Tuesday, April 22, 2014

$$urgeFire Committee

Five months ago a $285k consultants' report commissioned by Batts and paid for by you lambasted the BPD for staffing 40% of its shifts with officers working overtime, wasting money, undermining morale and forcing police to operate in a reactive mode while chaos reigns.
    Now, as if that report never was, the department is asking for  $195k to "form a committee" to figure out how to do what Milwaukee is doing, $1.2 million in additional funds to staff even more overtime to fund policing "surges" (ooh, just like Iraq!!) and $418k to start up CeaseFire simultaneously with the Milwaukee plan. And they want $$ for some curfew centers too.

"For abducting a woman in broad daylight, taking her into a vacant, and forcing her to perform sexual acts, and then nearly stabbing her to death when she tried to escape, Kamal Muhammad 42, was convicted yesterday of attempted second-degree murder and fourth-degree sexual offense."
David of Halethorpe, alleged Paschall
family patriarch
Remember the Paschall family burglary ring? Carl junior has agreed to a statement of facts with all of the wire-cutting and blowtorching details. Is Carl Junior David's son, brother or nephew?* Shrug.

It's spring, so that means stun guns and drama at the Inner Harbor.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Urine Trouble

Police made an arrest in the murder of RaySharde Kevin Sinclair, 18, last Monday.* One Jimy(sp?) James Jackson was charged. According to his obit, Sinclair was from Richmond, VA.

Michael Jefferson Jr, 39, was found shot to death in Windsor Mill/Woodlawn on the county side on Easter. Also in the area, a 54-year-old man was robbed and shot.

Remember alleged murderer/kidnapper Timothy Virts? He's been indicted on nine criminal counts, including first-degree murder.

There was an armed robbery at Lynne's on the Avenue in Hampden, of all places.

"Was the urination and defecation taking place every day?.. You never took a picture of anybody urinating?" Citizens of Pigtown complaining about a liquor store were subject to rigorous questioning by the Liquor Board.

WTF? In AAC a midshipman tried to attack a taxi driver with a butter knife.

Air Force NCO (whatever that is), William S. Gazafi, 44, pleaded guilty to charges related to sexually molesting infants and toddlers. Aieeee

The man from PGC with the face tattoos, Antoine Perry (or is it Petty?) has turned himself in.

The apparent reasons behind Chicago's improving murder rate will sound familiar to long-time BCrime blog readers.

On a happier note, someone in the county vandalized a speed camera on Easter morning.