Saturday, May 18, 2013

Catalog shopping and a naked man on a fire truck

Woman murdered in Arbutus in a "domestic," awkward stock image used, details scant. But hey, Mercy hospital's use of technology to detect strangulation bruising is "getting international attention." ... hrm, that victim's name sounds familiar.

Homicides closed, motives and explanations lacking.* 

Officer Robert Mitchell is in trouble for assaulting someone on N Mount Street last May, a fracas allegedly publicized* via WorldStarHipHop (link plz?)

Tavon "Bulldog" White got his bid for federal prison,* where you can get your hair done and shop out of catalogs, whilst a Fredneck Democrat and a ScheiƟhaus Eastern Shore Republican defended the prison guards' bill of rights. And you must give grudging props to anyone able to fail upward in such a spectacular fashion: head of DPCS investigations, Jesse Ballard III, is retiring with his schweet state pension* to double-dip with a federal job. Maybe with a new investigator we can finally be first in non-consensual jailhouse sex. Goddamn you Marion County IL.

PCP: it's a helluva drug

Joe Vallario's district: soft on crime, hard on a nude man smoking angel dust on a fire truck. Wonder if Mohamed Bah is any relation to murder victim Oumar Bah.

Betting pool: how many couples will show to be married by SRB in a mass wedding at the Pride Festival* on June 16 at Druid Hill Park? Is that wonderful or creepy? Dear God won't someone please tell me what to think?!

Scott Calvert dishes the dirt on the speed-camera shutdown*

Patricidal HoCo teen Morgan Arnold has Asberger's, mental health issues,* walked around meowing with ears on before going goth. Mom alleges she pushed for more mental health treatment but dad resisted.

And Obama visited.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A pound of loud

Despite his pleas that he has plans to record a workout video, Judge Wanda Heard called rapist Alvin Ray Wright Sr. a "monster" and gave him four life terms for raping a 13-year-old victim in the basement of a vacant rowhouse.

Three overnight shootings, no suspects, no motives, etc.

Today in BGF prison follies, Fenton posted the Tavon White affidavit which has some pretty entertaining conversation transcripts and info-- apparently the price of sex with one of 14 ass-peddling corrections officers was $150 (a lot if you're only making 75 cents a day). And of course White's lawyer is griping about the conditions in Cumberland*-- the Grey Goose is warm, the salmon is previously frozen and the kitchen hookers are all dudes. Judge Holland has scheduled a two-month jury trial on racketeering charges for June ... June 2014.

Customs Enforcement here seems to have busted an international Bitcoin money-laundering operation.

HOLY SHIT A PIPE BOMB!! Well, it's Taneytown, did anyone nazi that coming? ... in case you're not from around here, Taneytown is perhaps best known for its inveterate KKK Klavern,  which was still vandalizing houses,* affixing Klan stickers to urinals and parading down the middle of the street* and in broad daylight relatively recently.

Another murder in Columbia, victim is Omar Oliver, 39.

What time is it? Time to get a whole bunch of your shit stolen in the Southeast.

A woman kicked down her ex's door in Pikesville.

The woman shot by police in Pikesville, Stephanie Kamlot, also allegedly assaulted her former neighbor in the parking lot of the Seven Mile Market last year.

"Sex fetish festival canceled in Canton"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh, Jamar.

Markell S. Jones pleaded guilty to killing Freddie Jones Jr., 52, (no relation) in the Yau Bros. carryout in 2011. Jones, then 17, was caught on tape and brought into the police station by his parents. Fenton Tweeted that last week Jones said on the stand that his confession was coerced.

Yikes, a home-invasion robbery in Hampden-- gun-toting robbers purloined video games and a laptop in the 3500 Chestnut Avenue.

Allegation: city woman was beaten by police for filming a police beating.

A child sex offense was reported in Arbutus, but not many details, other than one was an adult, one was a juvenile and they were "classmates."

The woman shot by police in Pikesville will be charged with assault.

Today's Arnold/Bulmer case update: Fenton & Dresser have charging docs and the detail that Bulmer texted Arnold a picture of the murder weapon, she approved.*

Police are charging the guy at left, Jamar Davis, for breaking into more than two dozen vehicles in AAC.

So did not see this coming: 30 days of jail time ordered for boozy-boating homophobe Don Dwyer, which is really unusual for a first-time offense (though a five-year-old's skull was fractured, so there's that). Dwyer has appealed.

Alleged BGF member Austin "Yellow" Roberts pleaded guilty to drug-trafficking-related charges downy shore. Roberts was named as a top drug lieutenant in the 2009/2010 "Grey Goose and salmon" prison scandal, but he's been on the run until he was nabbed in San Diego last December, once again with a crapton of cash in a secret compartment in his car. In other BGF news, Tavon White's lawyer wants him transferred out of state, and if you want to watch Bill O'Reilly call Gary Maynard a "moron," the CP's got your hookup.

Amazed that the story that the Justice Department accessed phone records 20 phone lines at the AP for two months has not garnered a whole lot of attention. The monitored records included reporters' home and personal cell phone numbers, and reporters at the AP still don't know exactly who was monitored or precisely why. And most puzzlingly, somehow it was all legal.

Arts & culture: NPR investigates the Baltimorean use of "yo" as a pronoun

Monday, May 13, 2013

Quite the surprises

A man was found shot to death in a car in the 2500 block of Chelsea Terrace. Or as the Deuce put it, "Baltimore City Police got quite the surprise while responding to a call for a car accident."

Task force officers responding to an ad for a "young looking" female instead found a haggard-looking cop's wife being pimped by her husband, Lamin Manneh.* Supposedly she's 19, so the mug shot camera must add some years.

A woman was shot multiple times in Cherry Hill on Friday.
 Don't pin it.

A guilty plea for misconduct from that skeezy cop Aaron Z. Pross, who sent a 16-year-old footage of himself working his gherkin in a patrol car (later found by said 16-year-old's dad), and taped himself boning (adult) women on the job at least 20 times.* Sounds like he got a good deal.

The murder of Dennis Lane allegedly by his 14-year-old daughter and her 19-year-old boyfriend just gets uglier. WJZ reported that the two had planned the murder for "months," and Kevin Rector reports that the daughter, Morgan Arnold, wanted her dad stabbed 10 times and her dad's girlfriend 15 times. "I have my reasons and I'll tell you later."* Meanwhile WBAL got its mitts on their mug shots.

Barricade situation in Laurel this morning.

A $14 million securities-fraud settlement against Lender Processing, a class-action suit in which the Baltimore County Employees Retirement System was a plaintiff.

Eleven years for Ellicott City peeper Michael McKenny, who made a copy of a key to a condo where two women lived and hid cameras in their bedroom and bathroom.

Drunken Delegate Don Dwyer plans to hold a press conference-- after saying he wasn't going to run again, apparently now he is. I'll bet the knuckle-draggers in AAC are just dumb enough to re-elect him, too. Speaking of despicable men, seen driving over the Bay Bridge Friday afternoon in an 'Iridium silver metallic' $95,000 2013 Mercedes S550: Joe Vallairo.