Friday, July 31, 2009

Media Blabber

Baltimore City Paper: They're Twittering fools on Calvert St

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Murder #132

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A man shot in the head shortly after midnight, "found on the ground next to the driver's side of a vehicle in the 500 block of E. Lynn Ave." and three other shootings last night

... did you hear the one about the lawyer negotiating the return of children from a murderous drug gang? When they heard what his fees were, the gang decided keeping the kids would be cheaper!
... some politic backpedaling from the Mayor after her "step up" zing to the feds.

A shooting near the mall in Columbia

"Cop killer to be freed"

"Unfounded" abduction?

Family says police refused to take report on teen's abduction

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dixon: Step Up, Feds!

Dixon: Federal investigators need to "step up" to fight the Blackwell/Old Chapel Hill Boys drug-family feud. Meanwhile, one of the victims of the Ashland Ave BBQ shootup was an Operation Safe Streets mediator.. will s/he "snitch"?
... You can "chat" "live" with reporter Justin Fenton at 2 p.m. today on the "Crime Beat"

Tewfer! Stolen minivans haul off stolen bikes

Christopher Hitchens - a man's home is his Constitutional castle; rights cannot be negotiated away over beer.

Need a job? "Prison consultants help inmates get good digs"

Parking problems

According to the city, 129 parking lots are facing criminal or civil penalties for not paying parking taxes, including one valet service in Little Italy that is facing criminal charges.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Police get $10 million from stimulus package

Drug Family Feud

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No arrests yet in the N. Lakewood/2600 E. Ashland Avenue Sunday BBQ bulletstorm, which the Sun reports was rooted in the feud between the Blackwell and Rich family drug organizations.

The two teens shot and killed at 200 N. Conkling St, Gary Martin and Darien Jones, apparently had no connection to the BBQ shootings and no criminal histories, reports JZ, though they were also reportedly on the way home from a cookout.

However, the shootings at Baltimore & Bond (and Comet?) apparently all DO have some link to the feud that dates back at least as far as the Blackwell brothers' kidnapping and the shootout at Unity United church last summer, and the Baltimore Spectator speculates that the the woman shot at the Club at 4217 Erdman and the killing of Jerrod Reed were connected also.
Some smart comments to a Sun blog post, "Second Opinion"

Interview with a former crack dealer part II

"Most of these white people, if they’ve been to some of the blocks I’ve been on they wouldn’t last a day. I dare them to live a day of my life -- I dare them"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bealefeld: it's "Gangster War"

A Gus & Annie from 2008 on what was then five homicides related to the Blackwell kidnapping case.

FHBIII was on WBAL, says these are "not so much the Bloods and the Crips and Purple City Dip Set(?)" but "committed groups of drug dealing organizations" "bent on destroying each other" in a "gangster war" for control of the East side

Update on shootings

Two more victms makes it 19 people who were shot in six hours

War in the East

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.. claims 17or 16? in any case, a record-breaking number of shooting victims in three incidents in one night
a pregnant woman, a toddler and 10 others struck at a BBQ and two teenagers shot dead on Conkling St...

The Baltimore Spectator blogs that the BBQ was a memorial to 16-year-old murder victim Jerrod Reed, shot on the 16th, and that there may also be a connection to Saturday's murder of a woman at the Club House Lounge.

One of the victims at the cookout shooting was Steven Blackwell, 25, whose younger brothers were abducted last April in what police said was part of an escalating feud between rival drug organizations. Police sources at the time told The Baltimore Sun that the abductions may have set off a wave of as many as five retaliatory homicides over the course of three months last summer.

Sunday's cookout was to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the fatal shootings of Quinton Hogan, 23, who police believe was connected with the Blackwells, and Donell Rogers, 21. They were fatally shot July 25, 2008, shortly after Hogan appeared in District Court.

More from Hermann.

... also, the "stars have aligned" to bring federal Supermax to MD

Interview with a crack dealer

A veteran Baltimore crack dealer shares his veiws on crime, punishment, and the drug game.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

128, 129

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Two separate murders within 10 minutes of each other: an unidentified Hispanic man found in the 5100 block of Foster Avenue, and a "woman was found inside of her car in the 4200-block of Erdman Avenue outside Club House Lounge"

A double shooting Saturday in Mt. Vernon

... have you seen this serial bank robber, suspected of hitting six different spots this month?

Hanover police arrest nut acting wacked out in the Arundel Mills Mall parking lot

A nonfatal stabbing before 3 a.m.
at "Bonfire's" in Middle River