Friday, October 4, 2013

I just met a girl named Ikea

Le Deux's Joce Sterman reports on the craycray cost of police overtime - the city's highest-paid employee is one Detective Julie Pitochelli, who made $177,000 by working 80+ hour weeks every week. No one doubts she did? Really? ... You may remember than in 2007, Stephen Janis got then-Commissioner Leonard Hamm to admit that overtime fraud had been uncovered by internal investigations in the department, though of course we never found out how many officers were involved, what their consequences were or if they had ever reimbursed the city. In 2006, the fraud year, the highest-paid officer banked $167,421.
Judy Pal

Batt's chief of staff, Judy Pal, has quit after only a year on the job.* She owns a crisis-communications firm, and apparently that's her style-- according to her LinkedIn profile she's stayed in most of her jobs for only about a year, I guess because she's just that effective.

Stephen "Stevie" Loney, alleged #2 in the City Jail BGF set, pleaded guilty to drug-smuggling charges yesterday,* as did his guard girlfriend, Taryn "them dogs ain't shit" Kirkland, who allegedly kept his ledger under her bed in her Woodlawn home.

A former public defender in the County and her 20-year-old son were indicted on drug-possession and intent-to-distribute charges*

Also aberrant:

And are these names for real?

Thursday, October 3, 2013


A body was found on a popular wooded trail* near Falls Road and Old Pimlico north of Lake Roland and Robert E. Lee Park. Nefarious activity is not unknown to the park area, given its convenient location-- in August 2008 one Sirlilar Jewelle Stokes, 19, member of the Bloods* and a female patron of the 2 O'Clock strip club, lured 18-year-old dancer Ashley Davis into her car, took her to the park at dawn, shot her in the head, then returned to the same club later that afternoon, where she was arrested.

Just in time for Domestic Violence Prevention Month, a new Baltimore's Most Wanted: Christopher Troy Goode, who stabbed his babies' mom in the neck and then gutted her like a fish. This happened September 12, but I guess the BPD sat on an APB to make this special month extra special.

The shutdown of popular online drug marketplace The Silk Road and the arrest of its founder/operator Dread Pirate Roberts has a local angle,* the agent who busted him is from MD. And a Hopkins Prof answers some FAQ about the Deep Web and Bitcoins.*

File under Steel, Gonads of: a theft from the Northeastern District police station.

Good for Fox Baltimore, still beating the drum about the lack of transparency in our local government.

Bad for citizens: complaints about too much transparency when it comes to the defecating homeless.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Calling on the Corpse Phone

"I just picked it up off a dead guy." Murder victim Robert Long's missing cellphone is one of many mysteries in the bizarre and chilling case against Jose Morales, drug dealer, arsonist, scaffolding thief, accused witness-murderer, and probable confidential police informant, who was shielded from prosecution either intentionally or via mind-boggling police incompetence.

Katrell Smith
Murder suspect Robert G. Moore is extra special: he's accused of threatening the lives of two female prosecutors,* telling one he was going to send an associate after her while she was in the hospital delivering her baby.

The Ink has last week's four murders, since then the toll has climbed to 178.

BPD arrested Katrell Smith, jug-eared assailant, now they need help linking him to other violent crimes, so call Metro Crime Stoppers if you saw him being criminally violent with someone, I guess. Wonder if this is the same guy, he sounds about articulate enough.

Dennis Freeman
Monday's murder in Violetville was reportedly allegedly committed by one Dennis Freeman, who killed his estranged wife's girlfriend's new boyfriend, husband, Stephan Burley.* Freeman had previously faced drug-distribution charges, Burley had domestic-violence charges of his own (which were dropped). Cham informs me that Freeman is wearing a Tyvek® suit given to arrestees whose clothes are soiled with, say, the blood of someone they'd stabbed to death, and not a hoodie from Rei Kawakubo for Comme Des Garcons' 2012 spring collection.
Three rough-looking women, Alexis Chandler, 19, Ashley Fitz, 22 and Czekiah Fludd, 24, were arrested in the county and charged with robbing a bank in Essex.

Because of the Republican government shutdown, the fates of countless perverts, scam artists and gun-toting drug dealers will go unknown and unmocked by me. Sigh! According to the Department of Justice contingency plan, federal criminal cases are business as usual, federal civil cases are to be postponed until the fudgetards in the House pass a budget, unless the cases involve "the safety of human life or the protection of property." Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests are also not being processed as usual. Oh, and thanks to the sequester, the FBI can't pay informants or put gas in investigator's cars.

Federal judge to gun lovers: delay denied

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Braxton Family Values

Two murders yesterday*: one in the 3600 block of Benson Avenue, one in the 3000 block of Tivoly Avenue. FBHIII teaches a class at Stevenson University, maybe Batts should take it.

What? Remember the guy who was hit by a car fleeing gunfire Sunday on Ashland Avenue? Well, they found a bullet in his head after all.*
Des'Marie Braxton

Former aspiring male model Sharmell Gregory Thomas, 23, got 26 years in prison for killing his girlfriend's 14-month-old daughter, Des'Marie Braxton, who had reportedly been left with Thomas for several days; at the time of Braxton's death Thomas was wanted on charges of assaulting her mother. He must have gotten out on bail while awaiting murder charges, because he was the subject of a peace order in July of last year, charged with assault in September and was sued for child custody by a woman in June.

Thirty years for Todd Marrow, who stabbed one Orville Chamblee to death over a football wager.

A feel-good story turns into a feel-rage story when a guy whose bikes were stolen tracks down one of his bikes, only to have the officers in the Eastern District (shown right) allegedly let the thief go with no charges. Why are the citizens of the southeast victimized over and over and over again? Gee whiz!

"The state's recidivism rate — the percentage of inmates who are returned to prison or put on probation for new crimes within three years of release — has plunged from more than 51.4 percent in 2000 to about 40.5 percent* nearly a decade later, data released Monday show."

New gun law now in effect, y'all. Gun clubs, firearms dealers and three unnamed gun owners and some guy named Shawn J. Tardy are suing, of course, and there'll be a hearing in federal district court to address the plaintiffs' request to halt enforcement of the law until their appeal is heard. Related: New York Times study finds that because of reporting idiosyncrasies, accidental shootings are about twice as common as official numbers show.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Squeezers for geezers

A man on Ashland Avenue in East Baltimore was hit by a car while running from gunfire.*

A man was shot in the 3900 block of Oakford Avenue in the Northwest

Two shootings in the county, including a 50-year-old pizza deliveryman in Landsdowne and a 27-year-old man in Woodlawn.*

Experts to SRB, O'Malley: both yalls crime charts are wrong*
Di Zhang

The University of Baltimore teaches skills you can practically apply to real business! I hope they're asking for donations from Di Zhang, awarded an MBA in 2001,* owner of investment properties, part-owner of a publicly traded energy company, and alleged human trafficker and owner of a happy-ending massage parlor.