Saturday, March 13, 2010

29, 30? 31?

Alleged high-ranking Young Gorilla shot to death in Charles Village yesterday, 2602 N Calvert St.
Also last night, a serious stabbing at 4409 Maine Ave.

...and early this morning, a suspiciously-dead person found at a gas station at the intersection of West Mulberry and North Greene streets

Congratulations, Desmond "Dazy" Sims, Baltimore's youngest murder suspect so far this year. Dazy is accused of killing 19-year-old Jeffrey Ward to impress the Bloods.

One Anthony Wiggins backed out of a plea deal but admitted guilt, a move that could earn him extra years on his sentence

Mr. Sifrit wants a divorce

Good news, bad news: ex-cop Percel O. Alston is running against Vallario. Bad news, can't find this Alston anywhere on the web, which doesn't bode well for his campaigning or fund-raising efforts.

WTF?! "A Maryland senator and delegate are the targets of a flier that attacks them as "'bagel brain Jews'"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Child Neglect Bill Vote Today in House

Our favorite Delegate Jill Carter reports that the House is scheduled to vote today on HB 962, which would make child neglect a felony:
"We will vote on this today in the same amended form we passed in 2008. I believe the Senate killed the 2008 bill that passed our committee and the House."
... MD is the only state that doesn't currently consider child neglect a felony.
Critics say the bill will make family members less likely to report neglect. Jessamy's office opposes the bill. Julie Drake told the CP's Erin Sullivan, "So you're saying that rather than provide substance-abuse treatment to the parent, you want the parent to sit in jail."

.. maybe we could compromise and say jail is the substance-abuse treatment?

UPDATE: Reports Carter, "Bill was held."

Secret payout

The BDP did somebody wrong, but how much taxpayers have to fork over to make good is a total freakin' secret.

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Will 2,500 of Baltimore's 42,000 (!!!) wanted fugitives voluntarily turn themselves in at "Safe Surrender" in June?

Fun fact! For about 1,000 years, English law prohibited arresting someone in a church .. but apparently there's no such law in the American books.

BWW to face DP?

Prosecutors say Karla Porter could face the death penalty.. though it doesn't sound like her case would meet the new legal requirements, unless there's a videotaped confession we don't know about (and contract killings are eligible).
Porter's lawyers say her representation will include "at the very least a battered-spouse syndrome defense."
Don't miss those mugshots.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double shooting

Double shooting in Southeast

[Fenton's got a photo, and tweets that unconfirmed reports are that one victim is 13 years old - MJB]

Speedbumps on the white line highway

The guy who tried to bring 13 pounds of coca into Baltimore on a chartered jet got almost 22 years in the big house

... yet Shawn Green, a fugitive convicted of conspiracy to distribute 330 pounds of the same and also implicated in a mortgage-fraud scheme, got 12 years. It pays to plead guilty!

Sex-related robberies?

Feb 4's victim was apparently an Internet pimp, and "Police are exploring reports that two women might have been involved in sex-related robberies in North Baltimore."

Legislation would make a few more cases death-penalty eligible . Also in A-town, debate on the booze tax

Lots on interesting stuff in the Crime beat blog today.. most upsetting is this tale of revolving-door justice that let an killer out again and again

Dixon's fur coats, camera and Xbox are for sale on ebay today

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

and now a batshit white woman

How about the Lifetime drama of this tale: buttleggin' Karla Porter, who allegedly enlisted her quinquagenarian siblings, a nephew and some random guys to help kill her husband, blamed the murder on a "black male," got found out when she tried to pay a witness to leave town, showed up at the victim's funeral with plagiarized poetry and wildflower-seed bookmarks; got arrested, pulled the "abused wife" card ... oh just read the story already.

Not guilty

Alleged Crips member Elliot Wilkes, aka "Shitty" was found not guilty of killing Gary Wills, even with seemingly compelling eye witness testimony.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Inspector General

Has just wrapped up his work on the case of sex offender who stayed on the city payroll while serving time for sexually abusing a minor.


After 26 years, a settlement in special-ed lawsuit Vaughn G. et al vs. The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore.

Douche du Jour

Sounds like PGC Rep. Vallario made a huge ass of himself in front of FHB III in Annapolis last week-- apparently he didn't read his own handouts. Long-time loyal readers may remember some of his other greatest hits: In 2007, he was reportedly the only guy standing the the way of a new Sex Offender Evidence Bill. In 2006 he voted against House Bill 320, which was to strengthen Witness Intimidation Reforms for women and children victims of felony sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse. Wonder what they see in him down in PGC?