Friday, November 25, 2011

Scrappy city workers

Brazen DPW workers discuss ripping of the city with the cameras rolling

The Turkey's Not the Only One Getting Stabbed

A thanksgiving stabbing in Milford Mill. A 51-year-old man spotted a very intoxicated man, identified as Gilberto Mendez, 24, in the middle of the street. While trying to get him him out of the street Mendez took it upon himself to break a bottle and stab the 51-year-old. What a wonderful time of year.

Police have id'd the knife wielding man shot to death by police as 52-year-old Anthony Stoakley.

Dundalk resident Mason Smith, 19, is in a whole lot of trouble after striking a cop with his car while fleeing arrest.

Baltimore County Police have come to the conclusion that the person who killed Russian woman Yulia Pogrebenko was her federal-prisoner son

A missing person in Hunt Valley may be the same woman pulled from a burning car.

Finally, over in Aruba, a judge has decreed that 50-year-old Gary Giordano is to be released from custody.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

27 Shotings = 20 Years

The case against notorious drug kingpin Stephen Blackwell has come to a somewhat anti-climactic ending when Blackwell (Pictured right in the first picture I've ever seen of him) pled guilty to heroin conspiracy charges as well as a variety of other non-violent crimes.

While Blackwell was never charged with any of the violence that threw him into the spotlight, he was believed to have been at the head of an organization that engaged in a violent war, resulting in the shootings of 27 people. All of the violence started with the April 2008 abduction of brothers Stephon and Sterling Blackwell. Interestingly enough, young Stephon is already following in his older brothers footsteps, with an early 2012 trial for drug dealing and a conviction for prescription drug fraud already on his record.

This abduction set off a war between the Stephen Blackwell organization and the Terrell Allen group. Allen, 38, is also serving a federal prison sentence for possession of ammunition. No end-all prison fight between the two drug leaders will likely occur due to Terrell Allen likely being released in January.

Throughout this long ordeal there were many shootings and several notable homicides including: Omar Spriggs; one of the men responsible for the abduction of the Blackwell brothers, Tony Allen; who was Terrell Allen's dad and was shot alongside his son and Spriggs, as well as Quinton Hogan and Donell Rogers. Also killed were Troy Wilson and Demarco Brown Jr; the two men believed to be responsible for the Hogan & Rogers murder, Anthony Izzard, and kidnapping/murder victim Eric Pendergrass Jr.
Thanks to Justin Fenton and the Baltimore Sun as well as City Paper for all the information found here.


The news keeps coming in the Adam Meister-Frank Conaway yard scuffle case. Now an outside prosecutor is going to be handling the case. This is a pretty good move, since an unbiased prosecution is nearly impossible to get with this case.

A city police officer fatally shot an man armed with two knives at the 3300 block of Edmonson Ave.

50 Years in prison for Michael Hunter, 20, for shooting 72-year-old security guard Charles Bowman in the often-dangerous Yau Brothers Chinese take-out restaurant.

A Windsor Mill teen is in serious condition after being shot by two unknown males while walking to a 7-11.

Occupy Baltimore protestors are giving it another shot to obtain a park permit.

54-year-old Russia teacher Yulia Pogrebenko, who was found dead in the Chesapeake Bay after having gone missing during a trip to Maryland has been officially deemed a homicide victim. No charges have been filed as of yet.

Baltimore County police are citing pedestrian error for the death of 74-year-old William Norton, Jr.

Finally, a Dundalk couple are in the hospital after both somehow getting doused in flammable liquid before catching on fire.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As-of-yet-unidentified man shot in the head at the 900 block of Franklin St.

This weeks' murder ink notes several homicide arrests as well as two cases closed by exception; the death of Earl Brown, who was shot in 1999, and the murder of 1-year-old Davon Booth Jr.

Still no info on the body found in the World Trade Center Monday morning.

The story of how a traffic stop in Louisiana led to a drug arrest in Baltimore.

An apparent arrest in a triple stabbing in White Marsh, though the suspect wasn't id'd.

Flash mobs strike again in Montgomery County.

Glen Burnie murder suspect Cornelius Keith Johnson, 24, inadvertently turns himself in.

Finally, 12 years in federal prison for now thrice-convicted Baltimore drug dealer Stephen Johnson, 31.

So... apparently they didn't kick out the wall street protestors?

Clerk, clerk thyself

Oh, too funny. The MD state police report that the handgun Frank Conaway, Sr. may or may not have "brandished" while he was or wasn't chasing Adam Meister has an expired permit. If it's true that Conaway left his property with the gun, he could be facing a month in jail. Oh, my. Conaway is the Clerk of the Court, so his job is to file and maintain the court's records and legal documents. Yet he groused to Justin Fenton, "I was never notified. I think there's an obligation on the part of the state police to notify." ... uh, really? If anyone knows that kind of information shouldn't it be the Clerk of the Court?!
... here's a WBAL interviews with "strong young guy" Adam and "I could have taken care of him otherwise" Frank.

.. and why is no one asking (or telling) exactly what Adam said to Frank?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tonight's the night

... Occupy Baltimore gets evacuated, camper-protestors believe.

In other news, Adam Meister claims doddering Clerk of the Court Frank Conaway, Senior, took a swing at him today, after Meister ran into him and asked him why he wasn't at work at 10:30 a.m on a Monday and other harsh words were exchanged. LMFAO! One (rather far-fetched) version of the story has Meister pounding on the door and delivering a karate chop. In the police version Conaway brandished a firearm, but Meister claims he didn't.

And the case of the fetal-alocohol-syndrome-lookin brothers accused of burning Phoenix the pit bull was postponed for the 4th time.

And octogenarian Margaret Hepburn has gone missing, please call 911 if you see her.

Broken Legal Education

One thing law school fails at teaching is how to be a lawyer.

Rear and Present Danger

A triple stabbing in the parking lot of the Sunset Beach Bar and Grill at Pulaski Highway and Allender Road in White Marsh

Whups! PG County accidentally released an alleged murderer, one Frederick Scott (left).

Bad PR move, SRB: a group of students from eight local colleges who'd planned to sleep in front of Baltimore City Hall to commemorate National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week on Saturday night were told to disperse by Baltimore City Police and threatened with arrest.

Oh noes! Kimberly Smedley, accused of using a room at the
Renaissance hotel to give a stripper from the Block
illegal, ass-plumping silicone injections, was arrested in D.C. The dancer wound up in the hospital with silicone in her lungs, victims in other states were left with deformed buttocks ( NY Post headline: "Rear and Present Danger").

Baltimorean Terry L. Wilson goes to Indiana, robs convenience store, gets shot, dies. Assuming it's the same 20-year-old Terry L. Wilson in the Judiciary Case search, in 2007 he was charged with attempted murder and the case was remanded to juvenile court. In November of 2009 Wilson was again charged with attempted murder, in 2010 he was convicted and sent to jail.

A Baltimorean who brought cocaine to vend in Altoona, PA, Rodney "Rocco" Williams, is in custody after a year-and-a-half investigation.

Some good news: national reports show a huge decline in child sex abuse.

And here's one I missed back in August, but better late than never: five years after suing the City of Baltimore for sexual harassment, the 4th circuit found in favor Katrina Okoli, reversing the district court's decision. Wonder how much she'll get?

Really? Bloomberg News reports that "The U.S. prison population has more than doubled over the past 15 years, and one in nine black children has a parent in jail."