in the head because of a cigarette.
  • Saturday afternoon, Michael Lee Thompson was shot behind some rowhouses on Pleasant St. in Annapolis. He'd been out of jail for a year and was apparently trying to get on a good path.
  • On Sunday morning, Sean W. Henderson and a friend were shot "for no apparent reason" on Belair Rd.
  • A few hours later, a man was found in the backyard of a rowhouse on Orleans St. in the Middle East neighborhood.

Luke gives us his monthly murder recap, along with the tasty fact that this was the least murderous April in Baltimore since 1977.

There was also the police-involved shooting on Lauretta Ave. on Friday night, but y'all know about that already. The shootee is in critical condition.

Shooters and cutters in the city, and familial bad behavior in the county.

One of the 911 operators who took a call about stabbing victim Nancy Schmidt last month has been suspended, but we don't have any idea why.

Robert Allen Flanagan is the kind of bank robber who inspires folk tales.

You know, it's hard out here for a pimp teacher.