Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Molotov Cocktails

The police report three incidents of Moltov cocktail-tossing in the NW last night between 1 and 4 a.m., in the 4100 Blk of Belvieu Avenue, the 3900 block of Groveland Avenue and the 3300 block of Liberty Heights Avenue, at least one incident using a Rémy Martin bottle (classy!) Gugliemi held an unusual Saturday press conference, video here (unfortunately interrupted by a Walmart ad). Moltov cocktails are a well-known calling card from drug dealers to 'snitches' (see Edna McAbier, the Dawson family), but of course we don't know what these tossers' motive was. Police are also investigating nine other incidents.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Horror in Guilford

"an intruder raped and beat a woman while her children were just steps away"

Two shot in Harwood East Lorraine Avenue and Barclay Street. (Not Charles Village)

Mary Pat Clarke wants to padlock the Yau Brothers Chinese carryout after the second murder there. Which seems rather unfair to the Yau brothers, unless they were somehow in on it.

Kids these days...

Horrible: 12-year-old girl reportedly raped at box-cutter-point by 13-year-old at an unnamed west Baltimore school; the victim asked a fellow student for help but her classmate did nothing.

Despicable teenager steals cookie money from the Girl Scouts

"Freedom fighter" Matthew VanDyke talked to WJZ. He's writing a book, of course.

Another defamation suit for the City Paper and reporter Van Smith(?!): the Courthouse News Service reports that strip club owner Rosalie Jackson, Rosalie's son Kenneth Jackson and former longshoremen's local union president Riker "Rocky" McKenzie claim the Baltimore City Paper falsely linked them to a violent drug organization and called them drug dealers and leaders of organized crime. Oh, my.

Ben Cardin says Obama is planning to nominate Circuit Court Judge George L. Russell III to the U.S. District Court in Greenbelt after Republicans blocked his first pick, Judge Charles B. Day, for more than a year and a half citing unnamed "insurmountable concerns."

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Illegal weapons for sale

Looks like you can buy illegal switchblade knives all over the city, police say they don't have time to deal with it.


Santos Villanueva, 25, was shot to death in the 4300 block of Loch Raven Blvd. at around 9 p.m. last night

A guy on a bike wearing a hoodie shot up a parked car near the Edmonson village shopping center; the occupant wasn't injured in spite of at least seven bullet holes.

Police are ISO this man who broke into Charlie Brown's bar to steal cash, booze and lottery tickets

Police are also ISO this man who stole a gold necklace from Marley Station Mall

North Baltimore Patch reported on their FB feed that yesterday "Baltimore PD told us the JFX was closed for an unfounded bomb threat. And that it had nothing to do with the missing prisoner."

Joseph Gasque, 39, got 119 months for crack dealing.

Five years for a 54-year-old(!) man who conspired to rob banks and pharmacies

Forty-one months for funny-money-passin' Robert Johnson, 33.

Peter Angelos and Occupy Baltimore agree on something! The Brew reports that the shady quasi-nonprofit sorta-government Baltimore Development Corp. appears to benefit developers over the good of the city, should be more transparent and needs to follow 'best practices' used in other cities. The saved developers $14.5 million in taxes last year. The Brew also reports that the B.O.E. approved $5.6 million in consulting contracts at a four-minute meeting yesterday.

Should you pay for the Sun?

If you're still on the fence, reading this may change your mind.
Ps. James O'Shea, author of "Deal from Hell," will be speaking tomorrow at Hopkins.
.. could a news cooperative work in Baltimore (or anywhere)?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Switch blades removed

The mayor has banned switch blades from Hollins Market, meanwhile the SA's office says they're illegal.

Running and walking

Two life sentences for a man convicted for the murder of Brian Meise in a Catonsville convenience store.

The JFX was closed down today as police tried to capture a short and tubby escaped fugitive, one Maury Figueroa, arrested for drug violations and driving without a license.

Profiling nightmares! One of Chef Gordon Ramsey's crew was out scouting b-roll locations and got pulled over in what he alleges was a case of racial profiling.

Way to go, neighborhood walker! A JHU student on crime patrol helped nab a suspicious man on the rooftop of a building on Guilford Ave, who turned out to be wanted for burglary.

A man was shot in Milford Mill

Mom of murder victim Tyra Trent begs for leads. Sigh.

Cellphones tracked, crackheads freed

In case you haven't heard, SRB is in, Belinda Conaway is out, voter turnout was a mind-bogglingly dismal 13 percent, and there are complaints about write-in voting being hampered and other improprieties in the 13th district, where Shannon Sneed was defeated by incumbent Warren Branch.

Demond Tyler, 36, has been arrested and charged with smothering his own grandmother to death. Shirley Tyler was 67.

Murder Ink covers last week's three homicides, including Richard Ford, shot in 1998 after reportedly driving off without paying for some crack.

Two men were shot during the course of a robbery in the Heritage Crossing Community

Changes to the penal code mean 1,900- 12,000 inmates serving time for crack-possession charges across the country, and scores here in MD, are now getting let out of jail.

Blotteratta: a man tried to rob the Hampden Rite Aid with scissors, a teenage girl punched unconscious at Patterson Park High School.

SCOTUS heard that warrantless GPS-tracking case yesterday, but apparently GPS tracking of vehicles is small beans compared to the more common (also warrantless) tracking of location by cell phone. (And, of course, the N.S.A. is already monitoring all of your email.)

What the?! Some nerve!! The state of MD is now charging $190 for timely access to public information!

Adam Meister sums up that "Another BDC is Possible" meetup/protest yesterday. Sounds like it got off track into unrelated issues (racism, unions) and M.J. Brodie showed up and came off well.

