Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End of Transparency

David Simon: "If those who are authorized and trained to carry a badge... are now too frightened to have their identities known to the public in conjunction with the use of force, then how can anyone in Baltimore law enforcement justify asking an unarmed, unsworn citizen to testify in court as a witness?

"In Baltimore, No One Left to Press the Police"

Friday, February 27, 2009

#37, shootings, and why O'Malley said "O'Dear..." today

Frederick Jeffrey Archer of North Arlington Avenue was found fatally stabbed in his apartment yesterday.

Last night in East Baltimore
four men on the 400 block of East Lanvale Street were shot. All four are expected to survive.

In a time where thousands of customers are impacted by astronomical energy rates, Governor O'Malley decided to fight the powers that be... on the Death Penalty. A staunch supporter of repealing it, the governor was hoping that this would be the year that it was finally repealed.
unfortunately for him, the Maryland Senate preferred not to. However, this is not it since it may still go before the Full Senate. Martin, you'd best get your guitar and tightest black t-shirt - you'll need it.

Police continue to arrest people for beating, stabbing and igniting a man in Leakin Park in December.
Check out the Investigative Voice: "Cops charge 3rd teen in grisly 'Bounty Hunter' murder"-- MJB

The youngest of those accused of killing former Councilman Kenneth Harris is pleading not guilty.
PS. I've heard from more than one inside source that the mystery woman in the car was the wife of a police officer, and that a lot of information on this case has been suppressed. Hope it goes to trial -- MJB

The Maryland Court of Appeals has defended the anonymity of online posters for those who wish to slander the blog if certain conditions are met. Fire away.

Talk about doing hard time: Fifteen former correctional officers at two different Correctional Institutions are being charged with giving stick time to inmates.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Mas

I don't want to read the news any more. The Griffin story has upset me too much.

Why read the news, anyway? What's the point?

For a list of quality Baltimore blogs, sites & news sources, check the sidebar at right.

Parents Guilty, Gym Bag Goes Free

A 15-year-old boy was shot in the leg in the SW

A deadbeat dad who owed more than $94k in child support was arrested

"An arresting officer was not justified in opening an automobile passenger’s gym bag during a traffic stop without first squeezing it to determine if it contained a weapon, the Court of Appeals has held"

Black-market parking passes lead to a bust outside the ESPN Zone

In the county, John and Susan Griffin were found guilty of second-degree murder and child abuse. More from the Sun

Griffin trial = postponement for court admin's drug trial
The Ink has names and details for some of last week's five murder victims

Federal charges for Trenell David Murphy, target of the city's third or fourth-largest bust ever

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Site Alert!

Our friends from the Examiner are back!
Crackheads at the DPW! A median-strip beatdown! A purse-stealing campus cop! There's some crazy shiznit at

LOLZ! WBAL reporter fired after apparently pranking the Huffington Post with a video that involves the phrase "Eric Holder and his bright blue scrotum."

Monday, February 23, 2009

"determination, hard work, and being true to your dream"

Documents unsealed from last week's XXXL drug bust-- the CP's got them, and all the requisite ironic details.

What the?! Hopkins employee steals identity of kidney-transplant patient, buys hardwood floors, fancy underpants

Two domestic assaults in the blotter

"Prince" gets 25 (federal) years for importing cocaine and heroin from the tropics

One Sean Sterling got 22 years for "two counts of using a gun in a drug trafficking crime resulting in death" in a case that RJR says "reveals a lot about why there are so many murders in Baltimore"

Ronald Kevin Bowen got 30 months for running his own little Madoff-y scheme

ACORN member to be charged with 4th-degree burglary after staging a protest break-in. Meanwhile, city council members want to extend the time between foreclosure to eviction from 14 days to 365

Baltimore man arrested for '06 Centreville rape and carjacking
PGC: Road-rage murder over a U-turn
MoCo: 52-year-old woman shot to death while leaving church
AAC: Home invasion ends in hail of BBS ... Worker busted for selling pot at the McDonald's drive-thru

35, 36

Unidentified man, 20s, stabbed to death at Eastern Avenue and South Conkling Street yesterday

and a man was fatally shot in the chest in Greenspring.