Saturday, May 27, 2006

May 27

An arraignment for Rodney "Skinny Suge" Thomas, 35, of Edmondson Avenue, is scheduled for 9:30AM before Judge John M. Glynn, Mitchell Courthouse, 110 North Calvert Street. The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Thomas May 1 for first-degree assault. On February 13, following an argument, Thomas assaulted an employee of the USA Boutique. The victim sustained a chipped bottom tooth, black eye, busted lip and a fractured nose from the attack, say court documents.

Justice Department: government crime program doesn't work.

Four men invaded a home and tied up a woman in White Marsh.

Baltimore subway trains are running again after a man was killed on the tracks this morning (we have a subway?)

An article about the "kewl" FBI pedophile-hunting office in Calverton.

Numbers: Baltimore County police dealt with 10,912 domestic violence incidents last year. Baltimore City got 26,000 domestic violence calls and arrested @5300 people for incidents in '0). The county's population is about 750,000, the city's about 636,000.

RatEwW! The Rotunda Giant was closed due to filth!

Smoking paraphernalia, opaites excavated at historic Baltimore outhouse.

John Waters on B:gitinonit: "What they're saying is [come to hear] people talk about how much their house cost at parties."

Friday, May 26, 2006

May 26

In Bel Air a 23-year-old man was stabbed to death by two teenagers.

275 pole cameras @ $2,500 (or $8 million)/ 6 months / 61 convictions = between $11,270 and $131,000 per conviction.

A man in his 30's became 2006's 108th homicide after being shot in the 2000-block of Woodborurne Avenue.

A 2-year-old was fatally struck by a car in West Baltimore when she wandered into the street at 9 p.m. last Saturday night. Police are seeking a man driving a burgandy car.

That Kaufman! He's still in sandals and socks, though now he's thinking about buying a gun. Hope he gets some kidneys.

A 15-year-old was arrested for the attempted murder of Edward Terry, 18, last Sunday.

Harris Hauffen, 18 and a member of MS-13, got 4 1/2 years for stabbing two teenagers at Springbrook High School in Mongtomery County.

Spelling counts: WBAL news trounces May sweeps with double JZ's market share. Fox's 10 O'clock was the second-most watched news broadcast.

Another police-car accident.

HoCoProfHo's postponed in tan polyester.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 25

The Baltimore City Grand Jury has indicted Janet Lee Johnson, 18, for attempted first-degree murder and first-degree murder. willrussertCourt documents allege that on April 11 Johnson and other unknown suspects jumped a city man in the 1900 block of McCulloh Street, stabbing him multiple times in the neck, back, shoulder and arm. The victim survived and was able to call police. Court documents also allege that in the early morning hours of April 12 Johnson was part of a group that stabbed and beat to death Terrance Randolph, 19. Police discovered his burned body later that day in the rear of the 1900 block of Division Street. Johnson remains held without bail at the Baltimore City Detention Center. An arraignment is scheduled for June 20, 2006 before Judge John M. Glynn.

At a hearing today, Henry Leon Davis, 42, pled guilty to attempted second-degree murder before Judge Lynn K. Stewart. Judge Stewart sentenced Davis to 12 years in prison and five years of probation. On June 13, 2005 Davis beat and stabbed A. Robert Kaufman at Kaufman's home in the 2000 block of North Hilton Street.

The Sun reports a man in the Southeastern was abducted and shot ... five days ago.

marcelloPolice are seeking at-large sex offender Marcello Malcolm Jackson, left.

Christie Shipley, former Baltimore police officer convicted of the "Dover torso murder," died in prison at age 68.

A 16-year-old student was shot in the back near Walbrook High, not fatal, #107 if he and all of this weeks' victims are found to have intentionally died at the hands* of others.
*hands to exclude matches, bumpers or weak spots in hotel roofing. Numbers can get confusing, fast.

The man shot to death while driving, homicide #103, was named as Harry Gillespie of Gambrills.

The body of missing Rey Rivera was found in a second-story conference room of the beleaguered Belvedere Hotel, a possible homicide (#106?), more likely something else.

Myspace helped solve the attack of three Crofton students; one was beaten so badly the roof of his mouth and two of his teeth were broken, attackers tried to drown him in a decorative pond.

hoopfagsOne can only pray there's a special room in hell for certain advertising executives, where Ford Fiesta colors flash night and day, fake funk blares and giant-nippled hoop-waisted freaks pelt them with tiny white balls.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 24

BCrime exclusive: "Get in on it" is not just a crappy slogan, it's also soon-to-be crappy tv ad campaign filming now! Actors are currently attempting to film a musical jingle in spots like Fort McHenry and environs, but a source from the set says "the lyrics were so awkward the actors kept fucking 'em up!" The city plans to spend $1.2 million with Carton Donofrio Partners.

Trial updates:
At an arraignment this morning, Walter Jackson-Hill, the policeman charged with accepting bribes to make charges go away and other counts, pled not guilty. The court set a trial date of July 26 before Judge Alfred Nance.