Knives for kids

282 knives were confiscated from city school kids in the past two years. Plus it's pretty easy to buy a switchblade in the city.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scary times

WTF?! Fox files a FOIA request to try to uncover the shady development deals behind the $1.5 billion-dollar State Center project involving hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, but developers refuse the request saying they can't afford to make copies of documents. And now, says Fox, the state itself is suing plaintiffs who are suing for violations of procurement law-- a SLAPP suit, in other words. Nutrageous! A judge is going to stop the insanity and demand transparency any minute now, right? More on the State Center project here.

A man was stabbed at 100 E. Redwood Street early this morning

A city police officer is in Shock Trauma after being dragged two blocks by a pickup truck

Here's a shocking factoid: at present the government-- FBI, DEA, and presumably state and local police as well-- can attach a GPS device on your car and track your movements without a warrant. Particularly disturbing considering the very recent history of state police spying on anti-Iraq-war demonstrators.

In media news, Sam Zell, the Sun's gnomish overlord, was potentially awarded large shovels-full of money by a bankruptcy judge. And the Daily Record has laid off three people, citing costs.

Ps. don't forget to vote today, if you haven't already...!

News From Around the Region

A mostly non-city post today.

After three years their has still been no arrest in the 2008 murder of former Marine Leroy Taylor.

Orioles pitcher Alfred Simon has been acquitted of any charges related to the New Years Eve shooting death of a man in the Dominican Republic.

Armed Robberies Galore:

Police in Elkridge are offering up a reward information leading to the capture of a liquor store robber.(Pictured Right)

College Park bank robber and twice convicted drug dealer Antonio Michael McClurkin, 26, has been sentenced to 15 years in the federal pen.

Another career offender will serve a lengthy federal prison sentence. 41-year-old Mark Ellicott Lomax was sentenced to 20 years for committing 17 robberies in about a month.

County Police are ISO the men who robbed a Middle River bank Monday afternoon.

A city police officer is recovering after being dragged by a car during a pursuit. The officer fired two shots, but the suspects are still unknown at the moment.

Eight well earned years in a federal penitentiary for child pornography trafficker David Twitty, 64.

Police officers in Howard County shoot an armed man. 19-year-old Jeffrey Dustin Nichols was shot after he reportedly failed to drop the gun he was holding when confronted by the officers.

Finally, Towson U. was on lock-down for the second time in a week after a bomb scare in one of the on-campus parking garages.

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Never to Soon to Ruin Your Life...

14-year-old Nefatea Hector is facing two counts of attempted murder for shooting Joseph Esdelle, 20, in the face, and hitting Anthony Samuel Johnson, 24, with a stray bullet.

For the second time in a week, a 2009 Baltimore County murder has led to federal indictments. Several members of the massive Marijuana trafficking operation were indicted in federal court for their roles in the drug ring and kidnapping-murder 50-year-old Michael Paul Knight.

City police have made an arrest in a quadruple shooting at a city club. Karon Darren Shaw, 19, was arrested for shooting the four men, including two who were club employees.

Police have already arrested 17-year-old Markell Jones for the murder of Freddie Jones Jr. at the turbulent Yau Brothers Carryout on Greenmount, but they are still searching for the other two robbers involved in the killing.

Just two months in jail for Maximilian Bode, 21, the man who killed former Johns Hopkins fencing coach Richard Oles with a snowplow.

An apparent jumper at the Tapco Tower in Towson. The death of the elderly man found in a dumpster near the building is not believed to have involved foul play.

Bail has been denied for accused human trafficker Alarcon Wiggins. Besides being the ringleader of a prostitution ring, Alarcon Wiggins is also apparently a god-awful rapper and deadbeat dad. And as authentic as his talent profile seems, I probably wouldn't call the number he listed.

The jury in the Ulysses Currie trial is still in deliberations on day three. After weeks of testimony the jury has yet to make a decision on the fate of the State Senator and two co-defendants.

A missing Silver Springs man winds up dead in Anne Arundel County. Manuel Enrique Diaz Gomez, 37, was reported missing by his family on Halloween.

The oxycodone overdose death of a quadriplegic Ellicott City man has been ruled a homicide after a lengthy investigation.

Bullets ripped through a Hagerstown home, leaving only one of the homes dozen residents injured.

An Odenton man was caught trying to hang himself in his jail cell Saturday.

Finally, a three alarm blaze occurred at DiDi's pizza in Dundalk, supposedly from two cardboard boxes catching fire.

15 years for Pitcairn killer's accomplice

Lavelva Merritt got a deal for testifying against her crack buddy John Wagner; Wagner got life +20. She also has a hearing in December for violating her probation on a previous drug charges. Tricia Bishop reports that Merritt could be out in as few as six years, plus Merritt's courtroom comments: "making myself depressed ain't going to make it no better ... I'm not going to sit here and let it take over my life."
An unidentified man shot to death in the 4100 block of Parkwood Avenue over the weekend, plus four nonfatal shootings.

Another female Frostburg student stabbed by a female classmate?! Kortneigh McCoy, 19, a sophomore at Frostburg State University and a Poly grad, died following a stabbing early Sunday. Student Shanee Liggins, 23, of Waldorf, is in custody. WTF?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back again...

The conviction of Erik Stoddard was affirmed by the Court of Appeals last week. Stoddard was convicted and then retried no fewer than three times before his final conviction for child abuse resulting in the death of a child in 2008. The victim, three-year-old Calen Faith DiRubbo, died of multiple blunt-force injuries in 2002.

And Matthew VanDyke is back, still skinny, still sporting a schmattle and planning to write a book.