At arraignment this morning Jobrea Lodge and Sherray Douglas, charged with the attempted murder of Det. Dante Hemingway, pled not guilty. The court set a trial date of August 7 before Judge Alfred Nance.

At an arraignment this morning, Che Christopher Jackson, the "Rim Job" cop charged with theft, pled not guilty. The court set a trial date of July 28 before Judge Alfred Nance.

A man was shot to death while driving early this morning, murder 103 (unless it's ruled a suicide, or 104 if yesterday's stabbing victim dies, 105 if Whitney Wiley dies).

Whitney Wiley, 19, was shot in the head and dumped at the Sinai emergency room entrance by a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood.

A 10-year-old girl stabbed a 12-year-old girl at Stewart Hill Elementary.

No jail time for Greg Raymond.

Viva la Magnet Bar!

Three inmates were shanked at Jessup.

flushtoiletSomebody went to Calvert Hall: The Examiner has a serious boner for this Loyola drug-flushing story! Now there's another follow-up (on the cover!) in which alum Joe Curran defends the school, plus a question-mark-laden editorial (C-). Answer key for private school students only: yes, no, yes, Boy's Latin is punishment, yes (see previous), yes (see previous), define "punishment," yes (see previous), please rephrase the question, why are you asking me, it's your editorial, dude! May I be excused? I've got an away game.

Far-flung pervs dept.: A federal case may be persued for accused Internet predator/rapist William Henry Ransley III of Finksburg. And in Easton, Alan Roger Travers, 43, is charged with 52 counts related to filming guys changing and showering at the Y. And Brian Doyle, a former Department of Homeland Security press aide from Silver Spring was extradited to Florida and pled not guilty to 23 counts related to attempting to solicit sex from someone whom he thought was an underage girl (but was really a Polk County detective).

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23

A person was stabbed near Thurgood Marshall High School. The school is "famous" for lacking adequate heat, drinking water or toilet paper, numerous student-set fires, vermin infestation and being a general lightening rod for crapulence. A Thurgood Marshall student was also arrested for attempted murder last month, and two teenagers were shot near the high school in October of 2004.

The body of a man who had been shot mulitple times was found in the basement of the Maple Glen apartments (on the Northeast side near Herring Run Park). Residents say they heard a shot at 3 a.m. but did not call police. And yesterday Lynn D. Lettley, 28, was fatally shot in Dundalk, bringing the city's murder count to 102 (and homicide count to about 106. "About" because there are cases pending).

Police and family members are seeking help in locating Rey Rivera, a 32-year-old man who disappeared under mysterious circumstances last week.

The Bloody Preakness of '06: An assistant trainer at Pimlico was stabbed by two assailants in barn number six.

At a hearing yesterday, Judge Thomas Waxter sentenced Jermaine Winkler, 23, to 40 years for first-degree murder (and 20 years, of concurrent, aka cloud-cuckooland pretend time, for use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence.) A city jury convicted Winkler February 13. Say court documents:
On October 1, 2004, Winkler attempted to rob John Shivers, 42, while he was in the bleachers of Forest Park High School on Eldorado Avenue. The defendant and an accomplice approached the victim and demanded money. The victim refused and attempted to flee and was fatally shot one time in the chest.
A home invasion and shooting on E. 20th street in the blotter.

flushtoiletBaltCo former "drug Czar": Loyola Blakefield sent bad message by flushing drugs. The Examiner reports that the Jesuit boys' school has had at least four drug-related incidents lately.

Down Greenbelt, Baltimorean Wallace White, 23, got 19 years for gun posession. And speaking of Nigerian scams, five Marylanders and a New Yorker were indicted for bank fraud in a scheme in which they allegedly impersonated account holders. Also, the Beils of Millersville pled guilty to cooking up a batch of speed.

Baltimore city police are recruiting in Puerto Rico to find bilingual candidates, and officers are being moved from desk duty to the streets. and TDR broke a story that was picked up elsewhere!

oraclBecause he hasn't spent enough of your tax dollars yet, at Hargrove District Court this morning, Kenneth "O?r$a(i?)cl$" Ellis, 25, decided he wanted a jury trial for his "malicious destruction of property" charges. An instant jury trial for the artless ass will be scheduled or heard tomorrow in room 406 Mitchell Courthouse.

Another murder/suicide in Western Maryland. Patrick Stewart, 46, shot 59-year-old John Hartman and then himself after an arguement.

J'heart eBay! Lonely socks, drinks with Mrs. J. & Hammy, now your own Baltimore City Liquor license!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21

A 22-year-old man was wounded Saturday morning in a gun battle with police.

A drunk driver is dead after he "sped off at speeds," flipped at Franklin, gagged on guardrail.

AACoPo: Though we shot two crazy people in two weeks, we're not changing procedures.

A murder/suicide in HarfCo when 50-year-old Larry Randal Bank was shot by a 48-year-old Bel Air man.

Post: Former professor Brandy Britton likes potbellied pigs, red-eye mochas, may now be using "Claire" as her nom de ho.

In Carroll County, a 14-year-old boy is charged with attempted murder after stabbing his 19-year-old stepbrother.